Even if you don't see any side effects after vaccinating your dog you may want to follow this rejime to protect the kidneys and liver.

You can use Thuja 30 and protect the kidneys.

Thuja 30c.

Do not touch the pillules. They will not harm you, but the pills are coated with the remedy, so you will negate them by touching them. If you touch one, discard it. Have two teaspoons ready.

To use:- Put one pillule on to the cap (without touching it) and then place on a teaspoon. With the other teaspoon, crush the pillule. Scrape the stuff off the bottom of the top teaspoon, and scrape the crushed pillule on the other teaspoon. Put on dog's tongue.

Regime:- Three pillules in total, twelve hours apart. eg...9am Monday, 9pm Monday, 9am Tuesday.

Give the pillule at least half an hour before or after food. (You do not *need* to give the pillules near food. They simply should not be given with food or close to a feeding time. No treats, etc. when they are given.)

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Thuja Occidentalis 200C. Soft Lactose tablets. 1 gram vial.


Give as follows:-
3 times daily with food.

Herb tincture: Store in a cool dark place out of reach of children. (I store mine under the sink.) The bottle should be shaken before each ‘preparation’ to remix any natural sediment.

Preparation for use: Put ten (10) mls of the mixed herb tincture formula into a measuring jug, pour over just off the boil hot water to measure up to 100 mls. Add ½ teaspoon of good quality honey (Manuka is great), and stir to dissolve. Set aside uncovered to cool – ready for use. Store this prepared tincture in the fridge. (This keeps for three days in fridge.) Give the prepared “medicine” in the dog’s meals, preferably three times per day.

Amount of the prepared tincture to use per dose

Adult Body weight in lbs. 2 Adult Body weight in kg 1 Amount to use per dose 1 ml
3 ½lb 1.5kg 2ml
6 ½lb 3kg 3ml
11lb 5kg 5ml
16 ½ lb 7.5kg 7ml
22lb 10kg 10ml
33lb 15kg 15ml
55lb 25kg 20ml
77lb 35kg 30ml
110lb 50kg 40ml
143lb 65kg 50ml
15 drops = 1 mil 5 mils = 1 teaspoon 15 mils = 1 tablespoon

You can buy this from Baldwin's herbalists.


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This information is not meant to be a substitute for veterinary care. Always follow the advice provided by your veterinarian.