Chewing is a natural instinct for dogs, but not all bones are safe, some can splinter, and damage the dogs teeth, and dogs should be supervised at all times.

Bones should always be given raw and NEVER cooked.

Some of the dangers associated with feeding cooked bones to your dog are :

    Broken teeth
    Puncture or cut injuries to the mouth and tongue
    Small bones lodging in the oesophagus or windpipe
    Bones getting stuck in the stomach, or puncturing the stomach lining
    Intestinal blockages due to cooked bone fragments
    Bleeding due to internal lesions from sharp, splintered bones

Some owners prefer to give raw edible non weight bearing bones such as chicken wings and chicken necks, to improve oral hygiene as chicken bones are soft, pliable and easy to crush. However, from personal experience, my lot don't chew them for long enough for them to have any benefit on their teeth at all, in fact one swallows them whole, so we have given up on that, and they have a marrow bone every week or so.

I prefer to give raw marrow bones (above), once every week or so as they help keep their teeth clean and give them a good source of marrow and calcium.


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This information is not meant to be a substitute for veterinary care. Always follow the advice provided by your veterinarian.