Home Made Dog Shampoos

Using Castille Soap as base, you can make an excellent all natural pet shampoo at home.

Castille Soap is made from Olive Oil and is vegetable based and gentle and moisturising.
Recommended dilution rate in a bottle is 4 - 1 to which you can add the following ingredients

Bicarbonate of Soda - for getting rid of stains and whitening the coat

Citric Acid - which is a cleansing agent and preservative....used is bath bombs

Crushed Oatmeal
(buy oatmeal from the supermarket and blitz down to the consistency of flour) - this will moisturise the coat and improve coat growth

Vegetable Glycerin - will help keep the skin and coat moisturised

White Vinegar - whilst it smells pungent, the odour does not linger once the dog has been rinsed - the vinegar will help keep your dogs coat shiny and rid of any foul odours (fox poo!)

Lemon Juice

Apple Cider Vinegar will help get rid of fleas and ticks

Essential oils can be added to your shampoo, (3 - 4 drops per 500ml)
Lavender for example helps to prevent flea infestations, and Birch Tar will soften and condition the coat - but caution should be used with some esssential oils such as pennyroyal and tea tree which can be harmful to your pet.

Gently shake the shampoo before each use to ensure it is properly mixed, and ensure you rinse thoroughly.  



Oatmeal Shampoo

1 Cup of Castille Liquid Soap, 1 Cup of Oatmeal,  1 Cup of Bicarbonate of Soda,  4 Cups of Warm Water, one teaspoon of citric acid

Firstly grind the Oatmeal to the consistency of flour, a coffee grinder or liquidisor is perfect. Put into a bottle and add the rest of the ingredients, replace cap and shake thoroughly.
It is now ready for use - store in a cool dry place for enxt time

Whitening Shampoo

1 Cup of Castille Liquid Soap, 1 Cup of Bicarbonate of Soda, one teaspoon of citric acid, one tablespoon of Lemon Juice, 4 Cups of Warm Water

Mix ingredients in a bottle, shake well, and it is ready to use