ARNICA For Injury - accidental or otherwise. It can be used in any situation from minor sprains and strains to helping with serious traumatic injuries. You can give Arnica a day or two before any planned surgery and for a day or so afterwards to reduce the risk of haemorrhage and any complications. It will also ensure that wounds heal quickly with the minimum of bruising or infection. It can assist in recovery from strokes help revive newborn puppies.
ARSENICUM ALBUM  One of its remedies is to treat gastro-enteritis, especially when dogs have eaten food stuff found on the floor or general rubbish. Arsenicum is also a major skin treatment where there is itching, redness and flaking skin - dandruff which is often allergy based. Also a remedy for anxiety, stress and resetlessness.
BRYONIA Used when treating Arthritis where the symptoms are better for rest and in cool weather and worse in hot weather and for using the leg. Affected joints are sometimes hot or visibly swollen. Bryonia is also used to help with dry tickly coughs which are induced when the dog moves around. Is also used for Constipation and irritability.
CANTHARIS Popular remedy for Cystitis, also used for red raw skin which is sometimes seen in Eczema and Dermatitis. Can also be used to help with helping from scalds and burns.
EUPHRASIA Often called Eyebright - helps with all eye problems, including Conjunctivitus.
FRAGARIA Helps dissolve plaque on the teeth - one a day for four weeks, and then once weekly
HEPAR SULPH Used for treating infections such as Abscesses and infected wounds that have a pussy discharged. Can also be used for any skin and eye infections where they is a mucky or foul smelling discharge.
NUX VOMICA Nux Vomica is mainly used for Constipation. It is also a remedy for the Liver and helping to restore digestion after a stomach upset and deotizy the liver, stimulating appetite. Nux vomica is indicated for strengthening weak back legs where the dog drags it back feet with low grade lower back pain.

Lots of uses......Vomiting, particularly when the dog is thirsty and drinking large quanititues of water, and once this becomes warm in the stomach it is vomited back again. The other main use for phosphorus is in helping to arrest bleeding or haemorrhage from any cause including tooth extractions, wounds or tumours. Phosphorus is also one of the remedies useful in dealing with fear of thunder and other suddent noises such as fireworks and in treating dry coughs.

False pregnancy where symptoms including nesting, milk production, variable appetite, seeking attention or company and submissive behaviour. Also used for Catarrh, Rhinitis and Sinusitis and for digestive upsets caused by rich fatty foods.

Renowned for its effects on the skin, especially those that are Allergy related including where there is inflammation of the skin around the eyes or genital region. However, it is better known as a remedy for Arthritis, Stiff Joints, Back pain and Rheumatism. Rhus tox works where stiffness is worse in damp, cold weather and after rest. Symptoms ease with warmth and gentle exercise, whereas prolonged activity tends to make things worse. Sometimes the joint or muscle pains make the animal restless, resulting in moving around from place to place in an attempt to get comfortable. These symptoms may be especially noticeable in the evening or at night. Rhus tox is also the main remedy for Strains and Sprains, especially in muscles.

RUTA GRAV Like Rhus tox and is used mainly for treating Strains. It works on tendons especially where they attach to bone. It also acts on the periosteal (outer) layer of bone and is important in treating inujuries to the bone including Fractures. Can also be used in cases of Arthritis especially where symptoms are worse for resting and in damp weather.
Well known for the benefits in expelling foreign material rom the body such as thorns or grass awns or seeds. It can be used to help resolve Abcesses which have burst and to heal discharging sinuses or fistulae. Conditions like Chronic Cataarh and Sinusitis often respond as well. Silica will also slow the development of Cataracts and will aid the healing of Eye Ulcers.
SULPHUR Best known for treating Skin Problems, it can help with cases of Fox Mange, and with Flea Allergy Dermatitis and with many other skin conditions especially where there is an allergic basis. Sulphur is also used to help in general with itching, scratching, nibbling and rubbing as well as dandruff, scabs, sores and smelly (seborrhoeic) greasy skin.

The common name for this remedy is ‘Knitbone’ andit is used in speeding up and in ensuring that Fractures heal well. It is also extremely useful in helping with joint, cartilage, ligament and tendon injuries, and often used alongside other remedies. It can also be used for eye injuries, in particular when healing ulcers.

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