How to Keep Your Dog Happy?


We all enjoy the company of our pets. Some of us identify as dog-person or a cat-person, but no matter your preferences we can all agree that having a furry companion by our side is something to be grateful for. Pets are here to give us unconditional love, make us company when we are feeling alone, assist us in our everyday tasks, comfort us, and so much more. Knowing all of this we can see why it is believed that a human’s best friend is a dog.

Just because they give us so much, it is only logical to return the favour. To put this in other words, we have to take action and put an effort into making our dog feel even happier. Some owners might wonder how you can make your dog happy when you do not speak the same language. Even though we do not have that ability we can learn a lot just by observing their behavior.

So, keep on reading and you will find out how you can keep your dog happy.

Check Its Overall Health

If you want to make sure that your dog is happy you have to pay close attention to its health. Some of your dog’s health problems are not visible and it cannot tell you what is wrong, so you have to watch out their behavior. If you notice some kind of a change or an unusual behavior then you should immediately call your vet.

Other health-related problems with dogs are visible for us. Often their ears are the most sensitive and you have to get familiar with treating ear infections in dogs. Learning how to prevent these kinds of irritations will be of great importance that prevents further complications. Do proper research, learn what measures you can take, and save your dog’s life. Your dog will be grateful.

Engage in Fun Activities

Your dog indeed deserves your attention. And you should do more than just petting and cuddling with it. Dogs are quite smart animals and can easily learn new things, so you can challenge their mind with interesting learning techniques. Give your dog a task to solve, create a toy that will give to it treats each time it rolls it the correct way.
You can also engage your dog in interesting puzzles to stimulate its mind, you can give it toys that will strengthen its jaw, and create a game with obstacles that it has to overcome to get its favourite treat. Training your dog to do all of these things will give it a chance to have fun even when you are not at home.

Taking regular walks with your dog will ensure that there is enough physical movement in its daily routine, especially, if you keep your dog inside your home.

Socializing is a Key Element

Just like humans, dogs have the need to socialize with their owners and with other animals as well. You can achieve this by communicating with your dog and by taking it to the dog park. There you will find plenty of other dog owners that are having fun with their pets and you can teach your dog how to behave with others, how to play, and how to have fun.

Doing all of this you will eliminate the chances of aggressive emotion in your dog. Socializing is considered to be the key element for your dog’s behavior just because it shows it that there is no need for overprotectiveness. So, spend time with your best friend and it will be happy.  

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This information is not meant to be a substitute for veterinary care. Always follow the advice provided by your veterinarian.