The long awaited children's book is now available!

Written with the intention to reduce misinterpretation of canine behaviour and to avoid dogs being "labelled" and even rehomed or euthanased due to unexpected behaviour change/ aggressive like behaviour due to underlying but unidentified pain.


I have been a vet for nearly 20 years and have put to sleep a fair share of dogs that families no longer trusted because they had unexpectedly lashed out. I suspect many of these dogs had underlying conditions explaining their actions, but sadly it was too late to investigate as the family had made up their mind. Broke and still breaks my heart that when our dogs need us to listen we fail to hear them!


The book is beautifully illustrated by an amazing man called Phil Knibs who did it for CAM at no charge because he LOVES dogs and what they bring us!

It is available in the CAM online shop here -


At £8.99 I really feel it is a book that should be in every family home.


My daydream is a big company like a pharmaceutical company will see merit in it and supply it with every prescription of pain relieving medication.... but till then....I hope you guys will get behind it and buy one or many!!!


Canine Arthritis Management




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Microchip Law


With effect from April 2016, the law changed and all dogs must be microchipped and Buyers should ask to see proof of a microchip certificate with up to date information. If a dog without a microchip comes to the attention of the authorities, its keeper may be served with a notice requiring the dog to be microchipped, and may face criminal prosecution and a £500 fine if they do not comply with the notice.

In addition, if the breeder or subsequent keepers of the dog do NOT update the dog’s details on a database that is compliant with the regulations, then a notice may be served requiring the keeper to microchip the dog within 21 days of the served notice.