Midland Collie Club Championship Show
February 2023

Rough Collie Bitches - Ms T Goodwin - Judges critique
Rough Collie Dogs - Mr U Nolke - Judges critique
Referee - Mrs J Catliff - replacement BIS judge Mr B Hawkins* (STKCA)

Best in Show - Ch Brilyn Molly Coddles
Reserve Best In Show - Corisian Parisian Magic
Best Puppy In Show - Riverside Song Unbelievable Guy at Stavods (Imp Rom)
Best Veteran In Show - Ch Ladnar Inkeart

Males 48 / Bitches 56



Veteran Dog
2 entries, absent

Mior Puppy Dog (7,2)
1st Gataj Turn Back Time
2nd Erjon Established in Gold
3rd Kelekona's Sparks at Dawn
Res Kelekona Hearts of Gold
VHC Sassari Smudge

Puppy Dog (8,3)
1st Riverside Song Unbelievable Guy at Stavods (Imp Rom) BPD/BPIS/RCC
2nd Malouines Never Ending Story NAF
3rd Triburle Bluebolero
Res Tiganlea Remember The Days
VHC Sassari Smudge

Junior Dog (3,1)
1st Riverside Song Unbelieveable Guy at Stavods (Imp Rom)
2nd Sassari Smudge

Special Yearling Dog (4,1)

1st Takhisis Lysander

2nd Lillyway Lemon and Lime

3rd Thistlewing Smoky Quarts

Maiden Dog
no entries

Novice Dog (2,0)
1st Riverside Song Unbelieveable Guy at Stavods (Imp Rom)
2nd Sassari Smudge

Graduate Dog (4,0)
1st Kourika You'll Do For Me
2nd Monsolana Aspire to Inspire over Barrenclough (Imp Rus)
3rd Caribbean Blue Sky Actis to Samante (Imp Pol)
Res Ladnar Dreamchaser

Post Graduate Dog (3,2)

1st Gataj Out Of The Woods JW

Mid Limit Dog (8,1)
1st Chelborn That'll Do

2nd Chantique Magical Mystery
3rd Barrenclough Heart of Gold JW
Res Lanrue Blueberry Muffin
VHC Brooklynson Black Diamond

Limit Dog (8,1)
1st Starlenga All That Jazz from Aaronwell TAF
2nd Lanrue Christopher Robyn

3rd Lillyway Legacy
Res Starlenga Harry Potter with Elshajo

VHC Camanna Chasing Clouds over Mejola

Open Dog (7,1)
1st Corisian Parisian Magic DCC/RBIS

2nd Ch Gataj Struck By Lightning
3rd No More Heroes Du Clos de Sea-wind JW (Imp Fra)

Res Paulara No Where Man

VHC Kourika King Pin

Veteran Bitch (3,1)

1st Ch Ladnar Inkheart JW BVB/BVIS
2nd Monsolana Madam Blues over Barrenclough ShCM VW (Imp Rus)

Minor Puppy Bitch (7,0)
1st Gataj Time After Time BPB/RBPIS
2nd Gataj Someone You Loved

3rd Rosschell Be My Baby
Res Erjon Evolving Beauty
VHC Tiganlea That's The One

Puppy Bitch (6,1)
1st Tremaro Kind Of Magic
2nd Riverside Song Paloma Nera at Colcanis (Imp Rom) NAF TAF
3rd Maqueeba Magical Kisses
Res Princess Jessie The Third

Junior Bitch (6,2)
1st Jackinstar Sandra Dee

2nd Satin Dream Du Clos Du Seawind (Imp Fra)
3rd Triburle Seren Dlos
VHC Beldones Clementine Aves Coloratura

Special Yearling Bitch (6,2)
1st Avonfair Secret Love Letter to Salsina NAF

2nd Lillyway Lemon Breeze
3rd Riverside Song Instant Karma From Aaronwell (Imp Rom) NAF TAF
Res Ingledene Sno Dream at Thistlewing

Maiden Bitch (6,0)

1st Gataj Time After Time
2nd Tiganlea That's The Look
3rd Riverside Song Paloma Nera at Colcanis (Imp Rom) NAF TAF
Res Thistlewing Magic Lady TAF
VHC Beldones Clementine Avec Coloratura

Novice Bitch (3,0)
1st Riverside Song Paloma Nera at Colcanis (Imp Rom) NAF TAF
2nd Paulara Lucy In The Sky for Elshajo
3rd Maqueeba Magical Kisses

Graduate Bitch (7,2)
1st Rahlissa Toffee Cake For Denora
2nd Gerian Sunheart
3rd Barrenclough Touch of Silk
Res Riverside Song Ice Cream Girl (Imp Rom)
VHC Phreelancer Phirst Song

Post Graduate Bitch (3,0)
1st Revdvicki Ruby Tuesday at Tiganlea

2nd Carristina Summer Rhapsody
3rd Uffspring Ultravox for Coloratura

Mid Limit Bitch (4,1)
1st Gataj Good Time Girl
2nd Thistlewing Spell On You
3rd Samhaven Sound Effects

Limit Bitch (6,2)

1st Ladnar Inkspot RCC
2nd Riverside Song Journey Of Love from Aaronwell
3rd Amalie Juse Annie at Terelimon
Res Danfrebek Dancin In The Dark

Open Bitch (6,2)
1st Ch Brilyn Molly Coddles JW BCC/BIS
2nd Ch Paradise Girl Du Clos de Sea-Wind for Gataj (Imp Fra)

3rd Kourika Kover Girl
Res Salsina Share The Love



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