Monsolana Bluz Star for Aaronwell (Imp Rus) - 2RCC
Nor Ch Lynmead Lets go Black x Topaz at Monsolana Jantarnogo Berega

RDCC - Three Counties - June 2015 - Judge Mrs F Kay (Danfrebek)
RDCC - Welsh Kennel Club - August 2015 - Judge Mrs D Iley (Ileyda) - above right


Rus Ch Full Kiss de Cathyja des Aaronwell (Imp Rus)
Tricky Trooper de Cathyja x Beida Black De Cathyja
Wassail Golden Tip For Aaronwell IKC
Brilyn Celtic Gold x Tvingsfields Goldfinger at Wassail


Monsolana Blackmilan for Aaronwell (Imp Rus)
Nor Ch. Lynmead Lets Go Black x Topaz at Monsolana Jantarnogo Berega


Monsolana Bounty Taste for Aaronwell JW ShCm (Imp Rus) 1CC, 2RCC
Monsolana Velvet Blue x Evening Star de Cathyja

Photo taken April 2015 at 8 months - after winning MPD at Collie Club of Wales Championship Show

On Saturday 7th November, Bounty won two 1st places, BOB, PG1 and RBIS. On Sunday 8th November he also won his class and BOB, and equally importantly the final point to gain his Junior Warrant.

We are really delighted with this achievement as we thought he would blow all his coat and wouldn't stand a chance of obtaining the last four points he needed to obtain this coveted award. He has to date also achieved 12 first class placings at Championship Shows.

Photo June 2016

RDCC - Border Union Ch Show - June 2016
DCC - Midland Collie Ch Show - February 2018
RDCC - British Collie Club Ch Show - March 2018


Champion Monsolana Sundevon for Aaronwell (Imp Rus) - 3CC
Ukr Ch Benefis of Colomber Field x Rus Ch Elsamos Over the Moon
3rd and crowning CC - London Collie Club Championship Show - June 2016 - Judge Mrs J Llewellyn


Champion Monsolana Velvet Blue for Aaronwell - 3CC, 4RCC
Monsolana Bluzstar x Monsolana Black Pounds

DCC/BIS - Irish Collie Club Ch Show - September 2016
RDCC - Crufts 2017 (right)
DCC - Collie Club of Wales Ch Show - March 2017
RDCC - London Collie Club Ch Show - June 2017

RDCC - SKC - August 2017
DCC - Irish Collie Club - September 2017

RDCC - Ayrshire Collie Club - October 2017


Champion Jugband Blues Du Clos de Sera-wind Via Aaronwell (Imp Fra) - 12CC, 12RCC
Dazzle Blue Legend De La Chapelle Aux Arbres x Ecllipse Totale Du Clos De Sea-Wind
DCC - LKA December 2017
RDCC - Scottish Breeds April 2018

RDCC - N & D April 2018
DCC - Bath May 2018
3rd and crowning DCC - Border Union June 2018
DCC - Paignton July 2018
RDCC - Richmond September 2018
RDCC - Irish Collie Club September 2018
RDCC Belfast 2018
DCC/RBIS - Ayrshire Collie Club October 2018
DCC/BOB/BIS - L & P November 2018

DCC - LKA - December 2018
RCC - Manchester January 2019
DCC - Working and Pastoral Breed sof Wales April 2019
RCC - Lancs and Cheshire Ch Show May 2019
RCC - Scottish Kennel Club May 2019
RCC - London Collie Club June 2019
DCC - Paignton July 2019
RCC - WKC August 2019
RCC - Ayrshire Collie 2019
RCC - LKA 2019
DCC/BOB/RBIS - British Collie Club Ch Show 2020
DCC L & P 2021
DCC National 2021


Rus Ch Monsolana Bonjour Paris for Aaronwell (Imp) - 1CC, 1RCC
Monsolana Bluzstar for Aaronwell x Monsolana Black Pantera

RCC - L & P November 2018
DCC - Leeds July 2019


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