We are a small home kennel located in the center of Europe (Poland). We live on a small farm, and dogs are part of our family. We have been breeding Rough Collies since 1988, all our dogs are hips scored, some of our breeding dogs have also additional DNA tests like: MDR1, DM, CEA, PRA, JRD. Our Collies are mostly in British-type (modern & classic), and some UK & USA mixed blood lines.

We pay much attention to the body construction and movement. All our breeding dogs have full set of teeth and perfect scissor bite.


Ch.PL, Hello Spank of Emiber (import IT) [HD-A, MDR1 +/+, DM clear, IPD clear ]
<<Spank temporarily residing in Great Britain >>


Multi Ch, International Champion (CIB),   BOHUN Actis PL, [HD-A clear, ED 0/0, MDR1 +/-], WW, GB.Ch. Chelborn KISS'N'TELL + Multi Ch. JAVA Actis PL


Multi Ch. BRAVA Actis PL,




Multi Ch: International Ch. (CIB), Junior Ch.PL, Ch:PL, GR, RO, BG, Balkan, CZ, SK, DE, Greek Winner 15', Cruft's qualification 15' Obelix Actis PL [ HD-A clear, MDR1 +/- ] WW, GB.Ch. Chelborn KISS'N'TELL + Multi Ch. IDEA Actis d.o.b: 18.11.2013
Multi-CACIB from 7 different countries, a few times was placed on BOG. Our show star, and my soul mate - a dog with a wonderful character, brave and great working dog, wise and gentle. Obelix is a beautifully built dog with a nice chest and great movement, with a long neck and a long tail carried very nicely. One of the most successful Rough Collie stud dogs in Poland.


Our new hope
LOVE FOR INFINITY Actis PL Multi Ch. GOLDEN LIPPY vom Rhododendronwaldchen + Tiganlea THIS MUST BE LOVE


Ch.Tiganlea Too Good To Be Forgotten +Tiganlea Wishfull Thinking


Junior Ch.PL, Ch.PL, Ch.RO Junior Winner of Poland
Merida Actis PL [HD-A clear, IPD clear]
C.I.B, Multi Ch. GOLDEN LIPPY vom Rhododendronwaldchen + Ch.TIANA Actis
(on photos 14months)


And her younger brother
Junior Ch.PL Merideon Actis PL
[HD-A clear, MDR1 +/+, DM clear ]


Multi Ch: International Ch (CIB), Junior Ch.PL, Ch.PL, Ch.UA, Ch.TR, Ch.SM, Ch.CY, Ch.AZ, Ch.PH, Ch.MAL, Ch.CL, Ch.CR, Ch.CO, Ch.LK, Ch.MK, Ch.MNE, Ch.Balkan, Ch.Mediterranean, Ch.BG & Grand Ch.BG, Ch.MD & Grand Ch.MD. Idea Actis Multi Ch. Queenly Might Quinn of Kassiopeia x Ch. REDA Actis d.o.b: 27.03.2010, (CEA/PRA/KAT-free, HD-A clear, MDR1 +/-, DM clear )


Our IDEA with 21 Champion titles is the most successful rough collie bitch in Poland. She is also TOP female 2012 & 2013 (all breeds show ranking by kennel club)


Multi Ch, International Champion (CIB), Junior Ch.PL, Ch: PL, UA, BG, AZ, CY, GR, CR, CL, CO, MD, MK, MNE, Balkan, Mediterranean, Greek Winner 14', Club Winner 15' 17’ 20’ Golden Lippy vom Rhododendronwäldchen (imp. DE) 'Lippy' Double Scotch GOLD CANDY ASHLEY x JCh.DE. GOLDEN HAPPY vom Rhododendronwaldchen born: 22.06.2010, (CEA/PRA/KAT-free, HD-A clear, MDR1 +/-, DM clear, IPD clear)
Our LIPPY with 16 Champion titles and he is one of the most successful Rough Collie stud dogs in Poland. TOP adult dog 2013 & 2012 (all breeds show by kennel club ranking).


Elwira Zasun

Telephone: 0048 510 449 866

email: actiscollie@gmail.com