Amalunaque Rough Collies


I bought my first Collie Rough in 1997. I was only 12 years old, but I knew this breed will stay in my heart forever.
Adria Col- Szet-Al born 20.06 1997 ( Sire: Ch.Antoc Casablanca. Dam Jessi z Koziarni). Sha was sable collie with amazing personality.
21 years later, I found here in UK my beautiful Raschel Fairydust.


Rashel Fairy Dust

Because of Covid pandemic, we attended only few dog’s shows in 2021.

We won 1st price on Blackpool Championship show and we received a beautiful critique from Sue Hawkins.

1 -Poplawska & Fabczak - I was later told that this was only the 2nd ever show for this lovely tri-colour and her owners.
She has a super outline with great reach of neck which she knows how to use, very good ears and dark eyes and a lovely expression. Head is balanced in length matching her good length of body. Stands foursquare and demands attention. Her jet black coat gleamed with condition and she moved well. Lovely to see newcomers to the show ring doing so well.

2022 began with beautiful litter of 6 puppies

We welcomed very special girl. She has stollen our hearts.

We can’t wait to see her development and future achievements
To be continued…


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