Welcome to my Kennel, Angelspath.

I have a wonderful love and admiration for the Rough Collie, which like most owners and breeders, started in early childhood.
My Dad told me a bedtime story about Lassie returns home, from then on, I never stopped thinking about that wonderful dog. The passion never left me, I wanted such a dog to be in my life forever. My wish came true, a companion who grew and Matured with me, into adulthood, marriage and children.         I was blessed, to find that they too, have the same delight and love along with the true desire to improve the health together with wellness of the breed for the future.

I studied the standard of the Classic Collie, watching pioneer breeders throughout the world, who were working on the genetics and skeletal patterns of the Collie, those who were working on helping the Rough Collie recover traits of the pastoral dog, together with the stamina required to do its job, to recover the skills of an all-round home companion, capable of also of being trained to help herd livestock. In other words, a fit for purpose dog, with the personality of a loyal family member.

I have purchased such dogs and bred my dogs into those gene pools, health checking with DNA tests for every parent of my litters. Showing the dogs to ensure that I meet the standards and gaining many certifications.

We live in the countryside, alongside the forest, my dogs live a happy natural life, with 0.5 acre of an area to call their own in their own house.
All our dogs live in the house and coexist with humans, able to form their own pack when they want life with freedom, yet able to fit into the human world with ease. We work on new puppies to ensure that they will have experienced the busy life of household noises and interaction with ease.

I offer a lifetime of support for my puppies, selection process for new homes is my utmost priority to ensure that puppies are loved, cared for with good veterinary and regular check-ups, when necessary, together with feeding the correct foods, to ensure the best of health. Once an owner has shown that they know the breed, show the love toward their new family member, that are willing to listen, to ask and apply advice, on bringing up their baby if needed, then we can progress.

Angelo From Angelspath
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Wicani By Sword and Sorcery x Giuly's Dreams Queen Of Ice to Angelspath




We have a crew of couriers, who love dogs as much as ourselves, taking dogs around the world,
From my door to your door. They are Nannies to the puppy not only transporting to yourselves, but looking after happiness, welfare, ensuring a healthy dog is delivered safely to you, all backed with Government authorisation from DEFRA and European animal regulations.

Please contact me initially by email, this is a no obligation contact, when you can tell me a little about yourself and how you could give your puppy the lifestyle, care, together with the attention it needs. Tell me what it would mean to you to have such a companion as a family member. Then I will be able to arrange a call with you to introduce you to any puppies we have. I look forward to speaking with you.

Kristina Nakić Štefanec
+385 98 318 942