I was brought up in a very animal loving environment, lucky to know the compassion and love which mans best friend could bring.
Our family dogs were Rottweilers..... (no difference to the roughs at all eh?!).

However when I took the step to move out The Rough Collie was the breed for me.

I spent a long time researching, thinking and planning before I took the steps of making contact with a breeder. Fluffy as it might sound I am sure fate brought me Brodie (Cariadhaf Crazy Dream). He was made for me. My heart dog, and the ultimate companion. I have a lot of admiration for his breeder, Margaret Harrison and I was lucky to find myself someone who is always there, willing and caring to help me on my journey of not only owning but showing also. So much so a year on I bought another from her, little Bella (Cariadhaf Cookies and Cream)!

Brooke is my first home bred rough collie. She is my everything. Like her parents she has obtained her good citizen gold award, at a very young age (just 1 year old). Brooke is a very eager to please and extremely loving girl. We now compete in agility and brooke in just 3 competition days won herself out of grade 1 and into grade 2, she is exceeding all my expectations. 

Alongside her parents brooke enjoys her hillwalking days and her munro tally as of April 2022 is now at 45. Her daddy just completed his 70th munro in march 2022 and mum bella is only a few behind brodie.  

I believe rough collies can be adaptable and enjoy any life you offer them. For me I like a mixture of very active hobbies and chill time on the sofa with cuddles and from my dogs I happily have both. 

I have so far bred 3 litters, and each has dogs actively being shown which fills me with immense pride. 



Cambrogan Blowin A Hoolie AW(B) - 'Brooke'
DOB 15/11/2018
Cariadhaf Crazy Dream x Cariadhaf Cookies and Cream

Hips 4:7
You can see more photos of Brooke in my gallery HERE
Photos below July 2019

2023 news. Brooke came 5th in a strong open class at Crufts 2023 and 2nd in good citizen under judge Derek Allsopp. 

Agility News - On April 16th Brooke won her final points to move up to grade 3! Having achieved a succession of lovely clear rounds in her last couple of competitions. 

Brooke gained her Agility warrant Bronze in May 2023.

Cariadhaf Crazy Dream - 'Brodie' 1RCC
DOB 17/11/2014
Kelmbri Gran Torino x Jopium Loves All Around Emryks
HIPS 4:4

Brodie is an energetic, athletic young dog with a love for life, other dogs and people. Every day with this boy is a pleasure. He has had a fairly pleasing start to his show career, consistently placed and gaining many first places.

Brodie had BOB at Upperward of Lanarkshire Open Show and at The Collie Association Championship Show in November 2015 a first in junior dog going on to take the Reserve Challenge Certificate at the tender age of 12 months and 12 days. It was nerve wracking and emotional.

I was honored to receive an invite to The British Collie Club Rough Collie of the Year (below) after gaining this reserve ticket.

Brodie also qualified for The Scottish Collie Club Collie of the year due to gaining an admirable number of show points.

2016 has been a quiet year for Brodie, with the addition of Bella and the trials and tribulations of the first coat blow but there are a lot of plans in the pipeline from the summer onwards.

Above photos June 2016 with Brodie in between coats


Above photos May 2017


Above photos May 2018

Brodie turned 7 in November 2021 and has started off his veteran career well, now winning best veteran dog at 3 championship shows and best veteran in show at ayrshire collie club open show in March 2022. He also placed 5th in a large veteran class at crufts 2022.  

Photos below June 2021

 best veteran in breed at lka 2022 under Sheila Telford and overall 5th veteran of the year at RCOTY.

Cariadhaf Cookies and Cream - 'Bella'
DOB 28/10/2015
Moonpromises Ever After x Cariadhaf Candy Kisses
HIPS 4:5

Little Bella is coming on nicely, maturing at a lovely pace. Her mother is a fab showgirl and recent Champion.

Above photos taken June 2016 aged 8 months
Above photos July 2016
Above photos June 2017
Above Photos May 2018


Photos below June 2021




The future is bright!

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