I have owned Rough Collies since 1970 and they have now become not only the love of my life but the love of Jo and Emma's.

I started showing in 1988 with a bitch from Terry McGowan of the Westoak kennel then after a number of years Jo and Emma got involved and are now the main handlers for Corisian.

We have had many successes in the last few years starting mainly from 2005 when Molly won a RBCC at 9 month's old and then a CC for her in 2006 handled then by me.

Then along came Keevie who was handled by Jo eventually gained her title in 2010 after winning 3 CC's and 4 RCC'ss.

2013 started as a good year for us with numerous win's for Dee and Boogie and then Sox who returned to the ring in March after 9 month's out.

A lovely day at British Collie Club Ch show was when Emma's girl Dee won her first RBCC at only 9 month's old which gave Emma her 1st major win and then Emma's other girl Sox won her 1st RBCC at Collie Club of Wales Ch Show who is handled by Jo.




*** Ayrshire Collie Club Kennel of The Year 2014*** and *** Ayrshire Collie Club Rough Collie of The Year***

Ayrshire Collie Club Kennel of the Year 2014
Ayrshire Collie Club Collie of the Year 2014

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