Honky Tonk Man of River Tweed x Beldones Duchess of Dreams
Photos May 2017 aged 9 months
Photos July 2017 aged 11 months
Photo above September 2018
CC - Bournemouth 2019 - Thank you to Gary Gray
RCC - Irish Collie Club 2019 - Thanks to Judge Sheila Telford
RCC - Midland Counties October 2019 - Judge Morag McCarte

BCC/BOB - August 2021
Many thanks to respected breed judge Mrs Sue Hawkins for her CC and BOB
3rd and crowning CC Collie Association and BIS September 2021 - Judge Eleanor Kitchen


Ch Paradise Girl Du Clos De Sea-Wind For Gataj - 'Florence' 3CC, 3RCC
Sire Iggy Pop Du Close De Sea-wind x Dam Miami Life Du Clos De Sea-Wind
Many thanks to Gilles and Jocelyn Merchant for this beautiful girl
Thrillled with Florence at the London Collie when she won her class in PGB, then went on to get BCC, BOB, then BIS! This was just her 3rd ever show! Grateful thanks go to judges Val Tame and BIS judge D Weller Evad, a day we will never forget!Many thanks to judge Mr D Gordon and Stephen Clarke for her RCC's

BCC N & D Ch Show 2021
3rd and crowning CC with BOB National 2021 - Judge Marianne Grindley

We are delighted that in 3.5 months, Florence attained 3 CC’s all with BOB and 2 RCC, at the tender age of 2 years, a natural born show girl and a delight to live with.

On returning to the ring in 2023 after maternal duties in 2022, 2nd OB at Midland Collie, 1st OB at British Collie judge John Congdon, Crufts 2nd OB under judge Derek Allsopp, Ayrshire Collie open BIS, judge Michelle Davis, Scottish Breeds 2nd |OB and RCC under judge Andre Scott



Perfect Timing du clos de Seawind at Gataj x Nasty Girl du clos de Seawind
DOB 18/12/20

We are delighted with our lovely Keeley, at her 1st Show at National Working and pastoral 1st MPB and 1st NB, then East Anglian 3rd MPB, Bath, 1st MPB and BPIB, and was shortlisted in the group.

1st MPB Paignton, 2nd MPB Bournemouth, 1st MPB Blackpool, Driddield 3rd MPB, L & P 2nd MPB, Yorkshire 2nd MPB, N & D 1st MPB, BPB, CA, 1st PB BPIS, National 1st PB BPB, SKC, show 1 1st PB BPB, SKC show 2 1st PB, BPB
1st PB BPIB BPIS at Ayshire, and 1st PB BPIB and RBPIS at L & C

Irish Collie 2nd PB, Irish Collie 2nd PB, Belfast 2 PB, SCC 1st PB, BPIB BPIS, L & P 1st PB BPB, CA 1st PB, and LKA, 1st PB and BPB.

Delighted under breed specialist Sheila Telford, Keeley was 1st YB and RBCC.

Delighted at RCOTY, Keeley was 2nd overall bitch,  1st MLB at Midland Collie, 1st MLB at Crufts under judge Derek Allsopp,
2nd LB at Scottish Breeds under Andre Scott.


Delighted at Birmingham National, Gataj Good Time Girl was 1st LB and RCC, grateful thanks to judge Mike Vincent, 1st LB at W&PBreeds of Wales, 1st LB, then at SCC 1st LB, RCC and RBIS, grateful thanks to judge Grenville Francis, then the next day at SKC, another 1st LB under judge Barrie Croft, we are so happy with these lovely results.

At Paignton delighted with Good Time Girl, 1st OB, the BCC and BOS, grateful thanks goes to judge Mr Rodney Oldham

We were delighted that at Irish Colkie, Keeley was 1st OB , BOB and BIS! we love the Irish shows and so grateful to breed specialist Sue Hawkins for awarding us this honour


At her 2nd show at wecs open show, Lola won 1st MPB, then BPB, BPIB then BPIS! Delighted with the lovely Lola, who is ½ sister to Florence, many thanks to Gilles and Jocelyne for this lovely and happy puppy
We are very pleased with our friendly little madam Lola, 1st MPB at WPBreeds of Wales, 1st MPB at CCOW, 1st PB, BPB, BPIP and RBPIS at Lancs and Cheshire, grateful thanks to judge Sandra Wigglesworth.


Sire Perfect Once Upon A Time Du Clos De Seawind x Nasty Girl Du Clos de Seawind
DOB 11.04.20

Our lovely Bee,not shown as a puppy due to no shows,  was shown in 2021 with some lovely results and we were delighted that at NW & PB, on 16.07.22, she received the RCC, thank you to judge     Ms M Sargent.

We had a great weekend at the Irish shows, Bee was 1st in PGB, then went on to get the RCC, in great company. Many thanks to judge Mr T Johnston, we are thrilled.


Gataj Someone You Loved
Sire Perfect Timing Du Clos De Seawind x Nasty Girl Du Clos De Seawind
Photo to follow
2nd MPB at Midland Collie, and 1st PB at Scottish Breeds, judge Andre Scott
Scottish Breeds 1st PB, Birmingham National 1st PB, BPIB, judge Mike Vincent, L & C 2nd PB, Scottish Collie 2PB then SKC 1stPB


Gataj Out of The Woods JW x Gataj Girls Best Friend
DOB 16.12 2022

Dorset County PPG1
Gracie attended her 1st show at Border UNION AT 6  months, 2 days and I was delighted with her 1st MPB, then 2nd MPB at Blackpool, Windsor 1st MPB, Wecs 1st MPB, 1stNB, and BPB, National Working and Pastoral 2nd MPB, Dorset BPIB and PPG1, Minehead BPIB RBOB and PPG2, North Devon Agriculture BPIB RBOB and PPG2, Paignton 2nd MPB.

At Belfast we were delighted when our 9 month puppy  Gataj All that Sparkles was BPIB and received the RCC!! grateful thanks to judge Mrs Sally Duffin for a lovely day 

Sweetmint Uptown Girl At Gataj
Riverside Song Xplorer of Hearts x One Love Du Bois Des Amazones

Many thanks to Irene and Svend Tempelen for this beautiful girl.

WECS 1st PB under Louise Walker, then 1st PB and BPIB at NW&PB  under Pat Brooker. 


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