Champion Gerian Sunmaker of Roanburn - 'Mac'
Ch. Elsamos Star Traveller x Gerian Sunorchid

Photos taken the day he got his 3rd CC at Lancs and Cheshire Championship Show May 2013 - Judge Mrs E Kitchen

Critique: Hartley....Gerian Sunmaker of Roanburn.......Here again, is a dog that really has to be handled to be appreciated, certainly not a glamour boy, but has quality in abundance, was presented in pristine order. He has a lovely head piece, with two lovely placed and shaped dark eyes, nicely rounded in foreface, good under jaw and with his neat ears set right on top gave a most sweet expression without being feminine. Good reach of neck and length of body, balanced all over, good quarters, neat feet enabled him to move with purpose and drive, in the challenge he just pulled out all the stops and I had no hesitation in awarding him the CC, my Co Judge and I could not agree for BOB and so Mrs Arch, who was referee was called upon, and I was delighted when she awarded him BOB and later RES BES IN SHOW. Well done. Was told after that this was his third and crowning CC, which also made it all the more special.

Due to very sad circumstances, Mac is now living back here at Gerian

Champion Gerian Sundance
Gerian Sunset x Gerian Black Stockings at Kirikomi
Champion Gerian Sunberries
Ch. Amalie Deep In My Soul x Gerian Sunblush

Champion Gerian Sunsilk
Gerian Hello Handsome x Gerian Sunbeam
Champion Gerian Sunkissed
Geosan Flashback of Mallicot x Ch. Gerian Sunshine

Champion Gerian Sunshine
Elsamos Star Shine x Gerian Sunbeam
International Champion Gerian Sunprincess
Ch. Mirjoy Max A Million at Buebezi x Gerian Sunbonnet

Russian Champion Gerian Sunsation
Ch. Harper's Field Xeltic Lord of the Dance at Gerian x Gerian Sunbonnet
Champion Gerian Sunflower at Collingvale
Elsamos Star Shine x Gerian Sunbeam

Champion Harper's Field Xceltic OLord of the Dance at Gerian
Ch. Silvermoor's Highland Chief x Matai What's That
Champion Gerian Sunmaker of Roanburn
Ch. Elsamos Star Traveller x Gerian Sunorchid

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