My journey with rough collies started at the age of nine; when my mother who also grew up with collies bought me my first puppy called Twinkle named after her mother called Star. Twinkle  was my best friend as I was an only child, we did everything together from walks in the bush(woods) to shopping at Roselands Shopping Centre when dogs were allowed in shopping centres on leads. We had so much fun together shopping, playing in the bush, rolli- polli down hills together and long walks everywhere.

I saved up for my second collie when I was 17, her name was Tasha. Another great friend.  Her nickname was tripod as she was run over by a brick truck and her toes where crushed. I took her to a top surgeon in North Sydney, Dr Black. He took her right front leg off and shaped it into her rib cage so there was no excess flab or limb hanging. It looked wonderful. Tasha lived till the ripe old age of 12.

Having moved to England, settled after travelling and the boys wanting a dog I thought now was a good time. I looked for 2 years for a puppy that I liked, that was healthy and had strong breeding. My son Alex and I were going to do dog agility with our new puppy Sasha, and for fun we went to a few local fetes dog shows and that’s how we got  hooked on dog showing. My younger son also showed both dogs (Sasha and Ruby) he did very well, he was a natural, very calm and relaxed. Dominic has won several trophies both in breed classes and Jr Handling. We are very proud of Dominic, Ruby and Sasha.

Rendalea Crystal Clear with Jards - 'Sasha'
Ch Ingeldene All that Matters x Ingledene She's Got It for Rendalea
DOB 22.9.08 - Hips 7/5 = 12

Sasha is a beautiful elegant lady and a fantastic member of the family, she fits in anywhere. Sasha started her ring life quite late at 19 month old and has done quite well qualifying every year  for Crufts.

2012 - Sasha won many of her classes and 2 BOB, 1 RBOB and 4th in Group

Ingledene Boogie Nite at Jards - 'Ruby'
Ch Ingledene All that Matters x Ingledene Just One Nite
DOB 4.5.10 Hips 0/0

Ruby has so much personality, and as a young  puppy in the show ring Ruby did exceptionally well with 3 Best Puppy in Breed, 2 RBB,

1 1st and 1, 4th in Pastoral Group and one Best in Show.

2012 - Ruby had a fantastic year; with many 1st in classes and 3 BOB, 2 RBB , 1 2nd Group 1 3rd Group and 1 4th Group win.

We are so proud of her.

7TH APRIL 2012

Yearling B.(4,1abs)
1.Hansons Ingledene Boogie Night at Jards. Good honest s/w who has a balanced head with sweet eye and expression and flat scull with ears on top. Long neck and good shoulders into firm topline although I found her slightly longer in loin than those above. Good tail set and carriage and she has enough bone for size. She put it all together on the move with super reach and drive from good angulation and well let down hocks Yearling B.(4,1abs)

Jards Grand Attraction JW - 'Sam'
- 1RCC
Brooklynson James Bond x Rendalea Crystal Clear with Jards
DOB 2.4.13
The lovely Sam has joined our family and is so much fun to have around.


Above photo taken August 2015

Sams achievements
LKA 2013 MPD 2nd in class and Qualifed for Crufts 2014
London Collie Club 2013 2nd
Burton-on-Trent Kennel Association 2014 1st in Puppy stakes
Reading and District AVNSC 2014 1st in class BP and PPG3
Guildford and District Canine Society 2014 2nd in class
Ashbourne and District Canine Society BPIB
Boston Champ Show 1st in class, BPD, BOS BD
Buckinghamshire 2014 2nd in class
Manchester Dog Show 18th Jan 2014 2nd PD
Henley-On-Thames Canine Society 26th Jan 2014 1st Puppy, BP, BPPG1 and BPG1, BPISG
Rugby District and Canine Society 1st Feb 2014 3rd Junior.
Cheltenham and District Canine Society 9th Feb 2014 1st JD, BPIB, BOB.
L & P Collie Club 16 Feb 2014 1st PD,BPD, BD, BPIB, RBOB, BOSIB, BOSIS, BPIS
RDCC - Paignton Championship Show August 2016
1st Hanson's Jards Grand Attraction JW. Sable male of 3yrs. Beautiful well balanced boy with lovely head with well placed ears that he used to advantage, expressive obliquely set eyes, correct planes and good muzzle & mouth. He was a pleasure to go over with a well arched neck, excellent forehand, nicely boned straight front legs down to firm pasterns & nicely arched feet. His body was shapely and well covered & slightly longer than high and his ribs well laid back. He showed a beautiful profile outline and he had correct tail set & carriage. He showed and moved easily & freely with a sure footed smooth action & I was pleased to award him the RDCC.

Belgium Junior Ch Ingledene Ebony Lace
Ch Ingledene Spirit of Legend JW x Ingledene Leather N'Lace
DOB 8/4/16

Photos above April 2017

Crystal Palace CA 8/4/17 Judge - Ian Crowther Jr 1st BOB PPG3 and PG3
Pastoral Group: A distinct, notable depth of quality present today. I appreciated it.
3rd in Group: Hanson's Ingledene Ebony Lace. Rough Collie. Always a pleasure to judge a sound and true moving example of this breed. Quality Tri just turned a year today. Sweet expression from correct eye, balanced head and small ears. Pleasing, well blended conformation throughout Good 'show' condition though could lose a little weight for ideal. Impressed on the move.

EAST OF ENGLAND - 8/7/2017 1st JB and 1st YB
JB 1 Hanson's Ingledene Ebony Lace. Out of coat but at least she couldn't hide her lovely shape, feminine wedge shaped head, almond shaped eyes, with good ear placement, moderate arch of neck on well placed shoulders, well sprung rib with slight rise over loin, well rounded croup, with good rear angulations, correct amount of bone, won this class on her steady easy gait.
YB 1 Hanson's Ingledene Ebony Lace. Winner of Junior.

Guildford and DCS 8/12/2018 1st Open BOB
O (5,1) 1. Hanson’s Bel J Ch Ingledene Ebony Lace. This statuesque two and a half years tri bitch is not small but has great poise and balance with an almost regal air, fitting the general appearance section of the standard to a tee. At first glance I though she was going to be lacking in stop but hands on proved otherwise and it is perfectly acceptable. Super length of muzzle to skull proportions, the flattest skull of the entry, clean cheeks, well rounded muzzle and lovely chin. Almond eye, well set
and dark enough. Lovely ears, well set, used all the time and perfectly balancing the head, all
combining to give that queenly look. Super length of neck with arch flows in to a beautifully angulated front and matching angles at the rear. Height to length proportions are perfect and there is a lovely flow over her topline, gently rising over the loin and falling sweetly away over the croup to a long tail, low set hocks and good feet. Mature in body with good infill of chest which is of good depth and broad behind the shoulders. In full coat which is flat and dense with a harsh outer coat and soft undercoat,jet black, bright tan and showily marked with white. There is quite simply nothing out of balance or proportion and the more she moves the better she goes, so freely, with real reach and drive but lightly and without effort. I could watch her all day and she could work all day too. In the challenge I preferred her underjaw, maturity in body and rear drive to the PG winner who just needs more time.
For me she was a most worthy BOB and quite simply a super example of a Rough Collie. In my opinion she is Champion quality and I hope she gets her just deserts here in the UK.

Ambartr Plancee at Jards - 'Rita' - 1RCC
Ch. Corydon The Ringleader x Jards Crystal Rose Gold at Ambartr
DOB 14.1.2017
Photo September 2017
Above January 2018

Isle of Wight Canine Asso 21/10/17
Grad 1st, BP, BPIB, RBOB, PPG1, & Pastoral Group 1 Line up for BPIS Romsey and D C S 1/11/17
1st Puppy, BPIB, PPG1 line up for BPIS

Whitney DCS 11/11/17 Jr 1st, BPB, BOB, PPG2

Wealdstone & Northolt C S 27/12/17

1st Puppy, BPIB, PPG1 and In line up for Best Puppy in Show

Luton CA 30/12/17 Judge – Grant B Carter 1st Puppy, BPIB, PPG1 In line up for Best Puppy in Show

Coventy LKS 1/1/18 Judge – Marina Scott Puppy 1st, BP & RBOB

Sutton Coldfield DCA 24/2/2018 Judge – John Purnell J (2) 1 RBOB

Goes Dog Show 31/3/2018 Jr 1st with excellent, CAC, BB, BOB

Crystal Palace 8/4/18 1 Jr 1st, PG 1st RBOB

Wealdstone and Northolt Canine Society 27.12.17

1 Hanson Ambartr Plancee at Jards. Beautiful 11 month puppy bitch. excellent overall structure and balance. Lovely expression on good head with lovely eyes and correct bite. Chest developing nicely with good shoulder. Very good topline and rib to loin proportions into correct rear angulation. She has excellent movement all round and was in good coat presentation. A bright future. BP & PGRP1.

PGrp.1. J. Hanson Ambartr Plancee at Jards. Rough Collie. Impressive puppy bitch from the moment she enters the ring. Pleased to award her PGrp1 when she was still sparkling. A great future.


Above - Rita at Crufts 2019

RCC - Three Counties June 2019 - Judge Mr R Kinsey

Maubeuge Dog Show 20/10/19 1 EXE CACS BOB 


Jards Ring Presence
Champion Corydon The Ringleader x Ingledene Ebony Lace CH NL, BELGIUM
North Staffs Open Show - 2022
Hanson Jards Ring Presence, nice boy, very masculine with clean head and good planes, well rounded muzzle, good reach of neck moved ok but the ring was much too small for this boy to get into his stride, would like to see him in a much larger ring, a little too fond of his tail today. Judge Stephen Webb


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