My love of dogs stems way back to early childhood. Although I was never allowed a dog whilst living with my parents, during my late teenage years I befriended a blue merle dog called Shadow. I adored this dog and judging by the lengthy, noisy high pitch greeting I received on a regular basis I guess the feeling was mutual.

I brought my first collie as a pet in 1990, she was a shaded sable and white bitch called Highnol Enchantress, a daughter of the famous  'Lynway Seldom Sober' a line I have always admired and is still very much part of my breeding today.

My affix  'Jopium ' was granted in 1994 and was founded with bloodlines from the kennels of Brilyn, Lynaire, Emryks and Lynway.

Succesful combinations of the above breeding with a few additions of some foreign blood along the way has given Jopium the
sucess it has enjoyed to date.

I continually strive to enhance each generation considering breed type, temperment and health of equal importance.

This fabulous breed has given me endless pleasure both in and out of the show ring.    Such great characters to live with but not without sorrow and huge heartache when its time to say goodbye.

I have made some great friends, met some amazing people, had the honour of becoming a Championship show judge and visited some beautifull countries. All of this has been possible because of my passion for Rough Collies

Long may it continue.



Champion Carostar Celestine at Jopium JW - 'Tasha'
Mirpet Mac Vicar x Carostar Chantilly Lace

Champion Jopium Caress at Carostar - 'Emma'
Ch Lingwell Lancer x Ch. Carostar Celestine at Jopium

Champion Jopium Cool Touch JW ShCM - 'Levi'
Lovcul Trophy Magic x Amalie Tamara Blue at Jopium


Champion Jopium Magic in the Mist JW ShCm - 'Fizz'
Lovcul Trophy Magic x Amalie Tamara Blue at Jopium

Champion Jopium Touch of Soul for Triburle JW - 'Otis'
Ch Lynmead Simply in my Soul x Lovcul Silk Caress


Champion Erjon Enchantica at Jopium - 'Tika'
Ch. Velours Noir du Clos de Montamer x Erjon Exactly Sure

Champion Jopium Cool Dude for Mertrisa - 'Baggins'
Ch Jopium Cool Touch x Ch Erjon Enchantica at Jopium
Above photo at 10 months of age


Champion Jopium Secret Star Jw ShCm- 'Summer'
Ch. Elsamos Star Traveller x Jopium Secret Sunkiss JW

Above photo taken at 7 months of age


Champion Jopium Stole My Heart at Lingwell - 'Jamie'
Jopium Heart and Soul x Jopium Velvet Touch





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