update September 2023


Introducing the New recruit from our latest litter.

Dottie is a lovable little girl with a cheeky outlook on life.

We're looking forward to the day we will be able to show her once restrictions have been lifted due to Covid19


Ladnar Inkspot 2CC - 'Dottie'
DOB 09/03/2020 - Hips 6/7 = 13
Sire Beldones Blue Echo 2CC, 3RCC x Dam Ladnar Inkheart JW 1CC,1RCC
CEA/CEA, CN n/n, DM n/DM, DMS Aabb, MDR1 n/M1

On 31.10.21 Our lockdown baby attended her first Championship show at L&PCC. Dottie took everything in her stride to win 1st YB. Many thanks to judge Geoff Duffield for thinking so highly of her.

Dottie pulled out all the stops at Yorkshire Collie Club Open Show BB, BOB, BOSIS, RBIS. Many thanks to judges Johnny Reid and Edith Pryor.

28/11/2021 our beautiful Dottie attended The Collie Association sub-group Championship show and to our delight won her 1st CC, BOB & the icing on the cake BIS. Many thanks to breed judge Tracey Wilkinson (Altricia) & BIS/Referee judge Anne Hollywood (Amalie)

Dotties first show of 2022 started of well with her gaining 2nd LB @ Manchester CH show judge Mrs J Fort. Her next show was Midland Collie CH show under Kay Hately where she won her ML class & was considered in the final four for the CC/RCC. Dotties next show was to be a sub group open show @ Yorkshire Collie Club. She pulled out all the stops to go BB, BOB & BIS. Many thanks to breed judge Tracey Gartland (Arcot) & BIS judge Sandra Wigglesworth (Sandiacre)

Dottie continues here winning ways with RBB at WECS under Avis Annable.  Her next journey was to EACA where she smashed it winning BB, BOB & BIS Many thanks to judge Jacky Cutler (Lankeela). 

Our beautiful Dottie after being spooked at a couple of shows attended Midland Collie Championship Show 2023. Boy was she hard work! however she managed to stand still long enough for judge Tracey Goodwin to assess her quality's & award her the RCC. I had almost given up on her but I think she's worth the effort !

Our beautiful Dottie made an appearance at Midland Collie Open Show July 23 after a 5 month break. To my amazement she managed to go RBIS under Jan Milligan (Alfsden). 



I'm so excited about this young lady that I can't contain it any more so here she is.

Our beautiful Izzy @ just 4.5 months a happy go lucky girl that just wants to please everyone.

DOB 26/05/2021 - Hips 7.4 = 11
Sire CH Ladnar Mustriharder X Dam Fata Turchina Ladnar Di Cambiano (IT IMP)
CEA Clinically clear @ 8wks
DNA tests - CEA/CEA, CN n/n, DM/DM, MDR1/MDR1, DMS AAbb 

Our beautiful Izzy now 10 months did us proud at Crufts 2022 with a 1st in PB many thanks to judge Miranda Blake (Croydon)

Our beautiful Izzy came home with BPB, BPIB & RBPIS awards from EACA Many thanks to judge Jacky Cutler (Lankeela)

Our beautiful Izzy had an amazing day out at SCCGB back to back shows. Show 1, BPB, BPIB & BPIS. Thanks to judges Di Collino and Fran Kaye. Show 2, BPB, BPIB, BPIS.

Many thanks to judges Stefani Flower and Hannah Walder.

Izzy came out to play with the big girls after maternal duties with a nice 3rd in LB at Midland Counties Championship show 2023 under Maxine Mellish (Demelewis)

Ladnar Makemeawinner - 'Hartley'
DOB 24/01/2023
Sire Marvalan Spirit of Rock x Dam Ladnar Izadorable

MDR1 carrier, DM Carrier, CEA affected, CN Clear, HUU Clear, DMS aabb

Introducing our lovable nutcase of the family Hartley. There's never a dull moment when he's around into everything & a bottomless pit as far as food goes.!!

Hartley has done extremely well at the shows he has attended qualifying at every Ch Show attended 😀 his most memorable wins include. Leeds CH show July 2023 seen him qualify for Crufts first time out & BPD under judge Mrs M Glover-Guest. Midland Collie Club Open Show July 23 BPD, RBPIS Judge Jan Milligan (Alfsden) a couple of wks later we ventured to EACA double open shows August 23. Show 1 BPD, BPIB, BPIS Judge Stephanie Preesdee. Show 2, BMPD, BPD, Judge Gina Stilwell.

After a couple of weeks rest we decided to take him to YCC CH with his grandad Tom Hartley picked up another BPD thanks to Judge Mr P Sargeant (Coarhabeg).

Our handsome boy Hartley picked up another BPD at Midland Counties Championship show 2023. Many thanks Maxine Mellish (Demelewis)



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