Phreelancer Phederal Agent at Mejola - 'Miami'
DOB 5/6/2021
Ingledene Well Sooted x Sunwind's Snow Qandy of Phreelancer
Hips 3/3 MDR1 at Risk, CN Clear, CEA at risk(by DNA), DM Clear, DMS AAbb(002:01/002:01) moderate risk
Above photo taken July 2023


Mejola Main Event JW - 'Gypsy' - 1CC,1RCC
DOB 12/6/2021
Corydon Winning Factor x Mejola Main Attraction
Hips 2/2 MDR1 Carrier, CN Clear, CEA at risk(by DNA), DM Carrier, DMS AABb(002:01/002:01) high risk
RCC and BPIB Crufts 2022 - Judge Miranda Blake
Above photo July 2023


Mejola Special Reserve - "Ruby"
Corydon Riffson x Mejola Main Attraction
DOB 06.09.2019
Hips 2/10. CN Clear, CEA at risk (by DNA), DM at Risk. MDR1 Carrier, DMS AaBbcc (002:01/015:01) low risk

Camanna Chasingclouds over Mejola - "Vinnie" - 2RCC
Ch Erjon Ebony Joker x Camanna Coolrain
DOB 30.08.2019
Hips 3/7. CN Clear, CEA at risk (by DNA), DM Carrier. MDR1 Carrier, DMS Aabbcc (023:01/023:01) low risk
Above photo February 2023




Ch Mejola I Am Persuasive JW - 3CC, 2RCC
Corydon The Persuader x Corydon Maid for Mejola
DOB: 05/07/2013
CEA at risk (by DNA), DM at Risk. MDR1 Clear - Hips: 4/7=11

CC/BOB – East Anglian Collie Association August 2014 – Judge John Blake
RCC – West of England Collie Society July 2016 – Judge Jeff Luscott
RCC – East Anglian Collie Association July 2016 – Judge Val Geddes
CC/BOB – Paignton August 2016 – Judge Margaret Wildman
CC – Windsor July 2017


Corydon Femme Fatale for Mejola JW
Corydon the Persuader x Corydon La Donnarita

CEA at risk (by DNA), DM at Risk.
DOB: 07/02/2014

MDR1 carrier, Hips: 3/5=8


Ch Mejola Fate and Fortune ShCEx - 4CC, 7RCC
Ch. Corydon Once In A Blue Moon x Corydon Femme Fatale for Mejola
CEA at risk (by DNA), DM Carrier

DOB: 28/06/2016

MDR1 Clear - Hips: 5/3=8
RCC - Windsor July 2018 - Judge Miranda Blake
RCC - Midland Counties October 2019 - Judge Albert Wight
CC - Birmingham National May 2019 - Judge Mr R Gay
CC/BOB - Three Counties June 2019 - Judge Mr R Kinsey
RCC - East of England July 2019 - Judge Z Thorn-Andrews
RCC - City of Birmingham - Judge Mr R Newhouse
RCC - Darlington - Judge Mr G Hill
DCC - Southern Counties 2021 - Judge Toni Jackson
RCC - East of England 2021 - Judge Nick Smith
DCC - Midland Counties 2022 - Judge B M Young
RCC – YCC 2023 – Judge Philip Sargeant

Photo below July 2023


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