MYTHRAS have owned and loved rough collies for over 40 years and especially the traditional Rough Collies.

Since getting my first Collie at 10 yrs old I have always owned and adored the Lassie breed and proud to be able to offer the traditional rough collies that are genetically clear of mainstream diseases. We are working towards improving the rough collie breed genetics going forward now with the Wicani line of dogs that have been bred with this in mind over the last 30yrs.

Ours Collies are bred with health and good temperament, both our Dam Nutmeg (Wicani Old World Charm) and Sire Simba (Wicani New Cat on The Block) are free from MDR1 , CEA , Pra , DM (Collielife are awaiting confirmation of test results for Nutmeg) and focus our breeding on genetically clear collies and pups will also be clear through parentage.


Wicani Old World Charm - 'Nutmeg'
Wicani Invoking Spirit x Wicani Holda's Moon


Wicani New Cat on The Block - 'Simba'
Wicani Simon Templer x Wicani Copper Countess


Stormsett Symphony at Wicani - 'Florence'
Wicani Cloak and Dagger x Ch Churchoak Temptress at Wicani



Maria Ferns

Mobile 07496 601942

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