It all started a few years back, when my husband became adamant that he wanted a Rough Collie. After years of refusal, I decided to let him have his wish. The early years of our marriage were dedicated to our family and raising our children. Also my health was extremely bad and it was impossible for us to own a pet, but as the kids started to get older and got to school, I was very grateful for the company of our dogs. They gave me a whole new outlook on life and anyone who has never shared their soul with an animal is definitely missing something. I thank God everyday for our dogs. They give me the motivation to wake up in the morning and when you look into the eyes of an animal then you see nothing but unconditional love. The only thing I can say is I wish we had done it sooner!

 At the time we thought we would only have the one, but we soon found that we wanted more Collies. We eventually decided to apply for a Kennel Affix and we very much wanted to stick with the Scottish theme. We had a few ideas in mind but Strobroy was our first choice and we were thrilled when the KC accepted this, and Strobroy Collies was officially registered. It was very rough at the start but thankfully we gained a fabulous foundation to work with for which we were very grateful. Our dogs are first and foremost family pets and we enjoy a sideline hobby of showing at conformation shows (health permitting). 

 Our dogs live in a clean and healthy loving environment as part of our family. Although they have the choice to be outside all day or in the house, all of our dogs sleep indoors with us - they can come and go as they please! We have a fully enclosed run that keeps them sheltered from the elements and the door of this is ALWAYS open for them to come and go as they please. They enjoy a nice comfortable bed with each having their own individual crate and duvet to have a good nights sleep in. Although we live very much in a built up area close by is beautiful country side and they enjoy a good walk or run a good few times per week through the country. We also live very close to the riverside. so we have plenty of beautiful walks that our dogs can enjoy and spend a bit of time letting off steam as we like to call it. At home we also have a treadmill which we have found keeps them in fabulous condition!!! It helps to build up fitness and muscle tone and Cardio vascular exercise is a must for canine's. Our dogs are fed on a mix of Royal Canine Kibble with added green tripe which is fabulous for coat condition and a little added Olive Oil. Combined with keeping the dogs in top health the tripe and oil give a fabulous shine and cleanliness to the coat.  Visitors are always welcome here whether that be just to spend some time viewing our dogs or whether that be an interest in a possible future Strobroy puppy.


Canadian Champion Milas Dancing Solo - 'Solo'
Int/Cz/Dk/Lux/Am. GCH. Milas Latin Fever x Champion Milas Dancing With The Stars
Eye status - clinically clear

Solo came to us in 2013 originally on loan for a short time and to be shown here in the UK. In May 2014 he gained entry into the KC Stud Book by winning 2nd place in Open Dog at Birmingham National Dog Show thus qualifying him for Crufts for life! My thanks to Ros Mc Donald (Rosshaven) for this place and for thinking so highly of our boy.

He has done reasonably well at the few shows he has attended. In April 2015 it was decided that Solo would stay here in the UK and is now in Robert and myself's sole ownership. Solo is a very special boy and although we shouldn't have favourites I cannot help myself with this boy. We have such a strong bond that nothing can ever break it.

The Headmaster At Strobroy - 'Paddy'
(Wicani Remastered x Wicani Picture Perfect)


Strobroy Sorcerors Flame
DOB 10/12/2015
Ch Milas Dancing Solo x Legend Of The Flame In Strobroy
CEA - Mildly Affected DM - N/N MDR1 - coming soo

Fire was born from our first litter in 5 years and we initially run her and her brother Blaze on for 6 months. At 6 months we decided to let Blaze go so he now lives with his litter sister in Aberdeen.
Fire started off her show career with a 1st in minor puppy bitch at SKC.

Indigo Mystique La Casa Dei Collies at Strobroy (Imp Italy)
DOB 12/04/2016
Siniketun Slash Hudson x One Moment Please della Collina dei Ciliegi
CEA - +/- (DNA) DM/Affected MDR1 +/-
Mystique came to us all the way from Paola Cuppini in Italy. We had kept this one quiet the whole time we were awaiting her arrival (now isn't that a big surprise haha).
We have been hoping for a blue for so long now that we were relieved to finally get her.
She is lucky to carry one clear copy for CEA. This means put to the correct stud dog she could possibly produce non carriers for CEA.

At the moment we are enjoying these two new babies and watching them grow. Patience is very much needed when waiting for dogs to grow and mature.

Legend of the Flame in Strobroy - 'Flame'
Glasgowhill's Meet Me Halfway x Strobroy As Skyes Catch Fire

Flame at 6 months
Flame at 10 months

Flame joined us in August 2014 from our dear friend Charlotte Stelmaszuk. Flames dam Strobroy As Skyes Catch Fire is litter sister to Coven Of Dreams so imagine our delight when a mating between her and Venture was successful.

I was even more delighted to be asked to whelp the litter and this is when the funny story of Flame starts to emerge. I had been placed on strong medication for a problem I was having and after an hour of taking it I got the call to help Charlotte out. Charlotte had managed to whelp the first puppy before I got there so I got stuck in with the rest. As each puppy came I cut the cords and sexed them. Flame was sexed a boy. Don't ask me why or what but im guessing it was down to the medication! ha ha It was the following day when Charlotte was having a good look and weighing each pup that she realised!

Flame is second generation of our own breeding and we couldn't be happier with her.

Glasgowhills Meet Me Halfway - 'Venture'
Can.Ch Glasgowhills Be A Rockstar and Can.Ch Glasgowhills Adorably Dora
CEA/PRA DNA Non Carrier 
MDR1 +/-
  Hips UK BVA 4-6 (Equal to OFA Good) 

DOB 2/11/2009

Strobroy Coven of Dreams - 'Angel'
Wicani The Classic Touch at Strobroy x Wicani When Stars Catch Fire over Strobroy
CEA Clinically Affected - DNA Affected
DOB 30/6/2010

Angel is an absolute joy to own and carries the fabulous temperament of both mum and dad. We were delighted when Angel qualified for Crufts 2013.

Update - April 2015 - Angel unfortunately never graced us with any puppies and she didn't like the show ring. A chance came up with my cousin for Angel to go and live with her half brother on the isle of Islay so she now enjoys the beach and island life to the max. I couldn't wish for a better home for angel. Thank you to the Paton family for loving her and taking such good care of her.

Loraine Hannah

Telephone: 01475 716702