The story of Tiganlea Began in 1981 when we bought our first collie, a male Selstoma Prince Tigan.  Quickly followed by the lovely bitch Denlea Miss Hiedi at Tiganlea from Tom & Helen Dent.

Tiganlea came from the combination of “Tigan” and the lea from Denlea

We were quickly bitten by the show bug and life changed (for the better)

We started our show lines from two special bitches Brilyn Cute ‘N’ Classy of Tiganlea from Brian & Sue Hawkins and Clorewood Just Lacey at Tiganlea from Celia Hall.

We always strive to produce happy and healthy pups for pet and show homes and it is important that our pups go to people who love the breed.

Over the years we had our goals to achieve beginning with gaining a stud book number and then to producing our first champion

We have since then had some great successes including

10 UK Champions
2 Int Champion
2 EU Champions
35 UK CC’s
BOB at Crufts
Best in Show British Collie Club
Winner of the ladypark trophy (for top winning puppy)
Junior World Winner
Champions in all 3 colours
Top Brood Bitch
Top Male RCOTY

But most of all we are pleased to have bred this wonderful breed and met some great people over the years.

With the increasing availability of DNA health tests available, we will continue to breed healthy Collies that look as beautiful as ever


CH Tiganlea Touché (Defa) – 24.05.1991 3 CC 4 RCC
(CH Brilyn Supertramp X Clorewood Just Lacey at Tiganlea)

Mirpet Penny Lane at Tiganlea RCC (Kia) 30/06/1992
(Clorewood John Thomas X Mirpet Tilly Tantrum)

IT CH Tiganlea Tutti Frutti Figli Del Vento (Whoopi) 01/06/1994
( CH Clorewood John Thomas X Tiganlea Tuppence)

Lyndi Just in Time at Tiganlea (Pepsi) 01/11/1995 1CC
(CH Tiganlea Touché X Lyndi Casting Shadows)
Tielgate Tanto Fagasta at Tiganlea JW (Dreamy) 21/11/1997
(Pelido Forgotten Dreams X Tiganlea Tainted Love from Tielgate)


Amalie Mister Music at Tiganlea (Mister) 15/08/1996 Res CC
(Amalie Remember me X Amalie Surprise Surprise)


CH Tiganlea Trés Chic (Cher) 17/11/1996
3 CC 1 res CC
(Ger CH Brilyn Misty Shadow at Carostar X Tiganlea Je T’aime)
Tiganlea Show Time (Fabergé) 08/10/2002
1 CC
EACA Pup of the Year
Runner up RCOTY
(Tiganlea Thrilling X Tiganlea This Time)

Tiganlea Kiss ‘N’ Tell (Kissy) 28/01/1999
(Amalie Mild Affair X Tiganlea Soft Touch)
Photo to follow


Tiganlea Thrilling (Buzz)
Ch Lynmead Lust In The Dust X Tiganlea Soft Touch
Although not a big winner in the show ring Buzz is behind a lot of our top winning collies today.


Rus CH Tiganlea Time Out (Diesel) 08/10/2002
(Tiganlea Thrilling X Tiganlea This Time)


CH Tiganlea Best of Times (Diesel) 14/03/2007
3 CC 2 Res CC
(Tiganlea Thrilling X Tiganlea This Time)



Int CH Tiganlea Time Stands Still (Darius) 11/10/2008
(Tiganlea Thrilling X Tiganlea High Time)

Two Tone at Tiganlea (Balou) 08/10/2011
(CH Ladnar Kingfisher X Tiganlea Time to Party)
now in happy retirement


Tiganlea Fairytale 1CC, 1RC
(CH Chantique Huggy Bear at Tiganlea JW X  Hazelnut des Vergers de Iacchos)

Fridens Cheffield at Tiganlea (Denzel) 04/07/2014
(FR Ch Don Juan de Close du Windemere X Int CH Fridens Face to Face (by Rus CH Tiganlea Time out)
Now in Happy retirement


Tiganlea Wishful Thinking (Wish) 19/06/2013
(CH Chantique Huggy Bear at Tiganlea X Hazelnut Des Vergers de Iacchos)
Now in Happy retirement



John and Caroline Tipper
07885 201421 or 07885 201402 
Email: tiganlea@icloud.com