Breed Notes
14th April 2023

For those of you who like to be organised, do remember that in 2024 there is a change in the shows where CC’s are on offer. If you recall, back in 2021, the KC Announced that the following shows would receive an extra CC Allocation: WELKS and SWKA, but also advised that CC’s were to be removed from Wkg & Pastoral Breeds of Wales and from London & Provincial CC. The rotation system which has been in use for a few years will also be suspended, subject to KC Confirmation.
In the KC Journal for April is an announcement concerning the the latest Entry – Rolling Figures, as announced by the KC previously
This shows our breed, with an average of 82.07, giving a rolling average of 90.95 and places the breed in Stage 9.
Stage 9, states KCSB Band E, which covers entry averages from 90.01 to 115 covering 26 National Group Ch Shows and 13 sets of Club CC’s. (39 total)
Please note, we are only just allocated into this band, as the band below, D, shows figures of 70.01 to 90.
As reported last week, the fall in our Registration numbers will also have an impact, to repeat these numbers, the total for the year stands at 499, down from the previous years of 667.
These figures DO NOT include the Covid Years, 2020 and 2021 and, according to the KC will give a guide to all Breed Clubs on the direction of potential CC Allocation

With the Easter Break, very few show wins to report on and another good win for our Breed at Edwinstowe show at Newark, where Lucy Mottram (Ponniz) had a good entry of 22 roughs and Miranda and her friend Wilma Vainionpaa, who is over for a short break, attended along with Corydon The Baron who took another BPIB, handled by Wilma and Miranda took BOB and G4 with Corydon The Grandmaster. The Group Judge was Wendell Moore – Cloudside. Other class winners included Uffspring Ultravox for Coloratura and Serenlas Angel at Casatentola.

Carole Smedley