Breed Notes
7th April 2023

Firstly and this is IMPORTANT, I must refer you all to the following, as published in the latest KC Journal (April) edition. In the opening paragraph of every breed standard is a clause which states: However if a dog possesses a feature, characteristic or colour, described as undesirable or highly undesirable, it is strongly recommended that it must not be rewarded in the show ring, this has been changed to read:


Please go and read your breed standard, and Clubs, please do action any references you have to the current breed standards!

However, although our Standard actually has references to Highly Undesirable, I am informed that until a revision by the BSSB Committee, these clauses still stand but will be revised later. I can see some very interesting situations arising from this statement as Judges should be AWARE.

As promised, the latest Breed Record Supplement has been issued and contains some depressing reading for our breed
The quarter for October – December 2022 shows just 13 litters recorded with a total of 60. Interesting to see another new affix, registering 2 litters under 2 different names and a total of 8 pups. A few established breeders have had litters and just one litter of 5 recorded without a kennel name.

However numbers for the breed are enhanced by 19 new imports, some of whom have already made a show debut. Interesting to see, not only the countries from where these have emanated from but also the colours! Of the 19, 7 are Blue Merle, 4 Tricolour and the rest are Sable and White. These collies come from Hungary (5); Portugal (4); Slovenia, Serbia (3), Germany, Serbia, Romania, Netherlands and France (2). 15 had change of name, including some of those from abroad and a total of 78 were recorded under the change of ownership. Italy, France and Germany will be the beneficiaries of UK bred collies and talking of Exports, the total number leaving our shores during 2022 was 9, going to Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway and Poland.

Obviously with fewer collies registered and the total for the year stands at 499, down from the previous years of 667.These figures may well impact for the future as we could well be classed under the “At Watch or Vulnerable” category. Which could mean fewer shows, maybe a loss of CC’s and possibly worst of all, a decline in the number of Breed Clubs, all this without the intervention of the KC who will be publishing data shortly.

Health figures also published in the BRS, obviously show fewer numbers tested but an increase in numbers of affected collies for various issues, so, I ask, why are our health figures on the decline as well?

Now to report on some Breed Club news with the outcome of a few Club AGM’s where there have been a change of Officers.

Starting with British Collie Club, where, according to the new “Acting Secretary”, who has sent me this information. The AGM was held and 2 new members, Michael and Rebecca Wensley have now been elected. However, maybe due to the fact that perhaps my membership “Lapsed” I did not see a Notice for this meeting as required by the BCC club rules (available on their web site) However, it was at the Committee Meeting, held following the AGM that the major changes occurred. Both Chairman (Rob Shipp) and Secretary (Margaret Shipp) resigned not only from their posts but also from Committee.

This left the meeting with a few posts to fill. The outcome being, 5 new Committee Members were co-opted. Mr & Mrs Duffield, i.e. Gwen Beadon and Geoff Duffield, Sue Hawkins and John Congdon and from Scotland, Karen Johnson
Having got a virtually new committee, the vacant posts are now occupied as follows: Geoff Duffield was chosen to replace Rob Shipp as Chairman and Georgina Howard to replace Margaret Shipp as Secretary. These posts will officially be titled as ACTING until the AGM next year and I am sure we all wish the new committee at BCC the best for the future.

Now to Lancashire & Cheshire, who also had a rule change at their AGM, and the main posts remain as Patron, Ian Brazier, President, Gael Wilcock, Secretary Ray Wilkinson, and Chairman Geoff Hyde. Bill Rogerson holds both Treasurer and Show Manager and the committee consists of Alan & Marianne Grindley, Colin and Ann Jones, Jacquie Hartley, Julie Swann, Mrs Richardson, Mrs D Rostron. L&C have also co-opted, due to the amendment change in Rule 18 both Julie Edwards and Sue Beare. Again, with a Ch show on the horizon, we do wish L&C all the best.
Scottish Collie also held their AGM with no changes to their Committee and many thanks to Alyson Carmichael who has let me know this, along with organising a Joint BAD day along with Ayrshire Collie and Irish Collie – well done
With many changes, as required by our KC issued over the year, maybe all Clubs could review, where applicable, all their current rules, especially those appertaining to numbers on judging lists, including qualifications and for acceptance of appointments. Subscriptions, exhibition of dogs owned by Officers/Committee, How Notices of the AGM are issued, bearing in mind many changes regarding “On Line Meetings” etc and these could all be presented at the next AGM.

Now to the Club show of West of England Collie Society, held at their usual venue of East Huntspill Village Hall and held outside, although I understand the ground was not at its best and some areas were a bit muddy to say the least!
Jill Kelly, based in the Isle Of Man, was the judge over a good entry of 64 Roughs and Wendy Musty judged Smooths with SAC for Roughs only, shown as being judged by Jo Denton and in both breeds, few absentees as usual.
Here is a list of class winners: Pick Pocket from Samhaven won Veteran for Liz Patman; Puppy was Christine Collins and Rio, officially known as Triburle Blue Bolero who also won Novice; Junior went to Serenlas Black Magic in the ownership of Mrs Hawkins. Ingledene Dark Moon Risin won Spl Yearling’ Gradate was Bolt & Hollywood’s Amalie A Chance to Shine; PG was Lillyway Landwind for Linda Gautrey and his litter brother, Lillyway Legacy won Limit for Julie Growcott, his owner/breeder. Open went to Ch Brooklynson El Dorado for Marianne Benton.

Best Dog went to Ch Brooklynson El Dorado, Reserve Best Dog and Best Puppy Dog to Christine Collins and Triburle Blue Bolero, many thanks for the message Christine, and BV to Pickpocket.

Veteran Bitch went to Ch Ladnar Inkheart for Sue & Dave. , MP was a lovely win for Louise Rae and her new puppy at her first show, Gataj Majestic Hope. Brookynut Gem Stone won Puppy for Lorraine Morey. Christine’s other entrant, an blue, Triburle Seren Dlos won Junior and Spl Yearling; Novice went Serenlas Chloe listed in the ownership of Karla Flower who bred him; Samhaven Super Natural at Willowcombe won Graduate for local exhibitor Mrs Mills. and Rahlissa Coffee Cake at Denora won PG for Norma Larkin; Limit went to Wassail Call The Midwife and Di Ware Beldones Sweet Illusion with Lyndale won Open for Doris McDade handled by Sue Howard.

Best Bitch went to Triburle Seren Dlos and Christine Collins with Ch Ladnar Inkheart in Reserve and BVB. Best Puppy was Brookynut Gem Stoner

In the final challenge for BOB, Marianne won this with Pedro, Christine took both Reserve BOB and BPIB with her 2 entries and Dave & Sue won BVIB with Ch Ladnar Inkheart.

I understand the referee was called for BIS which went to Marianne and the rough dog but RBIS was agreed for Ch/Int Ch Winter Comes to Tentola for Nick & Anne Smith. BPIS to Christine and BVIS to Dave & Sue.

SAC classes judged by Jo Denton, winners were in Puppy Melissa Lockyer's Gataj Turn Back Time, Post Graduate Serenlas Angel of Casatentola, owned by Georgina Howard and handled by Anne Smith, and in Open, Sue and Dave Randall's Ch Ladnar Inkheart.

Carole Smedley