Breed Notes
18th August 2023

Back to last weekend when the weather gods actually were in a good mood, as apart from it being somewhat breezy, the day dawned well for the 2 Open shows for EACA held at Littleport under the guidance of Secretary Miranda Blake. It is every Secretary’s nightmare, the catalogues and associated papers were missing until the day before and thanks to Higham Press, a duplicate set were re- printed and arrived just in time but the bonus was the weather gods played ball and the installation of a “Portaloo” made the day brilliant as exhibitors did not need to make the long trip to the main building! I am told that although an added cost, it really did serve a purpose and will be a feature for the future!

Show 1, started judging at 10.00am with Rough Collies being judged by Stephanie Presdee (Pampardour) and Jo White officiated over the Smooth classes and Stakes, with Stephanie doing BIS Show 2 followed with a Not Before time of 12noon for Gina Stillwell (Bellawave) judging both Rough and Smooths.
Having received catalogues for both shows, it was interesting to note that although rough entries were very similar, some exhibitors made choices dependant on the judge but in fact with 56 and 57 respectively, numerically classes were the same and at the end of a long day, BIS was the same result, as were other awards and classes.

So, at Show 1, under Stephanie, Veteran was won by Lenosann Midnight Rascal for Dee & Samantha Vogan; MP went to Siluto Blue Wizzard and Yvonne Ross; Puppy was Ladnar Makemeawinner for Dave & Sue Randall; Kelekona Hearts of Gold was alone in Junior for Cathy Cooper; Luminous Moon Over Lenosann was also alone in Yearling for the Vogans; Michelle Chaplin and Takhisis Lysander won PG and Zoe Alexander brought out Ingledene Aramis Aw(B) to take Limit whilst Georgina Howard was called upon to pilot Ch Brooklynson El Dorado to win Open for Marianne Benton who opted to show in her smooth classes. Best Dog went to Pedro; with Lenosann Midnight Rascal RBD & BVD, Ladnar Makemeawinner was awarded BMPD & BPD Veteran bitch went Shelley Skinner and her tri lady, Samhaven Time Is Money at Nikal, Marion Radford-House brought out her new import, Kiss Me Kate di Cambiano at Fivejays to win MP whilst Gill Whittaker won PB with Siluto Blueberry Mist. Georgina Howard won Junior with her Pedro daughter, Serenlas Angel of Casatentola and Marion took Yearling with Chelborn’s Betting List for Fivejays.

Post Grad went to Tudorlyn Alice In Wonderland for Linda Philpin who changed leads and won Limit with Tudorlyn A Kind of Magic. Stefani Flower won Open with Serenlas Heaven In Blu who then won BB. RBB was Marion Radford-House’s Yearling winner.The final choice for BOB / BIS went to Ch Brooklynson El Dorado in the hands of Georgina Howard for Marianne Benton. RBIS and BOSIS was Marianne’s smooth, Ch
Brackenhaye Queen of Hearts for Oakestelle. BPIS & BMPIS to the Randall’s blue rough and RBPIS to the smooth, Wynele Strike It Rich at Lewarne for Julie Sewell. BVIS was Willowhurst Vanity for the Forbes family beating the rough dog for this award.

Jo White also judged the Barbara Blake Memorial Stakes which was a well filled class and won by Demelewis Double Take handled by Dawn Muir’s great-niece who really has an interest in dogs and dog showing. Lily has spent the last few weeks learning at the local ring-craft, practising at Dawn’s home with their rough and has also attended some educational days and I saw a lovely photo of her winning this class, for Maxine Mellish. Well done Lily!
Now to Show 2, as noted with a very similar entry to Show 1 and overall the same BOB result.

Veteran went to Di Collino and Wicani Altitude with Imaginist who was only entered here. MP was a lovely win for Shelley Skinner and her Ladnar Makeithappen for Nikal whilst alone in Puppy was his brother, Ladnar Makemeawinner. Junior was a repeat from show 1 whilst Luminous Moon Over Lenosann also repeated his win in Yearling. Post Grad was Janine Hanson and her Jards Ring Presence, another only entered at Show 2. Zoe Alexander also repeated her Limit win with Ingledene Aramis AwB and Ch Brooklynson El Dorado won Open. Best dog went to Pedro, RBD to the Yearling winner, Luminous Moon Over Lenosann. BPD to the Randall’s puppy.

In bitches, Veteran went to Imaginist Waxing Lyrical for Di Collino. MP was Gill Whittaker and Siluto Blueberry Mist with her sister, Siluto Silvary Blue Moon winning Puppy. Valerie Geddes won Junior with her Ingledene Sno Flurry, Yearling was Wisewyn Lustosa Design Via Capriora (Imp Port) and Pat Corben. Ambartr Eternal Spirit came to Show 2 only and won her PG class for the Bartram family. Demelewis Double Take took Limit for Maxine and Stefani Flower repeated herOpen win with Serenlas Heaven In Blu who then went on to take Best Bitch. RBB was Valerie and Ingledene Sno Flurry. BPB went to Gill Whittaker and Siluto Blueberry Mist.

BOB/BIS was Ch Brooklynson El Dorado, handled again by Georgina, RBIS to the smooth, Stormsett Shadow Dance Via Capriora, the smooth puppy, Wynele Strike It Rich went BPIS for Julie Sewell and RBPIS to Gill Whittaker and Siluto Blueberry Mist who was also BMPIS. Best Veteran was Int Ch/Ch Winter Is Coming to Tentola for Nick & Anne Smith, handled by Georgina.

Now to a quick resume of my local Ch show, Bournemouth where I was judging another breed, so unable to see Marianne Benton, who has the Oakestelle affix, judging the roughs but I have had plenty of news and thanks to all who kept me updated. This was just Marianne’s 2 nd appointment for our breed, having first judged in 2016 where she only judged males, so this was her 1 st dual sex appointment and resulted in 1 st CC’s for both winners
Taking the DCC was the winner of Open, Hazel, Derek and Isabelle Allsopp with their tricolour, Aqualita It’s a Miracle. This boy has been collecting quite a few good Open show wins and today took back home to Matlock, Derbyshire the large green card along with the red BOB card. Known at home as Enzo, he is bred by Edith Pryor and sired by Aqualita Dr No out of Aqualita Lady of the Lake and was born in July 2019. Gwen Beadon won Limit with her Marvalan Spirit of Rock adding this to his collection of small and large green cards. Hecktor, bred in Poland by Martyna Nowakowska is also a tricolour. Sired by Pol Ch Marvalan Dream Defender out of Pol Ch Marvalan Black Diamond for Daccaria. BPD was a lovely win for local exhibitor, Ann Page with Lynmead Prince Charming. Veteran was taken by Di Collino with Wicani Altitude with Imaginist. Other class winners were: Catherine Cooper with Kelekona Hearts of Gold (JD); Yearling was won by the only entrant, Tiganlea Thumbs Up for Mrs Deane; Jo White and Phreelancer Phederal Agent were alone in Graduate; Post Grad had 2 present with Michelle Chaplin taking this with Takhisis Lysander. Also eligible in the line up was Lucy Primmer and her Tremaro Double Dare who was 2 nd in Spl Beginners D/B.

The bitch line up consisted of the winner of Spl Beg and Hannah Lyall and Santaloly’s Sky Amidalas; Alone in MP was Gataj All That Sparkles and Melissa
Lockyer; No puppy bitches had been entered so the Junior bitch winner was Serenlas Chloe handled by Stefani Flower for daughter Karla who bred her. Lucy Primmer was alone in Yearling with Riverside Song Paloma Nera at Colcanis; Graduate actually had 5 present and correct with Jo White and Mejola Main Event winning; PG went to Riverside Song Ice Cream Girl for another fairly local exhibitor, Mrs Patmore. Maxine Mellish won a good limit class with Demelewis Double Take; Open went to Stefani Flower and her own Serenlas Heaven In Blue with Veteran going to Gina Stillwell and Bellawave Caught In A Dream.
To all watching, the BCC, her first, went to a daughter of Marianne’s own Pedro, (Ch Brooklynson El Dorado previously in joint ownership with Nick & Anne Smith, Tentola) in the form of Karla Flower’s tricolour, Serenlas Chloe, listed as bred byKarla, who I am told was present to see this win, her dam is Serenlas Yves Saint Laurent and was born in March last year and won from Junior Taking back the RBCC was Demelewis Double Take, owned and bred by Maxine, by Corydon Riffson out of Demelewis Double Dare and she had won Limit. BPB and eventual BPIB was Melissa and Gataj All the Sparkles; BVIB fell to Gina Stillwell and Bellawave Caught In A Dream with Hannah taking SpB. A quick scan of the Stakes classes, always a feature at Bournemouth showed: that in the Frank Bloom Memorial Stakes, judged by Tan Nagreecha, Paul Ross annexed a 4 th place with his Most Majestic Timeless Touch At Samshernik naf taf

Carole Smedley