Started 2023

Feedback is so very important, not only on if the website meets your expectations
and if there is anything you couldn't find on here or content you would like to see,
but also when looking for a puppy and the experience you had with breeders who
advertise on this website.

Names have been changed/hidden where applicable.

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3rd August 2023
Hello Julie, Well we have our puppy from ****** who has been amazing, such a professional. I am sincerely grateful to you for giving us the contact with ******, the health issues are so important, we couldn’t have found someone so aware of them without your help. ****** is settling in really well and ****** much more relaxed with him today too, a relief to see for sure. She is eleven on 10th August so a lot to adjust to at her age. I’ll attach a picture or two and keep you updated if you’d like. All the best, Christine

12th July 2023
I recently discovered your website when looking for a new puppy to join our family. I am so impressed with the content I wanted to congratulate you on such a well informed website that is easy to use, even for a technophobe kind of person like myself. We have found an excellent breeder who has been able to answer all our questions and concerns and we are hopefully picking our puppy up in the next few weeks. Thanks again. Brenda

15th May 2023
We have been looking for a Rough Collie puppy for some time and after speaking to a few breeders at Crufts we were directed to your excellent website. I am delighted that we are picking our new puppy up soon, we are all so very excited, especially the children, and I will be using your website regularly for advice on caring for this wonderful breed. Keep up the good work, Allison.

1st March 2023
Julie, thank you so much for all you have done for us, losing our ***** has been such a traumatic experience for everyone, but especially our daughter . ***** has been brilliant, so caring and understanding of our worries on taking on a new puppy with everything that has happened recently, so glad we reached out to you. Best John.

2nd February 2023
Hi Julie, thank you so much for your help and guidance, we have spoken to a few breeders and one of them who doesn't live too far away from us has a litter due shortly, and we will, fingers crossed, be having a puppy soon. Best wishes, Dave


6th January 2023
Hi, Just a little update, we have put a deposit on a puppy today, thank you so much for your help. ***** has been brilliant. I am sorry you have been on the same journey as us with DM, and I do hope all breeders will take on board health testing for this heartbreaking disease. Take care Julie.