Dog law can be a complicated and specialist area.

Your dog may accidentally damage property or injure someone, be accused of nuisance behaviour or of being out of control. You may have an issue with a breeder, vet or other professional, be part of an ownership dispute or caught up in the Dangerous Dog Act. The laws relating to dogs are complicated and changing all the time. Animal law is a relatively new and growing aspect of the law. An increasing number of lawyers now specialise in cases involving animals.

If you need dog legal advice, there are a number of specialist services available that you may find useful.

Cooper & Co Solicitors, who are specialists in dog law. Dog Law specialise in advising dog owners in both criminal and civil cases. They cover the whole of England and Wales.

The service is friendly, fast and most importantly, accurate. They have a number of useful articles and videos plus a telephone advice line - Telephone advice – 01304 755 557

Wheldon Law - Criminal Defence Solicitors who are dog lovers and many are dog owners. Telephone 01442 242999 for a free 15 minute telephone consultation.

The Equine & Animal Lawyers Association

This is the Association for Legal Executives, Solicitors, Barristers and Expert Witnesses who work in the field of animal law. It is a high-profile, strongly academic organisation in the animal world, and the immediate point of reference for anyone with animal law concerns.

They have a free public animal law help line. Tel 01469 531742

Justice for Dogs

Born from her passion for all things canine and using her background in the legal profession, Ann Harpwood started Justice for Dogs. The charity fights for the rights of dogs and dog owners and gives advice regarding laws, legislation and other legal matters that are canine related.

Membership to Justice for Dogs is a small annual fee. You will be entitled to legal advice, specialising in canine cases. A donation is usually requested when legal work is carried out. For more information tel: 01544 370213

Company of Animals Legal Advice

Dr Mugford and associates are renowned amongst the legal profession and have developed a particular knowledge and reputation as expert witnesses on animal law. They also have a page of recommended solicitors experienced in dog law.