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February 2023

Ten years ago I built a website, free of charge, for Collie Rescue on one of the free platforms, I also trained one of their Committee on how to update it for themselves with dogs available for rehoming, newsletters etc. I have, since then, provided free ongoing support, raised money with an online competition, went along to one of their 'Collie Chaos' days to take photos and share on this website to promote Rescue, and more recently I redesigned the website sourcing good quality professional photos from a contact I have in another country. Just a few weeks ago I provided photos I had taken myself, after checking with the owners first, for them to use on their mugs which they sell to raise money for their charity. Some years ago I also assisted Rescue when a breeder was hospitalised and there was no one at home to look after her dogs when I provided bedding and food.

Collie Rescue facebook page, is often not used just for Rescue related posts, and February 2023 there was a discussion about the decline in Rough Collie registrations. At a time when we are trying to promote the Rough Collie, I was made aware of a derogatory comment made by one of their members relating to a breeder in his area. This post was highlighted to me by several people as the member was in my area. I had been involved with this member some years previously and I asked admin if they could either remove his comment, or allow me to join the group to give a reply.

The background was that the member had contacted me when he was looking for a puppy. I had no doubt he would provide the puppy with a good home as he loved his dogs dearly, but both he and his wife worked full time and with the option to send the puppy to a home where someone was at home all day, I chose the latter. We parted on good terms, and although it was at a time during Covid lockdown when puppies were difficult to find and there were very few available, he found another one elsewhere quite quickly, and sent me photos and even asked for advice on how much exercise he should give him. Admin said they were totally happy with the response I gave.

However, the member came back with an insolent response, which I asked for admin to remove. They felt it necessary to remove the whole post, and I left the group. The following day they retorted with a post about the incident which states any conflict in the group will result in members being removed. I removed myself, but the member who instigated the conflict is still there, or was at the time of writing. To my knowledge, this member has never had a Rescue Collie, and has done nothing for Collie Rescue.

As the admin of Facebook group will not answer my messages, which are in no way abusive or threatening, this page will only include the main contact details for anyone wishing to contact Collie Rescue.

It is worth noting that should you need up to date information on MDR1 please check my health pages as, Collie Rescue have out of date information, which I was going to suggest they update.