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Torquay and District Open Show
4th November 2023
  Judge Mrs Maria Chalk


Rough Collie Puppy  4

  1. Lockyer’s Gataj All That Sparkles BP/PPG2/RBOB
  2. Melonie’s Doone From Angelpath BOK Atirakin (Imp) Naf Taf
  3. Melonie’s Atirakin Star Dunes
  4. Mason’s Elshajo Bold Over for Lynocean

 Rough Collie Post Graduate 11(5)

  1. Rae’s Gataj Majestic Hope BOB
  2. Legge’s Kalzan Love You Inside Out
  3. Ross’s Most Majestic Timeless Touch at Samshernik (Imp Hun)
  4. Melonie’s Atirakin Wild Hialeah

 Rough Collie Open

  1. Scamp’s Stregato The Maleficent at Marketdene
  2. Lockyer’s Turn Back Time BOS
  3. Legge’s Kalzan Kissed By An Angel
  4. Melonie’s Atirakin Wils Hialeah

Hyde and District
4th November 2023
Judge Pam McLellan

 Puppy 2/2
1st Elshajo Perfect Valentine BP/BOB/PPG1

2nd Brilyn Shows the Difference

Junior 1/1
1st Brilyn Shows the Difference

Post Graduate 1/7
1st Beldones Clementine avec Coloratura

Open 4/7
1st Uffspring Ultravox for Coloratura
2nd Salsina Sharing Secrets
3rd Peblu Gold Reflection at Savataurus Jum Ch
4th Demelewis Gang Leader



Minehead and District CS
5th November 2023
Judge Monica Rigoldi (Dolcevita Golden Years)


Rough Collie Graduate 6 (1)

1  Shipp’s Tremaro Kind  of Magic
2 Lockyer’s Gataj All That Sparkles BP/PPG2

3  Ross’s Most Majestic Timeless Touch at Samshernik (Imp Hun)
4   Mills’ Amalie Loves To Shimmy with Willowcombe


Rough Collie Open 4(1)
1  Lockyer’s Gataj Turn Back Time BOB
2   Mills’ Samhaven Super Natural at Willowcombe

3   Shipp’s Tremaro Cast A Spell


Colne, Nelson & District Canine Society Open Show
Date: Sunday, 26th November 2023
Rough Collies
Judge - Lauren Bridges

Post Graduate (3,3)
1st Beldones Clementine avec Coloratura
2nd Monsolana Aspire to Inspire
3rd Libanel Erebus Eternal Love

Open (4,4)
1st Uffspring Ultravox for Coloratura BOB
2nd Peblu Gold Reflection at Savataurus JUN CH
3rd Barrenclough Heart of Gold
Res Libanel Erebus Eternal Love


Sedgley &Gornal Canine AssociationPremier Open Show
Sunday, November 26 th , 2023
Judge: Robert Dunlop (Habiba)

JUNIOR (1,0)
1. Corben’s Wisewyn Don’t Stop Me Now Via Capriora (Imp PRT) (NAF TAF)


1. Beardsworth’s Maysinder Reign RBOB
2. Corben’s Wisewyn All the time In The World Via Capriora (Imp PRT)

OPEN (2,1)
1 Corben’s Astromelias Ulises Via Capriora (Imp ESP) BOB


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