All Ireland Collie & Sheepdog Society - Breed Champ Show 24 th June 2023
Judge John Catliff (Mallicott)

1 st J McElligott Donohill Khal Drogo. Lovely length head, nice back skull. Just needs to clear in stop. Lovely placed eye, lovely ears. Lovely length of neck. Good body shape. Good rear quarters. Lovely set tail of good length. Well presented. Movement just needs to lighten up. An exciting puppy.

1 st Very Promising. C McTaggart. Bonnettsrath Huggies Smooth Lover. Nice length of head. Stop needs to clear. Nicely shaped eye. Ears a little light, could be caused by the wind. Good length neck. Nice body shape. Correct tail set. Well groomed. A little erratic on the move.

1 st Very Promising. M Delaney Bonnettsrath Leonardo De Vinci. Super tricolour puppy. Lovely length head. Nice back skull. Correct positioned ears. Lovely rounded muzzle. Super eye shape. Excellent underjaw. His white collar shows off his neck. Good shoulder and front. He has lovely boning. His coat is meticulously groomed. He has a lovely body shape and correct tail carriage. Movement first class. An exciting prospect.
Best Puppy Dog

1 st Excellent. J & T Data. Afterhero Vol’jin The Warchief. Lovely neck. Good length head. Well filledforeface. Just needs to clear in stop. Lovely ear placement. Good underjaw. Strong good front. Lovely body shape. Tail correct set carried a little gaily. Movement very good. Presentation good. I would just like a little more trimming on the hocks.
2 nd Excellent. A Carter. Little Cub at Retadams. Needs to fill in foreface. Good length head. Ears a little heavy but he can use them. Good neck. Needs a little more body weight. Nice length body and nice topline. Not quite in full coat but well groomed. Movement was adequate.

1 st Excellent. D & M Timmins. Beldones Hunky Dory at Kynan. Beautiful head. Lovely moulded foreface. Perfect eye placement. Correctly placed ears. Just enough neck enhanced by collar. Nice shoulder placement. Lovely body shape. Coat of good texture and well groomed. Moved as one with his owner.
2 nd Excellent. J & M Ball. Durham Velvet Bear. I really love this tri. Lovely head pattern. Correct eye shape and placement. With his ears up has a lovely expression. His lovely white collar shows off his neck. Lovely
body shape – well boned and well presented. Rear movement needs to tighten up.
3 rd Excellent. J & T Data. Nibynic A Star Was Born
4 th Excellent. A Van Wyk. Otis King

1 st Excellent. K McDevitt. Ch Int Ch Denfris Discovery for Caronlea (Imp Russia) AnCh22 Cent Ch CW. Lovely upstanding dog. Excellent size. Good balanced head. Clean stop. Correctly placed almond eyes. Niceear carriage. Good strong neck. Nice deep chest. Lovely topline. Lovely body shape. Correctly set tail of good length. Loved his bone and his presentation. His movement was excellent. Reserve Green Star
2 nd Excellent. M Carr & M Colclough. Donohill Phantom of The Opera. Lovely blue merle. Lovely head. Correctly placed eyes. Clean stop. Nicely placed ears which when lifted gave him a lovely expression. Good neck. Super body shape. Loved his colour. Movement was very good and it was a close decision between 1 st and 2 nd .
3 rd Excellent. S Drewery. Ballahanna Bon Jovi
4 th Excellent. D O’Brien. Ezzmare Major Tom

1 st Excellent. K McDevitt. Int Ch GB Ch Ir Ch Caronlea Lukin Black Jun Ch JCW15 CW17. Gorgeous tri dog. 9½ in tip top condition. Lovely head pattern. Lovely moulded forefae. Super eye placement. When he lifts his ears he has a gorgeous expression. Good strong neck into good shoulders. Super body shape. Excellent boning. Tailset good. Coat presentation excellent. Movement is very good. Green Star Dog and Best in Show
2 nd Excellent. S Nealon. Ch Ezzmare King of Hearts. Lovely sable and white. Good head. Nicely placed eye. Clean stop. Good ears which he used non stop. Good neck enhanced by white collar. Nice deep chest. Good length back. Nice topline. Presentation was very good. Moved as one with his handler.
3 rd Excellent. S Drewery. Ch Evalane Memory of Monty for Elshadene JunCh

1 st Very Promising. S Nealon. Ezzmare Westside Pearl. 8 months. Lovely head for one so young. Clean stop. Beautiful eye placement. Perfect ear placement. When she lifts her ears she has a dreamy expression. Nice neck. Good shoulder. She has lovely boning. Super body shape for one so young. Correct eye set. Coat presentation excellent. Presented a lovely picture on the move. Reserve Green Star. Best Puppy Bitch.
Best Pup in Show.

1 ST Very Promising. A Sweeney. Bonnettsrath Bright Blue Ivy. Lovely blue merle. Still only a baby. Super neck enhanced with her white collar. She has lovely marking through her coat. Correct ear set. She has excellent rear muscle for one so young. Lovely head. Nice stop and eye. Still a little erratic with her ears at the moment. She just needs to lighten up on the move.

1 st Excellent. L Hodson. Moyhill Sweet Succession. Lovely sable and white bitch. Nice head pattern. Clean stop. Good foreface. Nicely placed eye. She uses her ears to advantage. An added bonus is her white collar which shows off her neck. Good body shape. She moved with drive.
2 nd Excellent. S O’Briain. Nyitramenti Milady De Winter at Seanchrois. Nice size. Foreface just needs to fill in. stop is clean. Nice dark eye. Ears correctly positioned. Nice body shape. Well off for coat which was well groomed. She moved adequately.

1 st Excellent. M Delaney. Bonnettsrath Golden Charm. Balanced head – just needs to fill in foreface. Nice clean stop. Eye placement good. Well placed ears. She has a good neck and a deep front. Nicely boned. Nice level topline. Good body shape. Lovely turn of stifle and she has good rear muscle. Tail set is correct. Coat presentation good and she moved with effortless east.

1 st Excellent. S Drewery. Ballahanna Bon Ami. Lovely tri b. super head pattern. Nicely filled foreface. Lovely dark eye shape and placement. When she lifts her ears she has a super expression. Good neck and shoulder. Lovely overall body shape. Nice turn of stifle. Coat shone in the sun. presentation is excellent and she moved very well.
2 nd Excellent. A Kelly. Evalane Lockdown Lottie. Pretty sable and white. Lovely head pattern. Nice eye placement. When she lifts her ears she has a lovely expression, she has a good neck and chest. Super body shape and presentation good. Just a little erratic on the move.

1 st Excellent. P Farrell. Monsolina Vorever Blue. Beautiful blue merle. Gorgeous head pattern. Balanced head, clean stop. Lovely eye shape and placement. Ears which she knew how to use. Fabulous neck enhanced by white collar. Nice deep chest. Beautiful boning. Neatly trimmed feed. Body shape is excellent. Tail set good. Colour is well broken and she moved for the substitute handler. Green Star and Reserve BIS
2 nd Excellent. M Delaney. Rowlands Love from Maddie. Another lovely blue merle. Balanced head. Nice stop. Rounded muzzle. Good eye shape. Well positioned ears. Nice arched neck. Good deep chest. Excellent body shape. Good topline on the move. Good rear angulation. Handled well for owner. Two very closely matched bitches.
3 rd Excellent. A Kelly. Evalane Sweet Fizzie Sherbet JunCh.
4 th Excellent. M McNally. Fridens Touch Time with Copamage

1 ST Excellent. S Nealon. Ch Ezzmare Cradle With Love. Lovely headed sable and white. Clean stop. Well filled foreface. Good underjaw. Pleasing eye shape. Ears which she could use. Good strong neck. Excellent shoulder placement. Nice length of back. Good body shape. Tailset correct. Nicely groomed. Ample boning and she moved well for her owner.