Ayrshire Collie Club  65th Anniversary championship show 07-10-2023
My thanks must go to Morag and the committee for inviting me to judge the bitches at this special show also to my hardworking steward.

1st Quince’s Oakley Ice Queen for Karafaye 7 month S/w  Stood alone .Conformation o/k Obviously needs to mature
1st McCartes Roughrigg Red Lagertha 11month s/w Presented in full coat that was groomed to perfection. Her head is the correct length and correct placement of eyes  with just enough stop to enable you to see her gorgeous expression .Lovely body shape and movement Very pleased to award her Best puppy bitch. 2nd Proctors Didek Moonshine for Cathbri 10month tri who stood and showed herself off. Her head was a pleasure to handle Good body shape with plenty of heart room enabling her to move with drive. 3rd  Brylin Look at Me
Macdonalds Brylin Look at Me 10month s/w who is maturing into a lovely bitch. Sweet expression and good movement
Proctors Openball at Intermittent Lake 20month b/m  Nice bitch at one with her handler Lovely fitted coat ,Head had a correctly placed stop, lovely placed ears and eyes all coming together to give a sweet expression 2nd Wray –Ramsden’s Takhisis Lady of Mystery 2yr s/w Moved well. Good body shape and well proportioned head giving a lovely expression. Just coming back into coat but a very nice bitch.
Barr’s  Roughrigg Ragnfrid 11month s/w Did not want to be at this show Owner has a lot of work to do  but with patience she can only get better .
Roughrigg Ragnfrid
1stHutchingRiverside Song Flor D,Luna at Scottrye 3yr b/m Well balanced head with sweet expression good reach of neck and well proportioned body Covered the ground with ease when on the move.2nd Taylor’s Elshalo as if byMagic of Bryany 2yr old Presented in good coat Good movement and head pattern ok, but I would have liked a bit more sparkle from her
1st Ross’s Most Majestic Timeless touch at Shamshernik 2yrs s/w Well balanced head. Body well constructed. Good movement with level topline Showed herself off with ease. 2nd Clark Kerr’s Uffspring Uniquely Mayd for Whitecraigs 4yr tri   Her forte is her well balanced head giving a lovely expression Her body shape explains why she can cover the ground with ease when on the move. 3rd  Elshajo as if by Magic of Bryany
1st Mitchell’s Salsina Secret love Song at Avonfair 3yr s/w  A well presented girl who came into the ring and  made a statement “I am here” It was a pleasure to go over her  Loved her head and sweet expression Beautiful body shape and moved across the floor effortlessly.2nd Uffspring Uniquely Mayd for Whitecraigs 3rd Elshajo as if by Magic of Bryany
OPEN (5)
1st Walders CH HanvalePolly Shelby JW 5yr s/w  I have admired this beautiful girl since I judged her as a junior so it was a pleasure to get my hands on her again Looked a picture standing four square with correct shaped head obliquely set eyes and melting expression .Moved with drive and I was pleased to award her the CC and with agreement of my co judge BIS   2nd Ileys Call me Dreamer in Blue for Ileyda Della Verde Scozia JW (IMP ITA) Judged this girl before and liked her then  Love her now she is more matured Very feminine with gorgeous expression Good body shape and covered the ground with ease  Unlucky to meet 1 in a very strong class RCC
1st Hodges CH Jopium Love Heart  8yrs young tri Very nice bitch Stood alone and does not look her age. Well balanced head and body shape with plenty of heart room Good level topline when on the move.  In agreement with my co judge awarded her BVIS

Rod Slater