Ayrshire Collie Club
Open Show - March 2023

I’d like to thank the Ayrshire Collie Club for inviting me to judge Special Awards Classes and putting on a well run, enjoyable day. I would also like to thank the exhibitors for entering and exhibiting under me, I thoroughly enjoyed going over the dogs followed by watching the rest of the judging. 


Special Junior Dog/Bitch

1st Lockyer’s Gataj Turn Back Time 10 month old S/W male Nicely put-together young boy, balanced head & good under jaw. Nicely placed Almond shaped eyes giving a kind expression. Fair length of shoulder flowing into his firm and strong topline. Good angulations front and rear, Moved confidently around the ring. Promising young boy. 

2nd Shorten’s Thistlewings Andromeda 11 Month old S/W Loved this boy at first glance, Enough length of neck, Strong solid topline, good length of back and well balanced front and rear angulations. Over all shape was really nice. He had a balanced, clean head with a slight stop. Eyes obliquely set and almond giving a soft and kind expression. As said his shape on the stack caught my eye however he just needs to strengthen on the move but time is on his side.

Special Graduate Dog/Bitch 

1st Finney’s Millubie Rewind (Imp Serb) Tri colour female nice outline on the stand. Head balanced and clean with no coarseness, nicely placed almond shaped eyes, small slightly tipped ears giving that overall sweet expression. Well angulated shoulders, nicely constructed overall and moved confidently and freely around the ring we had. Presented to perfection.

2nd Shorten’s Thistlewings Andromeda 

Special Open Dog/Bitch 

1st Lockyer’s Gataj Good Time Girl 2 year old S/W beautifully put together on the stand. Nice dark, almond shaped eyes with small tipped ears. Fair length of neck leading into well placed shoulders and strong topline. Good length of back, moved freely around the ring, rear movement was the strongest I had seen on the day. 

2nd Johnston’s Jopium Front Runner 2 year old male, well muscled, masculine male who wasn’t confident on the floor today unfortunately. Well moulded foreface with a strong underjaw. Slightly more stop than 1st but nice dark almond shaped eyes. Neck of fair length leading into strong, well angulated shoulders and strong topline, nice length of back and well angulated stifle and hindquarters. It’s a shame he wasn’t outside..

Jake Walsh