Bath 2023
Rough Collies

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge and the stewards for their help in keeping things running smoothly also the exhibits for super entry. I looked forward to judging my original breed that I showed and bred for many years but haven’t judged for quite a few years. Side gait was correct in the majority but going and coming showed lack of muscle tone and some fronts needed to firm up also hind quarters several had very dirty teeth. I also felt that some were carrying too much coat. I was really surprised that males were lacking in quality apart from couple of them. 


MPD 1 Noble Beldones Hugo Lloris for Tonova 8m old sable moved ok for his age head coming on nicely, brushing the neck up makes him look short in the neck, which he is not and just needs to settle on the hindquarters 


PD 1 Lockyer Gataj Turn Back Time Lovely sable and a good example of the breed super head, correct ear placement, soft but masculine expression, correct stop, lovely straight front, good bone, tight feet, neck in balance with the rest of the body lovely angulation which showed when moving in all directions. Must have a bright future was happy to award him the RCC. 2 Perrott Gataj Lightning Flash. Unfortunately this one doesn’t have the ring presence as the winner. Moved OK nicely moulded head kind eye, just playing around with his ears which hopefully might settle 


JD 1 Collins Triburle Blueborero, blue going through the in-between stage and hopefully will firm up in hindquarters which will improve his movement when going away and standing. Balanced head but reluctant to use ears which would soften his expression. Hopefully this will all come right as he matures. 2 Deane Tiganlea Thumps Up. Unfortunately this young man was very unhappy today which let him down, I hope he regains his confidence. 


YD 1 Tilley Ingeldene Dark Moon Risin Another one not happy which showed in his movement hope this one regains confidence as well. 


ND 1 Repeat from puppy 


GD 1 Waterhouse Lynmead Famous Lover, Lovely head but was reluctant to use ears which spoilt his expression straight front and good angulation moved correctly 

PGD 1 Baikie Kourika You’ll Do For Me Lovely Tri balanced head with soft expression and correctly placed ears, straight front, neck in balance with the rest of the body, good angulation, just needs to firm up which showed when moving away and standing. 


LD 1 Fuller Hanvale Arthur Shelby with Damos Best mover in the class in all directions lovely straight front legs tight feet lovely reach of neck balanced in profile throughout. Lovely head with soft but masculine expression and correct ear placement in good coat. 2 Lockyer Gataj Out of the Woods JW Unlucky to meet 1st as another lovely sable with an equally lovely head, expression and ear placement, also moved very well, a difficult decision between the two and another time could easily change places. OD 1 Grainger Ch Samhaven Ballahanna Banjo S/W Sable who won the class on his positive and correct movement excellent angulation masculine head correct eye placement and correctly placed ears covered the ground with ease. Pleased to award him the CC 2nd Lockyer Ch Gataj Struck by Lightning Another lovely sable who’s head I preferred but just wasn’t settled on the move which was a shame as he has excellent construction in excellent coat.

Special Beginners 1 Gautrey Lillyway Landwind Shaded sable lovely masculine head with good ear placement in good coat would benefit from ringcraft classes. 2nd Mills Samhaven Super Natural at Willowcombe blue unfortunately not very happy need lots of encouragement so she enjoys what she’s doing. 


VB 1 Lynall Santaloy’s Sky Amidalas Stood alone shaded sable who moved ok but was showing her age BV MPB 1 Walder Roughrigg Red Lagertha Fell in love with this 6 mouth old S/W when she entered the ring so full of confidence in moving and showing. Nothing wrong with her movement at this age beautiful outline and lovely reach of neck, straight front full of promise. No doubt will have a very bright future. She so well deserved BPB PB 1 Lockyer Gataj Someone You Loved This young sable was unlucky to come up against the minor puppy, she has a lovely feminine head with a sweet expression, correctly placed ears, good length of neck in balance with the rest of the body, straight front legs. Moved soundly in all directions just needs to firm up. 2 Tame Gataj Time After Time at Rahlissa Litter sisters very similar in type and similar comments 1st just had the edge but that could change as they mature. 


JB 1 Shipp Tremaro Kind of Magic This pretty sable moved soundly in all direction has a very feminine head with correct stop sweet expression and neat correctly placed ears. Correct length of neck which was in balance with the rest of the body. Straight front just would like tighter feet. In good coat. 2 McEntree Lynway Sun Blossom Through Gerian Another sable with a very pretty head and correct ear placement good bone straight front lovely body shape just wasn’t so settled on the move. 


YB 1 Scott Chantique Strawberry Moon Very pretty sable with a lovely feminine head correctly placed ears straight front neck in balance with the rest of the body excellent angulation throughout which showed in her movement when she settled. 2 Llewellyn Artzaiak Stawberry Rose for Salsina (Imp Esp) Another very pretty sable lovely feminine head neck in balance with the rest of the body good bone good angulation moved well difficult decision between these two. 


NB 1 Tame Gataj Time After Time at Rahissa Repeat from puppy 2 Mills Amalie Loves to Shimmy With WillowcombeTtri very pretty head correctly placed ears, straight front, good body shape, unfortunately movement let her down as needs to firm up. 


GB 1 Waterhouse Collingvale Chin Chin Lynmead Very pretty Tri feminine head with lovely dark eye correctly placed ears lovely shaped body good bone tight feet moved the best in the class. 2 Perrott Gataj One Moment in Time Not quite so feminine in head as I would like and ears could be higher good length of neck straight front feet could be tighter good angulation rather unsettled on the move. 


PGB 1 Lockyer Shining Star Du Clos De Seawind at Gataj (Imp FRA) Shaded sable who stood four square correct length of neck to tone with the rest of the body. Lovely sweet feminine head and correctly placed ears, moved correctly in all directions 2 Margetts Lynmead Lemonade for Collingvale JW Pretty blue merle who was reluctant to use her ears which would have softened her expression, as she had such a pretty head. Lovely balanced outline and straight front, tight feet and good neck just a bit unsettled on the move.

LB 1 Tame Riverside Song Xtra Sweet at Rahlissa (Imp ROM). Really liked this sable carrying just the right amount of coat to show her beautiful outline moved very well especially with her second handler which clinched the RCC, lovely head with soft feminine expression and correctly placed ears, lovely straight front with tight feet, neck in balance with the rest of the body, hope she continues to do well. 2 Scott Chantique Déjà vu Very difficult decision between these two as another sable who is very pretty and a lovely feminine head correct ear placement and completely balanced throughout moved very well in all directions. One the day winner had just the edge but they could easily change places. 


OB 1 Walder Ch Beldones La Vita Bella for Hanvale JW Beautiful S/W full of quality moved so well in all directions and looked a picture in profile feminine head with softest of expression correctly placed ears. Neck in balance with rest of the body. To be picky wouldn’t brush up the neck quite so much. But was so pleased to award her the CC and BOB and was told she was shortlisted in the Group. 2 McEntee Gerian Sunlite Sable who wasn’t so settled pity as she is also very pretty with a lovely feminine soft expression correct length of neck into good body shape straight front good bone tight feed moved OK. 


Christine Gillingham