Thank you to all those who entered under me and to my stewards.  A few dogs where shown dirty & some with matted coats this needs addressing!

1st  Miss Gelder’s    Libanel Erebus Eternal Love
Well grown Tri, nice dark eye, good reach of neck, well filled foreface.  Moved ok but would be much better with more training and carrying a little less weight.  Well presented.
2nd  Miss N Dodsworth’s  Libanel Everlasting Charm
Nice over all shape with pleasing expression.  Movement just needs to tighten behind.

1ST  Mrs Chaplin’s  Takhisis Lysander
Upstanding sable.  Possesses good ear set used well, nicely rounded foreface, just enough stop, slightly fuller in eye for me, with good reach of neck, length of back, and turn of stifle.  Moved ok.  Well presented.  Reserve Best Dog.
2nd  Dr LW Boyle’s  Monsolana Aspire to Inspire over Barrenclough (imp Russia)
Smaller type than 1.  Nice dark eye which is well placed with a good ear set.  Good depth of chest.  Possibly needs moving much slower and on a loose lead.

OPEN DOG (4,1)
1ST   Miss M Blake’s  Corydon The Grandmaster.
Upstanding shaded sable who catches the eye for type. Ears bang on top & used well, correctly placed, dark eye with well moulded foreface, well placed stop and ample underjaw.  Lovely reach of neck well set into correctly angulated shoulder with good length of back leading to correctly set tail.  Deep chest.  Good turn of stifle.  He kept his topline and low tail set as he moved effortlessly around the ring.  Presented in top order as one would expect from this kennel.  Best Dog,  Best of Breed.

2nd  Mrs J White’s Camana Chasing Clouds over Mejola
Blue Merle of beautiful colour and correct shape.  Pleasing expression and well placed ears.  Nicely placed eye and well filled foreface, flattest of backskulls being balanced throughout with no flaring.  Would love to see him with a full jacket.  Today he was far too proud of his tail.

1st  Miss Gelder’s    Libanel Erebus Eternal Love   Best Special Beginner
2nd Mrs J Dix            Barrenclough Diamond Skies  JW
Sable dog of nice shape, was well presented and moved ok.

Two lovely puppies of different type, both must have a bright future.
1ST  Miss M Blake’s  Corydon Agatha Cristal
Jet black Tri with huge white collar showing off her ample reach of neck.  Good ear set, dark eye of correct shape.  She is so balanced throughout and it shows in her movement.  Best Puppy in Breed today but pushed hard for more.  Interesting that my BOB is her Sire.

2nd  Mr  Mrs Shipps   Jackinstar Sandra Dee
My notes say gorgeous.  Sable with melting expression.  Another with good reach of neck, good topline and angulations.   Beautifully presented.  Sadly she wasn’t happy today.

1st  Miss M Blake’s  Corydon Agatha Cristal

2nd  Mr Mrs Shipps   Tremaro Kind of Magic
Sable with pleasing expression, just a little short coupled for me, moved out and showed well.  Well presented.

1ST Mrs J White’s  Mejola Main Event JW
Well known sable of quality, had little to hide today completely leaving her wardrobe at home.  She has the most correct overall conformation, with a pleasing expression and shows well.  Will come into her own when her new jacket appears.

2nd  Mrs E & Miss E Dodworth & Carr’s  Pomnenka My Fair Lady with Libanel
Tri bitch of decent shape, good depth of chest.  Moved ok

1ST   Mrs E & Miss E Dodworth & Carr’s  Libanel Magical Martinique
8 year old sable who is in proportion & belies her age .  Sweet expression, good eye & ears which were used well.  Good dentition and carried her topline well with low tail carriage.  Moved better again in challenge when handler relaxed the lead.   Best Bitch, Best Opp Sex.
2nd Mrs Y J Ross   Danfrebeck Dancin in the Dark
5 year old Tri, good overall shape being well made.  Moved ok

1ST  DR L W Boyle  Barrenclough Touch of Silk
Won this class on type and is in proportion all-round.  Moved ok.
2nd  Mr D Riddell  Princess Jessie the Third
Tri who was well presented, not happy enough to use her ears but moved well.


                                                                                                           Judge Ann French