Bournemouth Canine Association Championship Show
I am not one for making a statement, but when an exhibitor is paying a lot of money to enter champ shows then they should at least make sure their exhibits have clean teeth, short nails, tidy feet and groomed coats. Also I found a few overweight dogs in both roughs and smooth collies. A collie should be fit for function, a drovers dog and be able to move livestock to market over days. Sadly some exhibits today would not be able to get out of the paddock! My 14 year collie would put some exhibits today to shame as she still runs two miles a day and a full set of clean teeth.
Having said that, I am pleased with my line ups and had some really lovely dogs that missed out on the green cards

Rough Collies
MPD (2) two lovely babies to start the day
1st Page’s Lynmead Prince Charming: Certainly lives up to his name, this delightful S/W was full of charm. 8 mths, with a sweet head and expression, super ear set used well. Liked his front and rear angulations, moved very well for a baby, enjoying his day out, shows promise. BPD
2nd Skinner’s Ladnar Makeithappen for Nikal. Another promising baby of just 6 months. B/M, head handling a little stronger than first but well moulded with good eye and expression. Neat ears. Well constructed. Very playful on the move and having fun. This youngster will have no doubt be a handful for his owner and a good prospect for the future.
PD (1.1ab)

JD (3) 1st Cooper’s Keleskona Hearts of Gold. S/w, loved his head and expression, well moulded muzzle and lovely foreface, beautiful dark eye, correct stop. Nice ear carriage used to advantage. Neck of good length into correct shoulders, nice length of back, rise over loin, well let down in hocks. In perfect amount of fitted coat and groomed to perfection. Very steady on the move with light and easy gait. Just needs to mature up, then will trouble the best.
2nd Lockyer’s Gataj Turn Back Time. S/w. Shorter in head than I would like and slightly deeper stop. Dark eye, neat ears and well used. Good length in neck, adequate shoulder placement. Nice length in back. Would prefer more reach in front, but had good drive from rear. Presented in first class condition.
3rd  Perrott’s Gataj Lightening Flash

YD (1) 1st Deane’s Tiganlea Thumbs Up S/w. Head too short and stop too deep, rather full in cheek Round in eye, ears need to be tighter. However body shape was good all over with good shoulder placement. Movement rather erratic and close behind, was very unsettled and not liking the windy conditions.
GD (1) 1st  White’s Phreelancer Phederal Agent at Mejola. 2 year old tri with correct length of head just needs to fill out, would prefer a cleaner stop. Nice eye, good set ears and used well. Scores well in his length of neck, shoulder placement and length of back. Nice rise over loin. Good hocks. Moved well out in front and drive from rear. Needs time to mature.
PGD (3.1ab)
1st  Chaplin’s Takhisis Lysander. 2 year old S/w. Liked him for size. Has a good length of head but stop was too deep. Dark eye, ears used well and correctly tipped but would like them tighter. Loved his long arched neck and length of back. Good hocks and length of tail. Still immature and needs to body up. Moved well with good reach in front.
2nd Mason’s Top Less Rum Punch for Lynocean (imp Ukr) B/M of 3years. Head too short, but has well placed stop, decent eye shape and neat ears. Too upright in front, and lacked neck. Movement erractic and dropping in front.

LD (5.1ab) 1st Beaden’s Marvalan Spirit of Rock (imp Pol). Stunning 3 year old tri. Beautiful length of head with correct amount of stop. Just needs to fill out in muzzle. Lovely dark eye. Superb angulations in front and rear, graceful neck, correct length of back. Moves with such ease with perfect footfall. He needs to mature up in body and fill his frame. When he does he will trouble the best. Groomed to perfection. Had enough in the bag to win the RDCC.
2nd White’s Camanna Chasingclouds over Mejola. Nice size B/m of beautiful colour. Different in head to first, has more fullness in muzzle, nice depth in backskull with no coarseness. Good eyes and nice neat ears, used well. Liked his overall shape and depth of chest. Well let down in hocks, good on the move but didn’t match the drive of 1st. Another presented in first class condition
3rd Alexander’s Ingledene Aramis Aw(B)

OD (8.4ab) 1st  Allsopp’s Aqualta It’s a Miracle. 4 year old tri now coming into his own, still maturing. Loved his length of head which has a well blunt and clean wedge, flat skull with no coarseness, smooth cheeks. Good parallel planes incorporating a correct slight stop, medium dark eyes set correctly, well placed ears and used them well today. Well muscled arched neck into good shoulder placement. Good rib cage, length of back and rise over loin. Nicely coupled. One of the few with a good second thigh, well let down hocks. Nice neat feet. Good side action with smooth and effortless movement and long stride, moved with real drive from the rear. Coat of good texture and presented in first class order. DCC/BoB
2nd Blake’s Corydon the Grandmaster. 3 year old S/W. Another with a good length of head and a good underjaw, head has a smooth outline, with correct stop, and although I would prefer a sweeter eye, they were dark and obliquely set. Ears bang on top and used well. This young lad is another that scored in outline, long neck, good shoulder placement, nice length in back. Nice length of tail. He needs to body up and mature. Tidy and effortless on the move. In good fitted coat and well presented with lovely neat feet.
3rd Collino & Harvey’s Wicani Invoking Spirit

VD (6.) 1st  Collino’s Wicani Atitude at Imaginist. 9 year old tri of a good size. Long clean head with correct stop. Nice dark eyes, obliquely set. Has a good ear carriage even if reluctant to use them. I liked him for his overall shape, correct angulations front and rear. Long graceful neck covered in maybe a bit too much coat. But was groomed and presented well. Moved purposely in this class with good footfall. Flagged in the challenge for BViB so lost out to a glamourous lady.
2nd Steven’s Cariadhaf Crazy DreamS/W of nearly 9, head is slightly shorter than 1st, has adequate stop. Good eyes, nice neat ears and used well. Would prefer a slightly longer neck. Good shoulder placement. Nice length of back. Moved well with little effort and good tail carriage. 
3rd Primmer’sTremaro Double Dare


SB D/B (4) 1st Lyall’s Santalolys Sky Amidales. Sweet S/W 8 year old lady in good coat and condition. Nice head and expression, good dark eyes. Ears set a bit wide apart but she used them well. Has a long neck with a lovely shape body. On the move has a light and brisk gait.
2nd Primmer’s Tremaro Double Dare. 7 year old male. Head is of adequate length but a little deeper in stop than I would like. Nice dark eye, good ears and used all the time, paying close attention to his handler. Nice outline and good angulations, just would prefer more of him. Good and light on the move
3rd Chaplin’s Takhisis Lysander

MPB (1) 1st Lockyer’s Gataj All That Sparkle. S/W of 7 mths, very feminine head of good properties. Well rounded muzzle, good stop, lovely sweet eye. Lovely well set neat ears. Good overall body shape, and moved purposely for one so young. Has a very bright future BPiB
PB (0)

JB (7.2ab) 1st Flowers Serenlas Chloe. Oh my, this young tri simply took me by surprise. Her head was the cleanest I seen today. From tip of her nose up to her ears, her head was a correct wedge, with a slight but perceptible stop. Correct almond shape eyes that were obliquely set giving such a sweet expression. Her ears were set perfectly and used to advantage. So smooth in outline, no coarseness. Her neck was well arched and of good length. Lovely well laid back shoulders into a good length of back. Well let down hocks, good tail length and very neat feet. Her body was covered in a gleaming perfect black fitted coat and not overdone. When she moved, she just floated around with minimal effort, even with a change of handler in the challenge she didn’t falter. Won this class with ease. In the challenge I just kept going back to her, this young lady’s overall charm just stopped me in my tracks and couldn’t get passed her. Even at a young age she had to take the BCC.
2nd Scamp’s Aaronwell Allure in Black (taf). Tri of 16 months. Shorter in head than I would like, and deeper in stop. Nice eye giving a sweet expression. Good ear set using well, very alert. Nice shape with good angulations, very steady on the move.
3rd Primmer’s Riverside Song Paloma Nera at Colcenis (imp Rom)

YB (1)1st Primmer’s Riverside Song Paloma Nera at Colcanis (imp Rom). Young lady with a sweet head, need to fill out and mature. Good stop, nice eye, good ears. Has a nice overall body shape, well constructed but on the smaller side. Sound on the move.

GB (5) 1st White’s Mejola Main Event JW. 2 years S/W. another with a lovely head of correct length. Well filled muzzle, correct stop. Lovely dark eye. Lovely ear set and used well, very attentive to owner. another with a stunning length of neck and nice shoulder placement. A proper fitted Coat of correct texture and groomed to perfection. She has a light and effortless movement and this is another girl that I have no doubt will trouble the best when mature
2nd Ross’s Most Majestic Timeless Touch at Samshernik (naf taf).  S/W of two years, another nice head and expression, good length, nice eye. Well set ears and used well. Shoulder good but not as well laid back as the winners , decent length of back and well let down in hock. Moved well and with purpose. Presented in good condition
3rd Scamp’s Aaronwell Allure in Black (taf)

PGB (2) 1st Patman’s Riverside Song Ice Cream Girl (imp Rom) 3 years old tri. Short head, lacking in muzzle, stop too deep and a bit deep in back skull. Ears well tipped and used well. Has a good length in neck and shoulder placement. Fair length of back, a bit weak in hocks. She moved well out in front but lacked drive from the rear.
2nd Legge’s Kaizan Love You Inside Out. SW of 5 years. Head has a nice rounded muzzle but too deep in stop. Sweet eye and expression, Ears tipped and used well. Adequate length of neck but too upright in front, flat pasterns. Carried too much weight, movement was poor, no reach in front and lacked drive, moved too close behind.

LB (8.1ab) 1st  Mellish’s Demelewis Double Take. Oh my, this tri girl needs hands on to appreciate how special she truly is. Her head is still developing and need to fill out especially in her muzzle. But her head is of correct length, correct stop. Beautiful dark eyes, Ears perfectly on top and used all the time. Where she comes into her own is her overall construction. Here she is sublime. Her graceful neck into the best shoulder placement I seen today. Match that with her perfect upper arm, length of back and rise over loin, lovely well let down in her hocks. Long tail and perfect feet. When she moved, she was graceful, perfect footfall, reach in front, super in profile and amazing drive from the rear. This girl could work all day, she was faultless on the move. Will love to see her when she fully matures but had to have the RBCC.
2nd Lockyer’s Gataj Honey Bee. S/W with a sweet head and expression, head is shorter than I would like but none the less has charm. Used her ears to advantage, has a good overall body shape and moved well.
3rd Patman’s Samhaven sound Effects

OB (13.2ab) three beautiful ladies headed this very big class
1st Flower’s Serenlas Heaven in Blu. B/m of 5 years with loads of charm. Loved her well rounded muzzle with a clean stop, lovely eyes giving a good expression. Neat well set ears and used all the time. Good length in neck with good shoulders, Correct length of back, rise over loin and and well let down in hocks, beautiful fitted coat of correct texture. Groomed to perfection. Moved well but maybe a bit fast at times.
2nd Beadon & Arrowsmith’s Ch Saganan Blue Diamond JW. Well know young lady of 5 years. Her beautiful Sparkling clear blue coat was presented in first class order. Absoultely stunning girl. Her head is of correct length and with correct stop, beautiful eye giving a lovely expression. She is just a little fine in head for me. Her ear set is light and she uses them all the time, giving her wiliness to please her handler. Her construction is superb, everything is correct from her head to her toes. Her movement is light and effortless but today she just wasn’t quite giving her all. But with her overall class, she had to be 2nd here
3rd Stillwell’s Bellawave Caught in a Dream

VB (4) 1st Stillwell’s Bellawave Caught in a Dream. Tri of 9 years old, her head is beautiful and of correct length, I would like more filling out in her muzzle, but has correct stop and beautiful expressive eyes. Lovely ear carriage and always had them up. She has a lovely overall body shape, good length of neck, good shoulders and length of back. She comes into her own on the move, it was light and effortless and would put some youngsters to shame and this was why she was third in a strong open class. She carried  a correct fitted jacket that was well presented. BViB
2nd Stevens’s Cariadhaf Cookies and Cream for Cambrogan, 8 years old. Shorter in head that first. She a has a nice eye giving a sweet expression. Good ears and used well. Well constructed through out and moved very well. Presented in first class condition
3rd Lyall’s Santalys Sky Amidalas

Marianne Benton