Bournemouth Canine Association Championship Show

Smooth Collies
PD (2) two lovely boys
1st Sewell’s Wynele Strike it Rich to Lewarne: Lovely tri lad of 9 mths with a very friendly nature, has a super head, lovely dark eyes giving a sweet expression, correct ear set used well. Liked his front and rear angulations, moved very well for a puppy, his top line is a little soft but expected at this age, no doubt this boy is destined for the upper house, pleased to see him shortlisted in a strong puppy group BPiB RCC
2nd Seager’s Blamorder Magic Marker with Freejack . S/W. Another promising dog of just 9 months. Head handling a little stronger than first but well moulded with good eye and expression. Neat ears. Well constructed. Very playful on the move in this class and not putting his best foot forward but pleased that got his act together in the later classes. This youngster will have no doubt be a lot of fun for his owners and a good prospect for the future.
JD (2) 1st Seager’s Blamorder Magic Marker with Freejack . Moved extremely well in this class, showed good stride and power from the rear.
2nd Warrens’s Coldelee Jupiter Rises with Blamorder. Tri of 16 months and still quite immature. His head needs to fill out and clear in stop. He has good dark eyes and correct ear carriage which he used well. I like his long neck and has a good front, he just needs to drop down into his frame. This will come as he matures. Has good length of back, rise over loin, well let down hocks. Hasn’t got it quite together on the move, this will also come in time. Owner starting to get more confidence in handling her charge as he is quite a handful. A young lad well worth preserving with as I think in a few years time he will be hitting the mark, just needs patience and time. He will be a lovely boy when he matures. Presented in first class condition.
PGD (3.)
1st  Seager’s Blamorder Magic Marker with Freejack
2nd Bemelmans Moseliqa Proudfoot Tri of 18 mths. Lovely youngster that’s full of himself. Has a lovely sweet head, dark eye but round, Ears set correctly but a bit light. He has a fabulous all over construction, one of the best front angualtion I saw today. His body ratios are correct, just very immature and needs to body up. He comes alive on the move, has a free easy gait with good stride out in front and drive from the rear which enabled him to cover the ground with ease and minimal effort, just needs to grow on.
3rd Riva’s Manordeifi Rock On.

LD (5) 1st Wensleys Constella Hazy Cosmic Jive JW. Lovely tri boy of nearly 2 years. A dog that needs to be handled to be appreciated. He has a good head, developing well, of good length. Lovely dark eye, obliquely set giving the desired expression. Lovely angulations in front and rear, graceful neck, correct length of back. Good strong hocks. Moved well at correct pace today, strides well in front and good from rear. Not yet the finished article but did enough on the day to gain the  DCC
2nd Cowling’s Blamorder Opulance at Himinnsaga. Nice up to size B/m. Different in head to first, has more fullness in muzzle, nice depth in backskull with no coarseness. Good eyes and nice neat ears, used well. Has good depth of chest. Well let down in hocks, good on the move but didn’t match the drive of 1st. and for the RCC , I preferred the overall outline of the puppy winner.
3rd Denton’s Rylance Moonshine over Brackenhaye

OD (no entry)

VD/B (3.) 1st Lusty’s Ch Blamorder Ice Cream Dream. 7 year old B/M of a good size. Long clean head with correct stop. Nice dark eyes. Good ear carriage and used well. Prefer her to be more feminine. I liked her overall shape, correct angulations front and rear. Long graceful neck covered into nice lay of shoulders. Moved with purpose with good footfall but rather wide at the rear. BViB.  
2nd Pletz-Kazantzis ’s Ch Foxearth Fandellla. 7 yr old tri bitch, smaller than 1st. Head with correct ratios, has clean stop. Good eyes, nice neat ears and used well. Good arched neck. Straighter in front than I would like and shorter in back. Didn’t have the reach in front as she was short stepping. Has good rear action. Tail carried high but not too gaily.
3rd Martin and Kinsey’s Sturtmoor Khaos of Kaswyn


SB D/B (2) 1st Seager’s Blamorder Magic Marker with Freejack . Delighted  to hear he won the Special Beginners group later in the day
2nd Charleston Lizoni Little Sure Shot

PB (1) 1st Charleston Lizoni Little Sure Shot. Sweet 8 mths old tri. Very much a baby, still lots of developing to do. Sweet head of good proportions, dark eye, nice neat ears and used well. Overall good shape. Moving well for a happy outgoing puppy.

JB (1) 1st Richardson’s Celeste Uta Anyaru of Lizoni (imp Cze). B/M girl of just 12 months. Head of good length. Muzzle well moulded although stop breaks a little low. Nice eye, good ear carriage, used well. Long neck into nice shoulders, body of good angles just needs to fill out. Moved well.

PGB (1) 1st Brown and Davies Breckamore Blessings at Wystry JW 2 and half year old tri coming back into condition Head finer than I would like, needs to fill out more in muzzle, has a nice eye and good stop. Good ear carriage, nice length neck and good shoulder placement. Fair length of back, a bit weak in hocks. She moved well out in front but lacked drive from the rear.
LB (2) 1st  Howard’s Shandlmain Sofistikate. Young tri girl. Loved her well rounded muzzle and has a clean stop, lovely eyes giving a good expression. Neat well set ears and used all the time. Good length in neck with good shoulders, Correct length of back, rise over loin and and well let down in hocks. Carrying a bit too much weight so laboured a bit on the move.
2nd Richardson’s Lizoni Va Va Voom. Charming tri of just 2, Head not yet finished, needs to fill out and broaden. Loved her dark eye and clean stop. Ears bang on top and used well. Lovely overall body shape but still immature and needs to fill out. All over the place on the move, was not concentrating on the job in hand and having too much fun.


 OB (3). Best class of the day with all three girls worthy of CCs, all with their charm and virtues, making my choices very difficult. All good moving girls.
1st Denton’s Ch Brackenhaye Heart and Soul. 3 year old tri girl with a most exquisite head, muzzle. Her head is of correct length, correct stop. Beautiful dark eyes, Ears perfectly on top and used all the time. Her overall construction is superb. Her graceful neck into the correct shoulder placement. Correct upper arm, length of back and rise over loin, lovely well let down in her hocks. Long tail and perfect feet. In super muscle tone.  Movement was graceful with perfect footfall, reach in front, lovely in profile and real drive from the rear. This girl was on form today and faultless on the move. Easy choice for BCC and BOB.
2nd Sweeney & Lusty’s Blamorder Do quite Nicely. Young lady of 4 years. A beautiful and very feminine girl. Her head is of correct length and with correct stop, beautiful eye giving a lovely expression. Her ear set is good and she uses them all the time, giving her overall look real charm. Her construction is good with everything having the  right proportions. Her movement is also very good and effortless but today didn’t match the rear action and oomph of my winner. One I would have on my sofa RBCC
3rd Howards Brackenhaye Hearbreaker at Shandlmain.

Marianne Benton