What a fantastic day. The British really know how to put on a show with the rings laid out so well, and fantastic flower arrangements in the corners of each ring. A wonderful welcome from the President and her hard working Committee. I was delighted to have such a quality entry of Smooth Collies. In the later classes I was spoilt for choice.
Apart from have such a wonderful entry I was truly amazed to be awarded a special Life time Achievement award from the club, comprising of a beautiful Smooth collie model on a plinth.
A very emotional moment for me at the end of a wonderful day.

Veteran dog
1st  French,s Ch Breckamore by Design upstanding Blue merle who belies his age shown in hard show condition. Substance with style he portrayed a good workmanlike outline very pleasing to the eye. His head is well balanced with neat ears and a lovely kind expression.
Good crest of neck and showing a good front, deep chest and good spring of rub. Coat of good colour and texture fitting the body so well. Res CC and best veteran.
2nd  Dentons, Ch Kevranna Theras Enate Echo. Quality Sable and white bitch at 11 years still retained a youth full outline a credit to her owner, Loved her beautiful head and lovely sweet expression coming from correct ear and eye placement. Teeth still excellent and nice rounded.
Muzzle, lovely neck and shoulder correct body length to height ratio so well balanced throughout. Very sound hindqaurters firm hocks and good feet. Moved out well.
3rd  Moore,s Tomalca Buttons and Bow,s at Manordeifi,
Puppy dog
1st   Warren and Lusty Coldelee Jupiter Rises with Blamorder  Stood alone but worthy of 1st prize very nice youngster showing a good outline, not quite a year old he has potential to mature to a well balanced dog. Already he has a good front with a good depth of chest. Well  angulated hindquarters with good bone and neat well padded feet. On the move kept a good topline his tail well carried. Should have a bright future.
Post graduate dog
1st  Wensley,s Constella Hazy Cosmic Jive jw. Has a well balanced head with good expression and neat ears. Shows a good neck and shoulder and well carried topline sound hindquarters.
Needs to fill in fore chest to complete the picture.
2nd  Swan,s Koczkodan Silver Bullet. Very unruly blue who needs a firm hand if to be shown
he has a pleasing head and kind expression neat well placed ears and he has a coat of good colour and texture difficult to assess movement.
Limit dog
1st  Lusty,s Blamorder Audacity, I really liked this young dog was close contender in the line up for best dog his coat was gleaming with health shown in tip top condition. Lovely well balanced head with correct ear and eye placement. Strong neck and good lay of shoulder  he had working ability with elegance, excellent front and good depth of chest with plenty of heart room. Well angulated hindquarters and strong hocks enabled him to move out well.
2nd  Moore,s Manordeifi Bow Regard. Sable and white well constructed dog with good outline
pleasing head and expression, neat well placed ears, good neck and shoulder, well sprung ribs.
Excellent chest and forearm he was shown in tip top condition not the movement of my winner.
3rd Flower,s Breckamore Peaky Blinder at Lyndary




1st  Best Dog and Best of breed was Beeneys Coneypark Black Sabbath.All male down to his neat well padded feet. Built on good working lines with strength of bone good front and deep chest showing plenty of heart room, well sprung ribs, good top line  and well muscled hindquarters showing strong hocks and excellent feet, Beautiful head and expression, he has a lovely well moulded muzzle and underjaw. Strong well crested neck set in good shoulders Although the ring could have been bigger I could see that he could cover the ground well moving with little effort. He was shown in tip top condition and it pleased me to award him his Crown on the day 
2nd  Naulls. Ch Wynele Indian Ink, Everything about this dog shouts quality he has such a beautiful clean outline, well balanced head with lovely expression  and correct eye and ear placement, well rounded muzzle clean under jaw, good topline and moves out well. Just prefered the more  masculine appearance of my winner.
1st French,s Breckamore Believe It or Not, very feminine youngster with so much potential
beautiful head and sweetest of expressions coming from correct eye and ear placement.well constructed throughout with excellent crest behind the ears so sadly missing these days. She has good lay of shoulder.  Good front, well sprung rib and sound hindquarters. Shown in tip top condition, BEST PUPPY AND BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.
2nd  Jerrett,s Coldelee Eternal Sunshine, very pretty Sable and white with pleasing head and expression well balanced throughout  showing a good outline standing and on the move. She has good bone, in super show condition very sound youngster.
1st  Lusty,s Blamorder Dwell On Dreams Nice outline on this well angulated tricolour bitch liked her head and very sweet exprerssion. Good neck and layback of shoulder, good front and well sprung rib. Coat a bit thick but of good texture. Moved out well.
2nd Davies and Brown,s Breckamore Blessings at Wystry JW. Very pretty tricolour. Good body lines, correct amount of bone with good well padded feet. Head well  balanced with correct stop and under jaw. Clean well arched neck set in good shoulders. Sound hindquarters.
3rd  Moore,s Blamorder High Hopes for Manordeifi.
1st  Brackenhaye Queen Of Hearts of Oakstelle.  Very feminine with the right amount of substance shown in excellent show condition. Good front excellent depth of chest and ribs well sprung. Good  length to height ratio showing a good turn of stifle with good second thigh that is so sadly missing on some of the dogs shown today. Her  head is really well balanced and she has the sweetest of expressions, topped  with a perfect ear set that she used to her advantage being very attentive to her handler who knew how to get the best from her. Shame the ring was not bigger to show off her good movement, BITCH CC
2nd  Howard,s Shandlmain,s Sofistikate. Tricolour bitch with quality head and expression, neat ears used non stop, excellent neck and lay of shoulder, well balanced throughout showing a good top line and body length. Sound hindquarters and strong hocks neat well padded feet
very sound in all departments.
3rd  Lusty,s Blamorder The Hustler
1st  Dentons Ch Brackenhaye Heart And Soul. Tricolour full sister to limit bitch and has all the same attributes. Her  owner must be very proud to have bred such quality. Slightly bigger than her sister she has such a lovely well balanced head, neat ears and beautiful expression.
Coat of good texture gleaming with health and shown in tip top condition. Two beautiful Smooth collies, Res CC


2nd  Howard,s Brackenhaye Heartbreaker at Shandlmain, yet another full sister. What a fantastic litter this has been. Beautiful bitch with elegance yet with working ability, has the same beautiful head and expression as her sisters. Lovely crested neck set in good lay of shoulder,  excellent front and depth of chest. Good turn of stifle and strong hocks and like her sisters moved out well.
3rd Lusty,s Ch Blamorder Ice Cream Dream. A trio of beautiful bitches could not have asked for a better line up.

 Beeney,s Coneypark Black Sabbath CC and Res Best in show    
French,s Ch Breckamore By Design Res CC and best Veteran
French,s Breckamore Believe It Or Not  Best Puppy in Breed and Best Puppy In Show
Benton,s Brackenhaye Queen Of Hearts of Oakstelle Bitch CC
Denton,s Ch Brackenhaye Heart And Soul Res Bitch CC


Stella Clark