Collie (Rough) Bitches

First of all, my grateful thanks to the officers and committee of The Collie Club of Wales for inviting me to judge at their championship show and to my very efficient ring stewards Marina McLaughlin and Keira Martin for keeping everything running so smoothly. I was absolutely thrilled with the high quality entry and my heartfelt thanks to all the exhibitors who allowed me the opportunity to go over their dogs, it was a privilege to see so many beautiful Collies present. I really felt spoilt for choice and would happily have awarded several CCs today. On the whole, I was pleased to see that so many exhibits moved well, some excelling. I would like to mention, however, that I don’t feel the ‘farm dog’ type head present in some is typical for the breed. For me, the stop in some is too deep and with this often follows a rounder skull (which is not filled) and depth through the skull, and not so many had the clean cheeks the standard asks for. For me, both head and movement are important and to strike a balance of both is ideal, even if a challenge!

Minor Puppy Bitch (3, 0 absent)
Ist – Cronk’s Skabona If I Saw You In Heaven for Chelborn, an absolutely adorable young blue merle puppy, everything in proportion creating a picture of perfect balance and harmony, so well put together, her head is so clean, free from any exaggerations, nicely moulded in foreface, lovely balance of head with a correct stop for her age, her eye is almond shaped, obliquely placed and of correct size and gives the most kind and sweet expression,  neat and well placed ears, perfectly schooled as always from these breeders/owners, moved out with reach and drive, I can only see a rosy future for this young lady
2nd – Lockyer’s Gataj All That Sparkles, a very attractive golden sable of good size and yet very feminine, older than first so more mature, well balanced head with good head planes, nicely filled in foreface, almond shaped and well placed eyes giving a sweet expression, ears a little wide, adequate neck, good forechest, slightly steep in front angulation, well angulated at the back, she has correct spring and depth of chest and a good length of body, moves well from all angles although tends to crab a little, keeps a nice steady topline on the move
3rd – Carlton’s Lynmead Royal Beauty of Sambreeze

Puppy Bitch (2, 0 absent)
1st – Hawkins’ Brilyn Shows The Difference, sable with a very nice shape and outline, well balanced head although a little strong and deep in skull, pleasant eye although a little round, nicely moulded in foreface, good ears which she used well, she has a good length of neck and a firm and strong topline, nicely angulated front and back with a well developed body and lovely proportions, well boned, moved soundly from all angles
2nd – Carlton’s Lynmead Royal Beauty of Sambreeze, a very well presented sable with a nice head pattern, clean and well balanced and she has lovely moulding of foreface, I hope her stop does not deepen, very nicely shaped eye which is dark and almond shaped, reluctant to show her ears but correctly tipped, adequate neck, good angulation front and back, correct spring and depth of chest and nice length to body, moved well from all angles, a little unsettled today

Junior Bitch (4, 1 absent)
1st – Howard’s Serenlas Angel of Casatentola, tricolour who has very nice proportions and overall balance, sound and well made all through, her head is balanced with good head planes and a good underjaw, a little fine in foreface and eye a little round, good ears which she used well, well angulated and very well developed in body, slightly high over the loin standing, moves out very well with reach and drive and keeps her topline intact
2nd – Flower’s Serenlas Chloe, litter sister to above and another one with a nice outline, very clean head with no prominent cheek bones and nicely filled in foreface, I would like her head planes to be slightly more parallel and nose line to be straighter, pleasant expression, excellent ears which she used well, good reach of neck, well angulated front and back with correct spring and depth of chest and she has very good body proportions, moves freely and well although roaches over her loin on the move which, unfortunately, detracts from the overall picture

Yearling (5, 1 absent)
1st Gee’s Ingledene Powdered Sugar, blue merle with a very clean and well balanced head with correct head planes, nicely moulded in foreface and a strong underjaw, nicely shaped and oblique eye giving a most kind expression, good ears, enough neck, soundly constructed and moved freely, colour needs to clear a little
2nd – Cronk’s Chelborn Gambler’s Wish, richly coloured sable who appealed instantly and I thought she would win the class, a very nicely made sable on strong legs and feet who moved very well and keeping a steady topline, overall presenting an appealing picture, her head is well balanced with good moulding of foreface and an almond shaped eye giving a pleasing expression, a little too strong and deep in skull for my preference
3rd – Llewellyn’s Avonfair Secret Love Letter to Salsina
4th – Beardsworth’s Maysinder Sapphire Reign

Novice (2, 0 absent)
1st – Lockyer’s Gataj All That Sparkles
2nd – Hawkins’ Brilyn Shows The Difference

Graduate (3, 0 absent)
1st – White’s Mejola Main Event JW, this still young girl has a striking and most elegant outline which eventually won through, she epitomises the shape I like to see in a bitch with her graceful and sweeping body lines, beautifully made, her head is feminine, correctly balanced, very clean without any hint of coarseness and, for me, a slight but perceptible stop, flat skull, no depth through her head at all, nicely filled foreface, almond shaped, obliquely placed and dark eye gives a pleasant, alert and inquiring expression, excellent ears and ear carriage, well arched neck which flows into her firm and strong topline with the correct slight rise over the loin, beautifully constructed with correct spring and depth of chest, length of back, good angulations front and back, in good condition, moved out lightly and freely keeping her topline, I was pleased to award her the CC
2nd – Ross’ Most Majestic Timeless Touch at Samshernik, a nicely presented sable with an appealing clean and well balanced head, nicely filled in foreface, almond shaped eye which is well placed giving a kind and mild expression, good ears, soundly constructed on good legs and feet although I would like a little more neck, moved well from all angles
3rd – Edwards’ Camanna Paulara Cissy Spacek

Post Graduate Bitch (3, 1 absent)
1st – Edwards & Bluck’s Paulara Lucy In The Sky for Elshajo, tricolour who is just starting to grow her new coat, her overall body proportions and outline won her the class, her head is a little ‘two piece’ and ears a little light, pleasant eye and expression, good reach of neck, firm and strong topline, a little straight in upper arm, otherwise well angulated, correct spring and depth of chest and good length of back, has a tendency to carry her tail a little high and whilst she moved freely, she is a little close behind
2nd – Patman’s Riverside Song Ice Cream Girl (Imp Rom), very glamorous tricolour in full coat and presented in beautiful condition, feminine head although a little deep through and foreface could be a little better filled, good ears although a little wide set, very nice eye and expression, lacking a little in neck and her topline is softer with too much rise over the loin, good spring and depth of chest, good length of body and moved well from all angles keeping a steady topline

Mid Limit Bitch (5, 0 absent)
1st – Wray-Ramsden’s Takhisis Lady of Mystery, sable of good size who arrived in her summer outfit but this left nothing to hide and she commanded attention as soon as she entered the ring, standing presents a pleasing outline and moving accordingly well with reach and drive keeping a firm topline, her head is well balanced with good head planes, beautifully shaped eye which is obliquely set giving a kind and alert expression, well moulded foreface, ears a little wide and heavy but she uses them well, skull a little strong and deep but she is still very feminine
2nd – French’s Breckamore Pitch Dark, tricolour who is presented to perfection, in gleaming coat and spotless condition and, like the winner, steals attention, I initially thought she would win the class, standing presents a wonderful outline with everything in perfect proportion, her head is very well balanced although a little strong and deep in skull, nicely moulded in foreface, pleasing dark eye and expression, well used ears although a little heavy, moves out very well from all angles and keeps a steady topline, unfortunately, moving a little close behind today
3rd – Tipper’s Tiganlea Twinkling Star
4th – Edwards’ Elshajo Adored
5th – Patman & Grainger’s Samhaven Sound Effects

Limit Bitch (7, 0 absent)
1st – Hawkins & Foy’s Beldones Magical Bliss, sable who is just coming into coat, beautiful breed type and soundly constructed, clean and well balanced head with correct stop, nicely shaped and placed dark eye giving a sweet expression, a little lacking in underjaw, good ears which she uses well, enough neck, strong and firm topline, correct spring and depth of chest, good length of body, well angulated and moves soundly, freely and effortlessly from all angles
2nd – Lockyer’s Gataj Honey Bee, good sized sable, immaculately presented as were all the dogs from this kennel, in excellent gleaming coat and condition, her head is balanced but a little strong and deep in skull for me, good eye shape and foreface well moulded, ears a little heavy and wide set, well built in body and bone and moved well although a little close behind
3rd – Geddes’ Ingledene Lace’N’Grace
4th – Congdon’s Riverside Song Instant Karma from Aaronwell
5th – Growcott’s Lilyway Lemon Breeze

Open Bitch (16, 5 absent)
This was a wonderful class to judge and a difficult decision as some were of different types with different attributes, all to be commended, I would happily have awarded the CC to several in this class
1st – Hawkins & Foy’s Beldones Touch of Class, a very aptly named golden sable who exudes breed type, her head is feminine, perfectly balanced with clean lines, flat skull, straight nose line, correct stop, there is no depth to her head and she has a very nicely moulded foreface, this combined with her eye shape, colour and placement gives her an exquisite soft expression, I could not resist her and she won this class, she is very nicely constructed and built on a well angulated frame which shows in her free and effortless movement, positive hind action and drive, to be critical I would like a little more neck which is were the CC winner scored but it was not an easy choice, res CC
2nd Geddes’ Ingledene Sno Wanda, blue merle with ring presence in abundance and instantly reminded me of some of the Steadlyns of the past, another one with class and a beautiful make and shape, very elegant and graceful in outline, clean and well balanced head without any traces of coarseness, almond shaped and nicely placed eye giving a pleasing expression, ears a little wide and light but well used as she’s a born showgirl, long arched neck flowing into a firm topline, superb construction and moved accordingly with reach and drive, her blue colour is clear and with the desired amount of marbling, I just preferred the expression of the winner
3rd - Cronk & Skalin’s Swe Ch Skabona Heaven Can Wait (Imp Swe)
4th – Lockyer’s Gataj Good Time Girl
5th – Iley’s Call Me Dreamer In Blue for Ileyda Della Verde Scozia (Imp It)

Veteran Bitch (6, 3 absent)
1st – Beare’s Jemspark Maid In Secret, golden sable and at just 7 years of age is still looking very young and fit, presented in lovely condition and she has a good overall balance, clean and feminine head without exaggerations, well filled in foreface, pleasant and alert expression, excellent ears and ear carriage, a little steep in front angulation, excellent hind angulation, enough neck, very well made in body and bone, moved out well from all angles
2nd – Skinner’s Samhaven Time Is Money with Nikal, tricolour of a good type, well proportioned all over, feminine and well balanced head which is beautifully moulded in foreface, nicely shaped dark eye giving a pleasing and alert expression, ears a little wide, enough neck, well angulated front and back, she looks well for her age at 9 ½  but her movement was letting her down today, presented in good condition and showed well
3rd – Lyall’s Santaloly’s Sky Amidalas

Lene Newman