Collie Club of Wales Championship Show 17/08/23

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the committee for inviting me to judge the males at their championship show to the stewards who kept me on my toes & to the exhibitors for their entries. Sadly the entry wasn’t the biggest but I guess it’s a sign of the times with costs rising in almost every thing & so few new exhibitors coming in to the breed.
I was looking for males that meet my interpretation of what a male should look like. Sadly in some of the classes they looked borderline feminine.  
A male should stand head & shoulders above the females standing with impressive dignity springs to mind!! Long gone are the days when we were spoilt for choice with upstanding males.
Some were just not in condition either carrying to much weight or not enough which cost them there placings. The majority had clean teeth & were presented well. Having said that my limit & open classes had the type of males I was looking for.

MPD no entries

PD, 1
1st, Hawkins, Brilyn Worth The Wait.  9 mths S/W Charming puppy who has a nice clean head, with lovely dark eyes neat ears all combined to give him a sweet expression, nice length of neck into good shoulders & length of back, lovely bone & nice tight feet. A little unsettled on the move in lovely condition & groomed to perfection. One to watch for the future BPD.

JD. 2, one withdraw.
1st, Lockyer, Gataj Turn Back Time. 14 mths S/W. His head handles well although to short for me & a tad broad in back scull, sufficient length of neck into adequate shoulders, nice length of back, moved well although I would prefer more forward reach, in lovely condition. I would just like more of him.

YD, 4, mixed class.
1st, Vogan. Luminous Moon Over Lenosann. 23 mths Beautifully coloured BM. Well up to size for a male. His head is nice & clean well rounded muzzle with good under jaw, nice eye & ear set, lovely length of neck into good shoulders, good length of back nice rounded bone & tight feet. Moved out well with good forward reach & rear drive. Just needs time to grow into his frame. One to watch.
2nd, Lewellyn, Avon fair Spellbound With Salsina, 20 mths S/W. Different type to one with a shorter look all through. However he has a nice clean head with lovely dark eyes ears bang on top giving him a exquisite look. Fair length of neck & back, he has good bone In good condition moved steadily around the ring.
3rd, Tipper, Amalunaque Arcturis Wind At Tiganlea.

ND 1.
1st Hawkins, Brilyn Worth The Wait.

GD 3, 1a.
1st Hanson, Jards Ring Presence S/W who is well up to size & carrying a tad to much weight, His head handles well with nice moulding to foreface good under jaw, dark eye & neat ears used well. Good length of neck & back with lovely bone, nice angles fore & aft, moved well.
2nd White Phreelancer Phederal Agent at Mejola. Tri who is smaller all through than one.  Although his head is nice & clean I would prefer a tad more stop, he has good under jaw, his eye is a bit full for me, he made good use of his nicely set ears. Standing away from him he has a lovely outline with good reach of neck, length of back, nice angles fore & aft. Moved well.

PGD No entries.

MLD 3,1a.
1st Walker, Starlenga All That Jazz From Aaronwell. Tri lovely sized male with the shape I was looking for. His head has to be handled to be appreciated because amongst all that coat his head is clean with nicely moulded foreface & lovely under jaw, his eyes are dark & well set with ears bang on top giving him a lovely soft expression. I liked his length of neck & back he has good angulation fore & aft with nice short hocks enabling to move with ease. Nicely presented.
2nd Gautrey, Lillyway Landwind. SW this young man has a nice overall shape but would benefit from a little less weight as it spoilt his movement . Other than that his head handles well with a nice eye & ears on top.

LD 5, 1a.
1st Milligan & Madley, Alfsden He Lives In You. My star of the day! One I have judged as a puppy & followed his progress with interest. On a few occasions I had felt he had been hard done by.... Well not today he pulled out all the stops to be awarded his first CC. He is a BM with the most beautiful colour of the size & shape I was looking for. His head is nice & clean with fabulous moulding to fore face & muzzle he has a good under jaw, nice dark eye & ears bang on top all this combined to give a melting expression not easily achieved in a BM, he has sufficient length of neck into good shoulders & length of back with good rear angulations, his bone is lovely & round with tight feet & short nails, he moved at a steady pace to see his forward reach & rear drive, in fabulous condition groomed to perfection not a hair out of place. Pleased to see him awarded BOB, BOSIS. Thank you for bringing him under me.
2nd Cronk Chelborn That’ll Do. Tri different to one for size & head being smaller all through. However I did like his head which is clean with nice moulding, lovely eye & ears giving him a sweet expression, he has a nice length of neck & back good angles fore & aft with lovely bone & tight feet, moved well. I just preferred the size & substance of one.
3rd, White, Camanna Chasingclouds Over Mejola

OD 8, 1a.
1st Bluck, Phreelancer Chill Phactor For Elshajo. Another BM who I have judged as a youngster scored high for size & substance. His head is clean with a lovely rounded muzzle, good under jaw, nice eye & ear placement giving him a lovely expression, good length of neck into good shoulders, good length of back, nice bone & tight feet. His front movement is more positive than his rear which cost him top honours. However I liked him enough to award him the RCC.
2nd Grainger, CH Samhaven Ballahanna Banjo. S/W finer all though than one. Having said that his head handles well, he has a nice eye with ears bang on top & knows how to use them, nice length of neck & back, moved at ease. I just preferred the size & substance of one.
3rd Allsopp, Aqualita It’s A Miracle

VD 3,
1st White CH Mejola Fate And Fortune. 7yr old BM who can put some of the youngsters to shame on movement. I particularly like his size & shape, he has a nice clean head with good moulding to fore face good under jaw, nice eye his ears are correctly set & he knows how to use them. He has a good length of neck & back, lovely bone with tight feet. If I was nit picking I would have liked his colour to be clearer. Pleased to award him BVD.
2nd Wray-Ramsden, CH Takhisis Dream Weaver. 7yr S/W who also scored on movement. Different style to one being smaller all through. However his head handles well & he has a lovely expression, nice reach of neck & length of back, good angles fore & aft, in good condition.
3rd Vogan Lenosann Midnight Rascal.

Judge Sue Randall
Ladnar Collies