The Collie Club of Wales
Open Show
Saturday 14th October 2023
Judge Doug Bedford

I would like to extend my deepest thanks to the committee of the CC of W for extending me the honour to judge their Open show. Whilst a few absentees on the day meant less choice, there were still some lovely exhibits for me to go over and I found some excellent quality in my top awards and some promising youngsters. The exhibitors and dogs all seemed to be enjoying their day and the catering and organising by Chrisine and the committee was of the highest standard. My thanks to my Steward, Steph, who kept things in order and to the Smooth and co-judge Georgina Howard (Casatentola). We agreed on all the joint decisions bar one, BIS, where the referee Jayne Llewellyn (Salsina) chose the Rough Collie Bitch.

Rough Collies
Minor Puppy Dog. (1/0)

  1. Skinners Ladner Makeithappen for Niklad. This 8 month merle lad has a lot of promise, he was full of fun and mischief today and perhaps didn’t show himself to his best but that will change in time. I really liked his size and was well proportioned in body with good bone to support his ample frame. Nice and strong in head type with a developing wedge shape, straight in muzzle and correct in bite and eye shape, found him to have a very good front assembly and plenty of lay to his shoulder, these angles were mirrored at the rear with a good turn of stifle. Level in back with correct rise, tail set well but carried a little up at the moment, I could take his hocks a tad lower, but they led to nice oval feet. He moved a little excitedly today and needs to tightened on his rear once his muscles develop but showed some very good footfall in profile. BPD

Puppy Dog (0/0)
Special Yearling Dog (1/0)

  1. Lockyer Gataj Turn Back Time 16month sable and white of medium size who looked a picture whilst standing, he was in full coat and well presented, good wedge shape to head with correct stop, good bite and strong enough in lower jaw, eyes of good colour, being picky I could take them just a fraction more open, loved his small ears which he used to advantage, had enough lay to shoulder, upper arm just slightly up. Very good body shape and proportions with well sprung ribs, great flow over loin to well set tail, a good turn to stifle and good low hocks. He moved really well, cleanly going away and almost single tracked coming with correct placement in profile.

Novice Dog (1/0)

  1. Skinners Ladner Makeithappen for Nikal (see MPD)

Post Graduate Dog (0/0)
Limit dog (2/0)

  1. Edwards Starlenga Harry Potter with Elshajo 5 year old sable and white male, again very well presented in excellent coat, he stands very 4 square with a lovely head carriage, good wedge shape, straight in muzzle with an excellent blunt end and strong lower jaw, very well shaped, expressive eyes, stop just a little more than I would like, but leading to good flat top skull and excellent well set, tipped ears, enough neck, shoulder lay ok, like 2 a fraction up in upper arm, good bone on straight forelegs and well angled pasterns to neat well shaped feet. Liked his body proportions, well ribbed and strong over loin, well set tail and low in hocks. Showed clean movement coming and going and good footfall in profile, a close call in this class and he just shaded it with his beautiful expression.
  2. Lockyer Gataj Turn Back Time (see SYD),

Open Dog (4/2)

  1. Lockyer Gataj Out of the Woods JW 3 ½ year old sable and white who was my pick of the boys today. I found him of good size and very well proportioned, with a good wedge shape to his head, long straight muzzle through to good top skull with correct transition through slight stop, correct bite and almond shaped dark eyes, well-shaped ears which he used well, he was in full coat, which gave him the impression he was tad short in neck, he is not.. very well angled front with good lay to shoulder, straight forelegs of adequate length well boned to a nice spring of pastern and good oval feet, very good topline, well ribbed and a great flow over loin to well set tail of good length, has a really good turn of stifle and hocks were well let down which provided him with the ability to show clean and driving movement. BD
  2. Shipp No More Heros Du Clos De Sea-Wind JW (Imp Fra)  5-year-old sable and white who pushed 1 hard today, he is of a very good size, upstanding, well-proportioned and presented in lovely coat condition. Excellent wedge shape to headpiece, framed with well tipped ears, plenty of depth and moulding to cheeks, good bite and lovely eyes giving a super expression, sweet but masculine, good neck to a well assembled front supported on straight forelegs with plenty of bone and well angled pasterns. Body firm and well ribbed with a very good topline, good turn of stifle, tail set OK but just a tad short, moved well in profile just not as clean as 1 going and it was these little differences that cost him in the class, but I really liked him. RBD

Veteran Dog/Bitch

  1. Beare Jemspark Maid in Secret 7 year old female of really lovely size and balance, good shape to her head and excellent transition through stop to flat top skull, bite was OK, eyes of good shape and gave her a really soft, feminine expression, she used her ears so well, had good length to neck, I found her a bit upright in upper arm which impacted on the lay of her shoulder as she held her forelegs beautifully straight but a little forward. She held a lovely topline and was strong over loin with a   lovely sweep over her croup to a well-set long tail. Nice low hocks, she moved well enough coming and going but was very good in profile with her foot placement being spot on. BVB BV
  2. Skinners Samhaven Time is Money for Nikal 9-year-old tri, still showing well and still has that happy expression through well shaped dark eyes and well-proportioned head. She was a little up in upper arm but had a good depth and width to her chest, plenty of bone but front pasterns are a little let down now. Lovely body shape with an excellent topline and he has plenty of turn to her stifle and nice low hocks, not as clean as 1 going but moved well in profile. 

Minor Puppy Bitch (0/0)
Puppy Bitch (2/1)

  1. Lockyer Gataj All that Sparkles. Really liked this puppy of 10 months, she had good size and was nicely balanced throughout, a great frame to grow into. Plenty of length to muzzle with a smooth transition, just a little shallow in underjaw at the moment but the bite is correct, lovely well shaped dark eye to flat top skull of good proportionate length, loved her ear set and excellent length of neck, really good angulation to front assembly plenty of angle and lay, already has a good depth to chest, held her forelegs straight, with well angled pasterns and correct oval feet. Nicely ribbed in body with correct rise over loin sweeping through well rounded croup, tail of good set and length and plenty of turn of stifle with low set hocks. Moved cleanly coming and going and showed balance and maturity in profile, fully deserved BPB, BP & BPIS

Special Yearling Bitch (4/3)

  1. Shipp Tremaro Kind of Magic a pretty 17m sable and white who had such a sweet and endearing expression, very good in muzzle with correct bite and lovely eyes, stop just tad pronounced for me, super ears which she used so well, good arch to neck and well angled in front, holding her forelegs straight, very good body proportion, enough ribbing and a lovely topline, good length to tail and enough turn to stifle, angle from hock to foot could be held straighter as this makes her feet look a little long. She definitely wanted to show us she could move today! And although a little hurried it was clean enough with good placement.

Novice Bitch (1/0)

  1. Shipp Tremaro Cast Spell. I can now see she is the litter sister to above and she has some close similarities, particularly around her head and expression, lovely eyes and super ear set, not as well angled as her sister as upper arm a little upright, nice and straight in foreleg and good angle of front pasterns, topline was good, body well-ribbed and a good sweep over croup. Her rear is not strong though, as her hock to foot angle is too much and she offsets this by moving very closely behind. She did however show some nice profile movement.

Post Graduate Bitch (1/0)

  1. Edwards & Bluck Paulara Lucy in the Sky for Elshajo 3 years old and one of only 2 tri’s on show today and she was a really nice example, full of beans and fit for function. Presented beautifully, in lovely coat condition. A good head, well wedged, with nice blunt end, good shape, dark eye, good transition through stop, used her well set ears to advantage, really good reach of neck to well laid shoulders, lovely topline well-rounded croup, tail carriage could be better, but set OK, moved with enthusiasm, clean and showed some nice drive from rear.

Limit Bitch (3/0)

  1. Wray-Ramsden Takhisis Lady of Mystery This young sable and white female at nearly 2 is definitely coming on very well, she presents so well, four-square, with a cracking outline, well-proportioned, good length to foreleg and a super topline. Well-shaped head and nice dark eyes give her a pleasing expression, straight muzzle with strong underjaw, correct in stop and flat top-skull, good ears used well, plenty of neck to well laid shoulder, loved her angle of pastern and feet, plenty of angle of stifle in her rear and she moved cleanly coming and going and showed me a good, easy stride in profile, covering the ground well. RBB RBIS
  2. Edwards Elsharo Adored 4-year-old sable and white of good size and nicely closely coupled, correct wedge shaped head, bite could be tidier, but underjaw OK, good dark well shaped eye and well set ears, plenty of neck and front angles gave enough lay of shoulder, held her forelegs nice and straight with good angle of pasterns, plenty of ribbing on her body, held a decent toplne, had enough turn of stifle but had a tendency to stand a little splayed on the rear. She was certainly up for a run, and moved well, keen to impress.
  3. Ross Most Majestic Timeless Touch at Samshernik (imp Hun)

Open Bitch (3/2)

  1. Lockyer Gataj Good Time Girl. At nearly 3 this lady is coming into peak form. I  really liked her clean cut foreface, beautifully moulded with lovely almond shaped dark eyes giving a super expression of femininity, kindness, yet alert and eager to please.  Good length to muzzle and smooth transition through stop to flat, proportionate top-skull, ears well set, small and used well, enough length to neck which sits well into a well laid shoulder and good angle of upper arm, plenty of bone on forelegs which she held straight with the correct angle to pastern, well-shaped feet. Plenty of depth to chest, well ribbed and straight in back, strong over loin and a correct sweep through croup to well set tail, rear assembly matched her front, with plenty of bone and nice low hocks, which she held in parallel. Nice and clean coming and going and showed plenty of drive in profile. She had to work for it today as there was plenty of quality on show, but I was pleased to award her top honours today taking BB, BIS (Rough) and then overall BIS.

Smooth Collie Special Award Classes.
Junior Dog/Bitch

  1. Warren & Lusty Coldelee Jupiter Roses with Blamorder A lot to like about this Tri  youngster of 18months. Good head, plenty of muzzle balanced with good topskull and smooth transition, well-shaped dark eye, ears of good size just a little wide set, excellent reach and arch of neck, shoulders well laid and correct angles, lovely length to foreleg and correct angle of pastern, a good topline which he held on the move, nicely rounded croup and tail of OK length, very well angled stifle and lovely hock to foot angle. Moved cleanly and his well-muscled thighs propelled him over the ground with a balanced power.
  2. Rodgers & Carvallo Blamorder Mischief Maker 12 month sable and white male, with a very pleasing head and expression, good bite, strong in underjaw and good dark eye, used ears well, plenty of neck, front assembly OK, could take just fraction more angle to upper arm, good length to straight forelegs, body in good condition and starting to fill, held a good topline, had good angle to stifle but stood a little splayed on rear at times, showed some good movement when settled.

Post graduate Dog/Bitch (0/0)
Open Dog/Bitch (4/0)

  1. Jerrett Coldelee Eternal Sunshine JW.Oh did I like this young lady! Just 18months but what a cracker, such a clean correct outline, pretty with a dark well shaped eye, straight clean muzzle with enough underjaw and correct bite, lovely transition through stop to enough top-skull, ears well set, lovely arch to neck and really well laid shoulders, with correct angles, super straight forelegs with lovely angle of pastern and neat well arched toes, plenty of body which was firm, showing the slightest rise over loin, great croup to well set tail of good length, plenty of muscled thigh and great turn of stifle, hocks held parallel, it was no surprise that she moved so cleanly coming and going and with balance and power, easily covering the ground.
  2. Lusty Ch. Blamorder Ice Cream Dream. 7 year old merle female who oozed quality, lovely expression and excellent in muzzle, stop and top-skull, strong in neck to well angled front, well laid shoulders and straight forelegs, well bodied with good depth to chest and well ribbed, held a good topline and nice sweep over loin to well angled rear, she moved well coming and was OK going just not as clean as I would have hoped which cost her later in the challenges. BVIS
  3. Martin Shandlmain’s Blu Chief
  4. Wensley Constella Hazy Cosmic Jive JW.