OPEN 02-07-2023


Many thanks to Collie Association for asking me to judge the Smooth Collies at your recent Open Show.  Congratulations to the Committee for the well run shows today.  The catering was excellent and as usual the hospitality to the exhibitors was excellent.   I really enjoyed my day.  Thank you to the exhibitors for the lovely entry and for accepting my decisions so graciously

1st           Benton’s Ch Oakestelle Venus de Milo VW ShCEx
In the past I have much admired this lovely blue merle veteran who at ten years belies her age and is still in wonderful condition.  She is very feminine with sweet expression, correct eye placement and ears used all the time. Good reach of neck into level topline, correct shoulder placement.  She is a lovely colour and her coat texture is correct.  She is very neat and balanced.  She has good hind angulation and exhibits strong, positive movement as would be expected with these qualities.

2nd          Forbes’ Willowhurst Vanity
Nine year old tri coloured bitch who did not show her age.  She had a pleasant expression, with well used ears and correct wedge shaped head.  Her front angulation was good and she had enough bone and substance for her size.  She had good hind angulation and moved out OK.  

1st           Sewell’s Wynele Strike it Rich to Lewarne
Although he stood alone in the class there is a lot to like about this eight month old puppy.  He has a lovely expression with well rounded muzzle.  Ears on top and well used.  Dark eye of correct shape.  He has rich tan markings and his shiny coat has good texture and adds to his appeal. His shoulders are well placed and he has good turn of stifle enabling him to move well.  I was pleased to award him RBD & Best Puppy in Breed and was delighted he went on to Best Puppy in Show.

1st           Warren’s Coldelee Jupiter Rises with Blamorder
14 month old tri colour dog who has an appealing masculine expression, with ears he used non-stop, length of head was good.  Nice depth of chest and shoulders were well angulated.   Good length of neck into level topline, good length ratio to height and correct tail set.  Strong well let down hocks and turn of stifle.  Moved well.

2nd          Wensley’s Constella Hazy Cosmic Jive JW
22 month old tri colour dog who was finer than first but had quality in expression, neat well used ears and equal head planes.  Good reach of neck and length of back with level topline.  Good lay of shoulder, well muscled hindquarter enabled him to move well.

1st           Warren’s Coldelee Jupiter Rises with Blamorder


1st           Smith’s Ch/Multi Ch Winter is Coming to Tentola
Seven year old Blue Merle Dog who took my eye as soon as he entered the ring.  Lovely head with flat skull of instant appeal, well used ears and dark eyes which were of correct shape.  Good reach of neck with well sprung ribs and adequate length of back.  He had well laid  shoulder angulation, good turn of stifle and well let down hocks.  He held his top line well on the move.  In total he exhibited the qualities of confirmation I was looking for and I could not deny him Best Dog, Best Veteran Dog, BOB & Best Veteran in Breed.  I was pleased when he was awarded Best in Show and Best Veteran in Show

2nd          Moore’s Manordeifi Bow Regard
7 year old, sable dog with pleasing expression and ears used with effect.  He has a well set eye and clean head.  Shoulders well placed and depth of chest was good.  Overall, well constructed, good front and rear angulation.  Moved OK.

1st           French’s Breckamore Believe It or Not
Very appealing 13 month old tri colour bitch with sweet expression, lovely dark eye good length of head and ears right on top.  Adequate reach of neck into a lovely even top line which she held on the move.  Good lay of shoulder and depth of chest.  Her turn of stifle with well let down hocks enabled her to move with drive.   I strongly considered her for BB and was pleased to award her RBB.

1st           Trundley & Palmer’s  Nuuk Saarskali Bila Kaifa Juniperwood (Imp CZE)
Feminine two year old tri colour bitch in good condition, she had a sweet expression and good length of head.  Ears used well and was attentive to handler.  Adequate reach of neck and length of back.  Angulation was good and she moved out well. 

2nd          Moores’ Blamorder High Hopes for Manordeifi
Another two year old tri coloured bitch who was finer than the 1st but had a feminine quality about her.   A good length of head and reach of neck.  Muscle tone was good and overall angles were balanced.  Moved with purpose.

1st           Benton’s Brackenhaye Queen of Hearts of Oakestelle
This three year old tri coloured bitch had the overall balance I was looking for.  Sweet expression with nice stop and ears well used.  Strong arched neck into smooth level topline.  Well angled shoulders and good depth of chest.  Good turn of stifle with firm muscled hind quarters, short hocks and neat feet.  All these qualities enabled her to move out soundly.  I was pleased to award her BB, RBOB.

2nd          Moore’s Blamorder Ridin on a Rainbow to Manordeifi
Five year old tri bitch with well used ears and correct eye set who was very attentive to handler.  Head of good length with feminine expression.  Sloping shoulders well angled.  Length of back to height ratio was good.  Moved out with drive.


Margaret Shipp (Tremaro)