Crufts 2023   Collie (Smooth)
DCC       7688 - Woody Krasna Louka Nl Jch Be Jch, Lux Jch D Jch Wjw 2017 Dtbsg'17 (Miss B De Feijter)
RDCC    7704 - Blamorder Audacity (Miss A Lusty)
BCC       7689 - Ch Brackenhaye Heart and Soul (Mrs J.m. & Mr R.j. Denton)
RBCC     7684 - Blamorder Sherbert Flirt (Mrs K Y Bennett)
BOB        7689 – Ch Brackenhaye Heart and Soul (Mrs J M & Mr R J Denton)
BP           7691 - Shulune Imperial Inkspell (Miss J M Fort)
BV           7687 - Lux/bel/ned/int Ch Gallant Darya Happy Magic Star JW Njk (Miss B De Feijter)


I would like to thank the Crufts Committee for inviting me to judge at this prestigious show, and my two hard working stewards   To the smooth collie exhibitors my thanks for giving me the privilege of judging your dogs, I found a very high standard and had to make some difficult decisions some quality dogs not being placed.  If only I had  multiple CCs
1233. Collie (Smooth) - Veteran Dog
Entries: 2    Absentees: 0
1ST         7690 - Foxearth Flag Day (Miss L Eke )  8 yr old Tri just preferred this boys head proportions clean wedge head well set dark eye neat ears balanced body and angles firm top line moved soundly
2ND        7697 - Ch Lux Clingstone S at The Top (Mrs Huchon)  Another 8 yr old tri well made boy of good size and shape  good length of head and reach of neck onto well placed shoulders moved out soundly.
1234. Collie (Smooth) - Puppy Dog
Entries: 3    Absentees: 0 Pleasing class
1ST         7723 - Coldelee Jupiter Rises with Blamorder (Miss K & Miss A Warren & Lusty) Tri 11 Mths won this on his strong sound  movement balanced head proportions super eye and expression good ear carriage and set just right for neck and forehand for age just need to finish in body
2ND        7693 - Shulune Imperial Fantasy (Miss J.m & Mr B & Mrs G Fort & Borgerson & Borgerson) Tri 9 mths like his balanced head pattern pleasing eye expression nicely angulated front and rear good depth of brisket firm top line on the move which he did freely  just needs to firm up in rear.
3RD        7713 - Diamondfox Sir Galahad (Miss E Rennie)  S/W 8 ½ mths  correct head pattern good eye and ear set, moved ok just needs to from up in hind lovely character.
1235. Collie (Smooth) - Junior Dog
Entries: 1    Absentees: 0
1ST         7715 - Legend of Camelot's Zupersonic (Mrs E Sanders) Tri 16 mths like his shape and outline wedge head just enough stop lovely dark almond eye ears just tipped good fore chest bone and feet moved briskly around the ring
1236. Collie (Smooth) - Post Graduate Dog
Entries: 3    Absentees: 0
1ST         7724 - Constella Hazy Cosmic Jive JW (Mr M & Mrs R Wensley) Tri 18 ½ mths  liked his balanced make and shape strongest mover in this class balanced head of good length would prefer  sweeter expression well filled fore chest and depth of brisket good pasterns moved  freely around the ring excellent profile.
2ND        7718 - Koczkodan Silver Bullet (Mrs B Swan) Blue 21 mths  nice breed  type,  wedge head neat ears good reach of neck and fore chest moved ok tad weak on rear
3RD        7708 - Stormsett Shadow Dancer via Caprioara (Mrs P & Miss G Corben & Moore) Nearly 3 yrs Stronger made boy good length of head  nice dark eye well set good front and depth of brisket moved ok.
Fran Kaye



1237. Collie (Smooth) - Limit Dog
Entries: 2    Absentees: 0   2 attractive boys
1ST         7704 - Blamorder Audacity (Miss A Lusty) Tri  2 yrs + liked him instantly balanced shape and size clean wedge head just right for stop dark eye well set giving pleasing  expression  neat ears good forehand balanced angles for and aft nice neck onto well placed shoulders firm top line and loin flow over the croup good bone and tight feet moved soundly freely with reach and drive. Rcc
2ND        7707 - Shandlmain Blu Chief (Mrs K & Mr M Martin) Blue Nrly 4  yrs Slightly taller but in proportion masculine head attentive expression  super neck, forehand and rib cage solid loin moved well tad loose in rear.
1238. Collie (Smooth) - Open Dog
Entries: 4    Absentees: 1    3 quality males
1ST         7688 - Woody Krasna Louka Nl Jch Be Jch, Lux Jch D Jch Wjw 2017 Dtbsg'17 (Miss B De Feijter) Mature handsome  richly coloured   S/W at top end for height but all in proportion  balance masculine clean wedge head just right for stop pleasing almond eye of good colour neat ears used all the time stood  showing  off his super reach of neck and balanced shape excellent forehand chest and brisket good rib cage plenty of heart room balanced angles front and rear firm top line loin and buttocks moved effortlessly around the ring with extension drive and smooth side action  CC
2ND        7720 - Pl Gr Ch/pl Ch/lt Ch/hun Ch/hr Ch Morfeusz Matrix Smart Love Fci Jr Ch Pl Jr Ch Lt Jr Ch Cz Jr Ch Sk (Mrs Anna Teodorowska) Tri  2 ½ yrs   head tad strong for me nice eye expression so   earned  this place on his super movement keeping his firm top line  total balanced angulations front and rear excellent fore chest body shape and rib cage flow over the croup good turn of stifle.
3RD        7716 - Ch/multi Ch Winter Is Coming to Tentola (Mr N & Mrs A Smith) 6 ½ yrs old Attractive Blue of lovely colour balanced head of excellent proportions pleasing expression excellent fore chest and turn of stifle  flow over the croup moved soundly.
1240. Collie (Smooth) - Veteran Bitch
Entries: 3    Absentees: 0
1ST         7687 - Lux/bel/ned/int Ch Gallant Darya Happy Magic Star JW Njk (Miss B De Feijter) Quality 11 ½ yrs young Tri of instant appeal feminine head well placed stop lovely dark eye giving desired expression ears well set and used to show her virtues   excellent angles, neck and top line moved soundly and freely all ways. Pushed hard for top honours.
2ND        7683 - Ryecombe Jolly Jonquil at Coneypark (Mrs S M Beeney) Nearly 11 yrs young S/W feminine head well filled back skull pleasing eye and ear set  good front and rib cage nice turn of stifle moved ok just showing her age in movement.
3RD        7692 - Shulune Imperial Storm (Miss J M Fort) 11 ½ young  Tri Feminine all through good head proportions dark eye strong front pasterns nicely angulated front and rear moved well with excellent side action.
1241. Collie (Smooth) - Puppy Bitch
Entries: 2    Absentees: 0 Both Lovely characters
1ST         7691 - Shulune Imperial Inkspell (Miss J M Fort) Just 9 mths pretty blue of lovely colour impressed me with her excellent shape, size and movement feminine head just right for stop good eye set giving sweet expression neat ears lovely neck onto clean withers and well-placed shoulders firm top line, loin and flow over croup good turn of stifle moved out freely and soundly for one so young One for the future  BP
2ND        7699 - Coldelee Eternal Sunshine (Mrs D L Jerrett) 11 mths S/W Finer all through very feminine head nice expression super reach of neck firm top line on the move which she did soundly.
1242. Collie (Smooth) - Junior Bitch
Entries: 1    Absentees: 0
1ST         7717 - Wynele Bee Outstanding (Mrs Fa Steel) 15 ½ mths Feminine girl with pleasing expression unfortunately her ears not her fortune but her other positives outweighed this she had a balanced body and angles and if asked could do a day’s work.  



1243. Collie (Smooth) - Post Graduate Bitch

Entries: 6    Absentees: 0
1ST         7721 - Nuuk Saarskali Bila Kaifa Juniperwood (Imp Cze) (Mrs B & Miss T Trundley & Palmer) Tri  of 2 yrs won this on her excellent movement and balanced head proportions clean wedge just enough stop dark eye and ear set giving a pleasing expression good quarters  angles and turn of stifle nice flow over croup coat not at its best today.
2ND        7701 - Koczkodan Good As Gold (Ms S J Leich) S/W 20 mths liked her over all shape and size feminine balanced head good eye placement  would like sweeter expression   neat ears well made fore quarters firm top line kept on the move good bone and feet moved well.
3RD        7686 - Breckamore Blessings at Wystry (Ms M & Mr G Davies & Brown) Nearly 2 ½ yrs head of good proportions well set eye and ears has lovely reach of neck  firm top line on the move

1244. Collie (Smooth) - Limit Bitch
Entries: 8    Absentees: 2   Lovely class
1ST         7684 - Blamorder Sherbert Flirt (Mrs K Y Bennett)  Pretty blue feminine all through excellent proportions shape and size clean balanced head well placed stop eye and ears giving desired expression good rib cage and angulations firm well-muscled loin and flow over croup length of tail super mover with drive extension excellent profile. Which won her the  Rcc
2ND        7685 - Brackenhaye Queen of Hearts of Oakestelle (Miss M K Benton)  Tri 3 yrs pleasing head eye expression and ear set excellent forehand depth of brisket width of chest and shoulder placement  kept top line on the move which she did soundly all ways.
3RD        7700 - Shandlmain Serene (Mr A & Mrs T Kennedy) Nearly 2 ½ Tri flashy markings nice length of head dark expressive eyes balanced angles with good turn of stifle moved soundly.
1245. Collie (Smooth) - Open Bitch
Entries: 10    Absentees: 1    Super class many nice bitches going cardless
1ST         7689 - Ch Brackenhaye Heart and Soul (Mrs J.m. & Mr R.j. Denton) Mature 6 yr old  Tri instantly appealed to me super make and shape in tip top condition and muscle tone lovely head piece  excellent proportions well filled fore face flat back skull combination of stop eye and ear placement giving the sweet expression we all seek. Good reach of neck onto well laid shoulders rib cage giving heart room firm top line and  loin flow over croup all together giving total balanced shape and outline she moved as befits her construction effortlessly around the ring with ease with drive, extension and smooth profile. CC BOB
2ND        7705 - Ch Blamorder Ice Cream Dream (Miss A Lusty) 6 ½ yrs Blue lovely colour another quality bitch excellent shape and size feminine head of good proportions super eye expression good shoulders front and top line made a lovely outline and silhouette moved freely and smoothly around the ring made a pleasing picture.
3RD        7682 - Int/hu/slo/hr/ro/srb Ch/hu Showch/hu Grandch Blamorder Supa Fun Surprise Hjch Srbjch (Mrs A Bácskai)  5 yrs  S/W  Slightly finer but very appealing feminine head well used ears good angulations front and rear in lovely order throughout moved soundly covered the ground with ease in excellent condition.

Judge - Fran Kaye