COLLIE (ROUGH) Darlington Championship show 2023

Judge: Mr S W Hall

I was apprehensive regarding this appointment in light of a judge withholding a CC at a previous show this year as I have also withheld CCs on six occasions over the years and I can tell you it is not a nice situation to be placed in, however, if there is not sufficient merit in any of the exhibits to be given the CC you must withhold, but today this did not enter my head as I felt I had some lovely specimens to award the CCs, but after saying that there are many problems in this breed to varying degrees, weak under jaws is prevalent within this breed, coat colour and quality is so varied to the point that many Blues are not blue, the black in tri colours not as black they should be and coat preparation leaves a lot to be desired, I am sure if some of these exhibits had better coat management they could do much better, on the plus side which I was pleased to see is, I did not encounter the dish faced heads that was becoming quite prevalent a few years a go due to the breed being too prominent in stop, I encounter less receding skulls than in previous years, movement “well this is an hot potato” I do believe that movement has improved slightly but it has a long way to go before it is right in the majority of exhibits its all well and good looking pretty but can it move is the question you need to ask yourself. I also thought there where a few good collies that in my opinion where a little too short in body and at times looked square. Maybe I am being picky but I do believe that the truth is far better than some of the outlandish fabulous critique we are seeing in the dog press of late where everything is wonderful.

But believe it or not I did enjoy my day judging your breed and I hope you take this as constructive criticism rather than a swipe at your breed because that is not what it is.

Class 2157 VD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 6067 STEVEN, Miss Stacy Cariadhaf Crazy Dream. 9 ½ year old male in good condition pleased in skull but would have liked him to be a touch broader, ample neck with good forehand, carrying a good jacket for are, quite a positive mover.

2nd: 6075 VOGAN, Mrs Denise & VOGAN, Miss Samantha Lenosann Midnight Rascal 10 year old tri male, with a slightly broader skull than winner but not quite as firm going away, prepare and presented in good order.

Class 2158 MPD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 6019 BLAKE, Mr John Corydon Christopher. Very nice sable of good stature and commands your attention at times, good head piece with a very good eye, ample neck good forehand, good body length, good rear quarters, needs more time to mature as in the challenge for best puppy he looked a little immature towards the bitch.

2nd: 6038 HASSOCK, Mrs A camanna cellmate. Pleasant youngster but not quite the presence of winner, good head piece with a sharp eye, good body parts, good thick coat but moved a little close behind, presented in good order.

3rd: 6027 FARTHING, Mr & Mrs Derrick Didek Once in a Blue Moon

Class 2159 PD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 6038 HASSOCK, Mrs A camanna cellmate.

2nd: 6065 SCOTT, Mrs Janet Paulara Polar Express. 8-month-old Blue that needs to coat up a little to be more successful, balanced head piece, body still needs to come on a little at this age, steady mover in both directions.


Res: 6064 ROSS, Mrs Y J Siluto Blue Wizzard

Class 2160 JD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 6041 HOLMES, Mr & Mrs D & T & LUSTY, Miss A Blamorder Gold Plated. Nice sable 18 months old male with a good head piece that is quite long, ample neck which he shown off well, he has a coat the fits the body but at present he is a little short of it which makes him look a touch narrow on body I am sure when he has full coat he will do quite well.

Class 2161 PGD (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 6079 WELSH, Mrs Brenda Thistlewing Smoky Quarts. I quite liked this youngster for his clean cut outline, he was of good size with total balance to match, good length to head excellent expression, good bone and feet, I feel he has more to come, you must always remember slow matures are the best finishers, prepared and presented in tip top condition.

2nd: 6073 VOGAN, Mrs Denise & VOGAN, Miss Samantha Luminous Moon Over Lenosann. Unfortunate to meet winner today, but this very clear coloured blue was a very good contender for this class I felt the winner just had the edge on outline, but this don’t detract for the quality of this dog, good mover in all directions, and prepared and presented in very good order.

3rd: 6030 GARSIDE, Mrs D Demelewis gang leader

Res: 6044 JOHNSTON, Miss K Jopium Front Runner TAF

VHC: 6047 MAY, Mrs T Camanna Careerchangeing For Maqueeba

Class 2162 LD (6 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 6050 MILLIGAN, Ms Jan & MARLEY, Mr Nigel Alfsden He Lives in You. Nice blue of real quality, his balance was lovely but my reservation where that he had too much coat around his neck which devoid him of the neck he quite clearly had which spoilt his overall shape somewhat, good in skull, good maturing body, covered in a real quality jacket which was prepared to its advantage. Good positive mover in both directions.

2nd: 6046 LEESE, Mrs J M Essanjay Fields Of Gold for Firesaga. S strong sable dog that was well up to size and had a good strong skull for all to see, his jacket did indeed fit his body without interference to his overall shape so important in a coated breed, good mover with a good drive.

3rd: 6025 DONALDSON, Mr, Mrs & Miss Brian, Kath, Jane Caronlea Celtic Traveller with Fivannte

Res: 6083 WHITE, Mrs Jo Camanna Chasingclouds over Mejola

VHC: 6057 PROCTOR, Mrs Catherine Wilmaranna Out Of The Blue For Cathbri

Class 2163 OD (9 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 6020 BLUCK, Miss E Phreelancer Chill Phactor For Elshajo. A good strong clear blue jacketed dog of good male stature that is hard to walk passed, his coat is as clean as the outline you see nothing is hide away it is all there for everyone to see, prepared in very hard condition muscular which I feel is a credit to his owner.

2nd: 6016 BENTON, Miss M K Ch Brooklynson El Dorado ShCEx. A very nice tri dog which is full of quality however, he needs to give more on the move as today he did not give his best unfortunately, good in all department throughout which gave him the edge over others, nicely headed with good balance, good covering that doesn’t hinder the shape. Whilst his movement was firm it was what I mention above that let him down. Prepared and presented in very good order.

3rd: 6017 BLAKE, Miss M J Corydon Pol Roger

Res: 6033 GEDDES, Mr J N & Mrs V Ingledene Fantasy of Blu


Class 2164 VB (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 6070 BURROWS, Reverend V E Ch Tiganlea Tinkerbell At Revdvicki. The most light footed mover in the entire entry she was so effortless, very feminine to view with a good expression doesn’t look 10 years old, just noticed she is a CH which doesn’t surprise me. she carried a very good full coat for her age, I think an object lesson to us all on how to care for the older dog.

2nd: 6068 STEVEN, Miss Stacy Cariadhaf Cookies And Cream for Cambrogan. Another quality Tri of 8 years old and also carrying a full thick coat , very similar to winner but whilst she was a good mover she was not quite the light foot movement of winner, very well prepared and presented.

3rd: 6074 VOGAN, Mrs Denise & VOGAN, Miss Samantha Lenosann Black Cherry

Class 2165 MPB (6 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 6060 QUINCE, Mrs L Oakley Ice Queen For Karafaye (Imp CHE). Quite a star today, looks the part covered in a very good quality thick blue jacket (and I mean blue) very sweet expression good balance throughout, excellent forward reach, never let the owner down on the move, she moved a touch close behind but she may be coming into season because I see no reason why she should move close. Prepared and presented in tip top condition.

2nd: 6066 SIBBALD, Miss P Paulara Picture Perfect for Telforth. Another blue sweet bitch but not the finish of winner today, sweet expression nice type but needs a lot more time to develop, presented in good condition.

3rd: 6058 PROCTOR, Mrs Catherine Didek Moonshine for Cathbri

Res: 6061 RODWELL, mrs Helen Ladnar Yourstruly at Pomnenka

Class 2166 PB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 6080 WHITAKER, Mrs G Siluto Silvary Blue Moon. 10 months old blue bitch with lots to like, feminine to view, good clean skull, she needs more time to develop, was good on the move in both directions, presented in good clean condition.

Class 2167 JB (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 6028 FLOWER, Miss Karla Serenlas Chloe. An out of coat tri bitch with a pleasing skull, quite well balanced throughout, when they are at this stage you see them for what they are, and nothing offended, good productive mover.

2nd: 6042 HOWARD, Mrs Georgina & HOWARD, Mr Christopher Serenlas Angel of Casatentola. Another tri bitch with a full jacket but not quite the firmness on the move, however, pleased in most departments but still needs to mature more to gain advantage prepared in good order.

3rd: 6056 PROCTOR, Mr Stephen & FORBES, Mrs Leanda Opernball at Intermittent Lake (IMP SVN)

Res: 6081 WHITAKER, Mrs G Siluto Blueberry Mist

Class 2168 PGB (7 Entries) Abs: 4

1st: 6062 ROSS, Mr Paul Most Majestic Timeless Touch At Samshernik. Looking at my notes they say “could give this the CC”, so I was not far away, lovely sable bitch that oozed type and was pretty as well, very feminine headed, ample neck with good forehand, lovely body, typical topline for this breed, good rear quarters, move well to win the class. Prepared and presented in tip top condition, these are the rewards you get for the hard work you put in.

2nd: 6035 GEE, Mrs I J INGLEDENE POWDERED SUGAR. Blue bitch but not quite the style of winner today, very well balanced throughout and lots to like, good head piece that was well balanced which gave her a good expression, good productive mover in all directions and well presented.

3rd: 6032 GARSIDE, Mrs D Jessopdays Its Now or Never

Class 2169 LB (9 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 6052 NEWMAN, Mrs L Phreelancer Phormal Dress. Well what can I say about this bitch I just loved her and I would not change one thing, but what I can say is you need to take a look at this bitch and try to emulate what she has, I am not trying to tell you how to suck eggs, far from it, any deviation from this quality is the wrong direction, if I was to come into this breed this is what I would try to aspire to because in my eyes she is so correct, for a matter of interest I gave her sire (Ch Corydon the Ringleader) the Pastoral group at this very same championship show in 2016, see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

2nd: 6059 QUINCE, Mrs L Thistlewing Celtic Soul For Karafaye. Very unluck to come up against a bitch with such quality, very well put together and such a good skull, with a lovely feminine expression good forehand. Good outline broad rear , good mover, well prepared throughout.

3rd: 6078 WELSH, Mrs Brenda Thistlewing Magic Lady

Res: 6037 HARRISON, Mrs M E Cambrogan Lady of Loch'aber at Cariadhaf

VHC: 6086 WRAY-RAMSDEN, Mrs S L Takhisis Lady of Mystery

Class 2170 OB (12 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 6023 CRONK, Mrs Vanessa CHELBORN GAMBLER'S WISH. My notes say she won on shape, so she must be built right, pleased in head qualities and with a very sweet expression, good forehand with a body to compliment, good coat covering sable jacket, moved out well when gaiting, presented in very good order.

2nd: 6018 BLAKE, Mr John Corydon Clarissa. Really nice type bitch a little out of coat today which left her with a rather level topline to view, I’m sure in full coat she would be fine but I am judging on the day not for what’s to come, pretty head piece with a delightful expression, good in forehand with plenty of neck, good bodily proportions, moved out well.

3rd: 6034 GEDDES, Mr J N & Mrs V Ingledene Sno Wanda

Res: 6043 ILEY, Mrs Daphne Call Me Dreamer In Blue for Ileyda Della Verde Sco

VHC: 6029 FLOWER, Mrs Stefani Serenlas Heaven In Blu