East Anglian Collie Association.

Sub Group Open Show. Sunday 6th August. 2023.
Rough Collies and BIS.

Good entry and I appreciate the time and effort and distances travelled by all of you.
I know it is boring to harp on about presentation in the critique preamble but the number of younger dogs with dirty teeth is disappointing; nor is this a breed I expect to have to use hand wipes after going over them, dandruff and dirty coats do not enhance presentation, nor does cloddy dead coat underneath that top coat. I was pleased with my winners and certainly the young puppies will develop and change. Generally also watch for lack of underjaw.

Veteran dog. (4)
1.Vogan's Lenosann Midnight Rascal. 10 yr old tri, clean head, dark eye, good ear use, well presented with a jet black coat, in great condition. Moved with ease. RBD/ BVIB.
2. Ludlow's Tudorlyn Misty Dreams for Malina. S/W 9 yr old,Dark almond eye, wedge with good underjaw, moved out well.

Minor Puppy Dog. (3)
1.Ross's Siluto Blue Wizzard. Pleasing head with correct dark eye, ears well tipped, good reach of neck, long tail, harsh coat and good colour blue merle with rich tan, took this class on movement.
2. Farthing's Didek Once In A Blue Moon.Younger, splashed blue merle, good overall shape, attractive head with dark eye, long tail, just not so collected in movement.

Puppy Dog. (2)
1. Randall's Ladnar Makemeawinner. Attractive silver blue merle, good angulation and shape. Good head pattern with a dark eye, excellent presentation, handled and showed well. BPD/BPIB/BPIS.
2. Scott's Paulara Polar Express. Shapely blue merle, good reach of neck, good use of ears, nice feet, harsh coat, bit erratic on the move.

Junior Dog. (1)
1. Cooper's Kelekona Hearts of Gold. Just over a yr, richly coloured S/W of a good masculine size, dark almond eye, used his ears, well arched neck, good angulation and moved well enough.

Yearling Dog. (2,1)
1.Vogan's Luminous Moon over Lenosann. 2 yr old shapely blue merle, good marbled colour, dark eye, wedge head with well used ears, harsh coat, long tail, well presented, stood wonderfully but loose in rear movement today.

Post Graduate Dog. (5,1)
1. Chaplin's Takhisis Lysander. Bright S/W, dark almond eye, lovely head with intelligent expression, well used ears, arched neck, long tail, moved out well.
2. Brand's Tudorlyn Midnight Magic. 3 yr old dark rich tri showed in good condition, moved well.

Limit Dog. (4)
1.Alexander's Ingledene Aramis. Aw(B). 5 yr old upstanding rich shaded sable, clean wedge head, good eye, ears well used, moved with drive.
2. Carlyon & Adams Dycoshem Havasupai Wonder. 5 yr old S/W, lovely expression with a dark eye, ears may be a tad heavy, but he used them well.

Open Dog (2,1)
1. Benton's Ch. Brooklynson El Dorado Shcex. 6 yrs old, better than ever - matured into the ideal picture of a Rough Collie, masculine, dark eyed, pleasing head with such expression, well fitted harsh waterproof richly coloured S/W jacket, strides out, low tail carriage, excellent presentation as always. BD/BOB/BIS

Veteran Bitch (6,2)
1. Skinner's Samhaven Time is Money With Nikal. 9 yr old tri presented in shining condition today, slightly showing her age, her teeth are certainly not the best, but she moved well today. She still has a classic head pattern, and ear carriage, giving a pleasing picture. BVB
2. Vogan's Lenosann Cherry. 7 yr old tri dark with a good rich tan, almond shaped dark eye, wedge head, full round muzzle, ears used well, moved out well today.

Minor Puppy Bitch (5,1)
1. Radford-House & Durrants Kiss me Kate Di Cambiano at Fivejays. (Imp It)
Promising S/W shapely puppy, sweet expression, dark eye well placed, showed and moved well for one so young. BMPB.
2. Whitaker's Siluto Silvary Blue Moon. B/M good head with good underjaw, ears used well.

Puppy Bitch.(2,1)
1. Whitaker's Siluto Blueberry Mist. B/M of good colour, good head pattern,sweet expression.

Junior Bitch. (5,2)
1.Howard's Serenlas Angel of Casatentola. Just over a year old tri of good colour, good head parallel planes, dark eye, pleasing expression, feminine and a sound mover.
2. Geddes Ingledene Sno Flurry. Attractive B/M with good head properties, rich tan markings, moved effortlessly.

Yearling Bitch. (1)
1. Radford-House & Durrants Chelborn Betting List for Fivejays.Year and a half shaded red S/W with pretty expression, good reach of neck, shapely construction and good rear muscle, moved out well. RBB

Post Graduate Bitch. (4)
1.Philpin's Tudorlyn Alice in Wonderland. 3 yr old B/M of lovely silvery blue colour, full muzzle, flat skull, dark almond eye, arched neck, lovely expression, not in her full coat, let me go over her but just not happy about me walking behind her. Moved well.
2. Hull's Lizmark Diamonds are Forever. 2 yr old S/W with a good reach of neck, attractive dark eye and expression.

Limit Bitch. (9,2)
1. Philpin's Tudorlyn A Kind of Magic. 5 yr old tri with well fitted black jacket, correct head with a slightly bigger eye, but pretty expression.Ears may be a tad heavy but she used them well. Sound movement won her this class.
2. Farthing's Aldreen Illusion in Blue for Didek. 4 yr old attractive B/M with good tan markings, her head and expression and her dark eyes combine to give a very pretty picture.

Open Bitch (4,1)
1. Flowers Serenlas Heaven in Blu.Aptly named as she is-good colour, shapely construction, clean head with a dark eye, harsh coat but not in her best clothes, but showed her shape and outline to her advantage. Her expression and free movement gave her this class. BB.
2. Geddes Ingledene Sno Wanda. As always perfectly presented B/M, handled expertly, excelling in movement, just lacking that feminine sweetness for me.

BIS. Benton's Ch. Brooklynson El Dorado Shcex. (Rough Collie)
RBIS/BOS in show. Benton's Ch Brackenhaye Queen of Hearts of Oakestelle. True black, good tan contrast and white collar, correct head and eye, deep chest, moved freely and has sound movement. (Smooth Collie)
BPIS. Ladnar's Makemeawinner. (Rough Collie)
RBPIS. Sewell's Wynele Strike it Rich at Lewarne. Tri with correct head and stop, I preferred the angulation and tail carriage and movement of the Rough Collie Puppy. (Smooth Collie)
BVIS. Forbes Willowhurst Vanity. 9 year old tri, well made sound bitch, her movement belies her age.

Judge. Stephanie Presdee. (Pampardour)