East of England Rough Collies 08/07/23

Thank you to all the exhibitors for the lovely entry and for coping in such dreadful weather
conditions. These conditions I think affected some of the dogs today not easy in rain, wind and thunder. Quality of bitches is better than dogs but if the puppy dogs here today continue to mature then there is hope. Tail carriage is still a concern, and some were penalised for this. But for a few exhibits cleanliness and presentation was excellent.

MPD 4/1 1 st Hawkins Brilyn Worth The Wait A very promising puppy of good size. He was very balanced with good angulation, nice arch of neck. His head was smooth in outline and correct stop. Nice almond eye with a lovely expression good ear carriage. Moved steady with correct tail carriage. Groomed and presented well. Must have a bright future.
2 nd Farthings Didek Once In A Blue Moon Only a baby he has a good reach of neck and is balanced throughout with good angulation. Nice eye and expression excellent ear carriage. Moved steady for his age.
3 rd Ross`s Siluto Blue Wizzard

PD 3/0 1st Scott’s Chantique Abracadabra A well balanced puppy with nice bone. His head was balanced with a super eye and nice expression. He used his well placed ears to his advantage. His movement was sound, another with a bright future.
2 nd Nobles Beldones Hugo Lloris For Tonova A masculine puppy with a good arch of neck. He has a balanced head with a good shaped eye giving a pleasing expression shame his ear set lets him down. Needs to steady on the move.
3 rd Coopers Kelekona Hearts Of Gold

JD 5/3 1 st Cronk’s Chelborn`s Gambling Man Lovely dark Tri pleasing body shape but would prefer more neck and a size bigger although masculine enough. Almond shaped eyes with a super expression very attentive to his handler.
2 nd Blakes Corydon Prince Eric Liked his size, shape and excellent reach of neck. His head was clean but would have liked a little more stop has good shaped eyes and used his ears well. Good muscle tone and moved well.

GD 3/0 1 st Welsh`s Thistlewing Smoky Quarts Very worthy winner. Top size, balanced throughout with a super reach of neck flowing body lines. In super coat, fitted and presented well. Has a nice eye. moved well.
2 nd Brightmores Millubie Va Va Voom although balanced and a nice shape would like a little bit more of him. Was a bit unsettled today
3 rd Boyles Monsolana Asoire To Inspire Over Barrenclough.

PG 2/0 1 st Chaplin’s Takhisis Lysander Top sized with an excellent reach of neck. Clean head with a nice dark almond shaped eye, ears a little too heavy. Good tailset and moved ok.
2 nd Brightmores Millubie Razzmataz Has a balanced head and nice eye with a good expression. Would have liked a bit more neck to give better balance. He has a super clear colour for a blue merle.

LD 13/0 A much better class of quality dog’s 1 st Whites Camanna Chasingclouds Over Mejola A lovely clear blue merle. Top size but balanced throughout He has an excellent reach of neck. His coat is straight and fitted. Head is balanced nice eye and pleasing expression good ear carriage. Moved well in the class and pushed hard for top honours RCC.
2 nd Blakes Demelewis Silver Spur At Corydon Another blue merle not quite the clear colour of winner. A well balanced dog with a good reach of neck liked his size and shape. Clean head shape nice eye and neat ears which he used well.

OD 5/0 1 st Wray -Ramsdens Takhisis Dream Weaver A mature dog of nice size, he has an excellent reach of neck flowing onto a balanced body. Good angulation throughout which showed in his effortless movement. Clean head a super eye and expression, good ear carriage attentive to his handler all the time. Good fitted coat would like a little less weight, presented well pleased to award him the CC to be informed was his crowning one.
2 nd Cronk’s Chelborn That`ll Do A lovely type has a super balanced head with a nice eye and expression well set ears. Balanced with a good body shape just enough neck. Excellent turn of stifle. Moved well and presented in good coat and condition.
3 rd Shipps No More Heroes DU Clos De Sea-Wind JW

VD 4/1 1 st Scott’s Aniesh Touch Of Black A nice type with a balanced head good eye and expression used his ears well. Good body shape and angulations.
2 nd Boyles Barrenclough Diamond Days JW Slightly shorter in topline than I prefer, shown in good coat and condition well presented. Pleasing head, eye and ears. Moved soundly.
3 rd Scott’s Aniesh Legend In Black

SBD 2/0 1st Chaplin’s Takhisis Lysander
2 nd Boyles Barrenclough Heart Of Gold A nice shape standing. Not settled on the move , presented well .

MPB 8/1 1 st Hawkins Brilyn Shows The Difference A super quality puppy balanced head with a lovely almond shaped eye giving a sweet expression, good ear set which she used well. Excellent reach of neck onto good shoulders nice body shape and good turn of stifle. Moved with purpose for a youngster. BP
2 nd Mccarte`s Roughrigg Red Lagertha Another quality puppy with a super reach of neck. Balanced throughout and good angulation. Again moved really well for a youngster.

PB 2/1 1 st Cronk’s Chelborn Tell Me Your Wish Stood alone although unsettled deserved her 1 st place. Nice type balanced head with good eye shape and expression. Super neck and body shape. When started to relax her movement got better. Presented well.

JB 8/0 A difficult class to judge some quality youngsters was splitting hairs. One of the best movers today had to settle for a lower placing she had left her coat at home and wasn’t looking her best. 1 st Cronk’s Chelborn Gambler`s Wish Very much my type in size, shape and coat. Super reach of neck has good angulation which showed in her effortless movement. Lovely eye and expression one to watch out for in the future.
2 nd Howards Serenlas Angel Of Casatentola Top quality good reach of neck onto well laid shoulders
good body shape. Balanced head with a good eye and expression used her ears well. Excellent on the move just spoilt by the tail carriage.
3 rd Newmans Ingledene Crystal Vision Of Phreelancer

GB 4/0 1 st Whites Mejola Main Event JW Proper show girl, nice fitted coat excellent reach of neck and good shoulders. Liked her overall balance and moved well. Presentation top class.
2 nd Scott’s Chantique Strawberry Moon Smaller in type would prefer a little more length in head, used her ears well giving a sweet expression. Good reach of neck and angulation. In good condition moved out effortlessly.
3 rd Wray-Ramsdens Takhisis Lady Of Mystery

PGB 5/1 Another quality class 1 st French`s Breckamore Pitch Dark Super outline and construction so feminine and balanced throughout. Her head is clean and has a super eye and the sweetest of expressions. Strode out as one would expect effortless. Presented in super condition pleased to award her the RCC look forward to seeing her mature must have a bright future.
2 nd Growcott`s Lillyway Lemon Breeze A nice balanced head with a good eye and expression used her ears well. Good reach of neck liked her shape and size. Not quite as free on the move as the winner.
3 rd Welsh`s Thistlewing Magic Lady

LB 9/3 1 st Scott’s O`de Lancome Of Lowlands Green Valley For Chantique Not usually my type but couldn’t deny her this win on her superb movement and tail carriage she powered round the ring effortlessly. Used her ears well giving a sweet expression. In good coat and condition presented well.
2 nd Quince`s Thistlewing Celtic Soul For Karafaye One I have awarded a RCC to previously still love her type, size and super conformation. She has an excellent reach of neck. Not in full coat but fitted and presented well. She wasn’t settled on the move and her tail carriage let her down.
3 rd Gautrey`s Carristina Summer Rhapsody

OB 7/0 This was the best class of the day full of quality and very close decisions.

1 st Cronk’s Chelborn Wish List This kennel certainly produces a type and always top class presentation. I just loved everything about her type, size, shape, fitted coat and confirmation. She has a clean head with super eye and the sweetest expression. Not always a showgirl especially in the challenge with a change of handler but then the young handler got the best out of her on the move. I was pleased to award her the BCC and BOB
2 nd Walder`s Ch Beldones La Vita Bella For Hanvale Another top quality bitch with a good shape and topline. She has a good turn of stifle and moved well. A balanced head with nice eye used her ears well attentive to her handler giving a sweet expression. A worthy champion
3 rd Tipper`s Revdvicki Ruby Tuesday At Tiganlea

VB 3/0 1 st Whitaker`s Aniesh Misty Blue Moon Of Siluto A balanced bitch of nice type good reach of neck . Moved effortlessly which won her the class and BVIB
2 nd Boyle`s Monsolana Madam Blues Over Barrenclough ShCM VW Good reach of neck and balanced body just not quite got the head type I was looking for .
3 rd Skinner`s Samhaven Time Is Money With Nikai

SBB 3/0 1 st Gautrey`s Carristina Summer Rhapsody A nice type she has a lovely shape and good angulations. Balanced head and a sweet expression. Moved well but occasionally lifted her tail too high. BSB
2 nd Whitaker`s Siluto Misterious Girl A nice type with a good neck , moved ok not quite the showgirl of the winner today.
3 rd Boyle`s Monsolana Madam Blues Over Barrenclough ShCM VW

Tracey Wilkinson