Edwinstowe DCS


Smooth Collie:

P Jerrett’s Coldelee Eternal Sunshine, almost 1 year old feminine girl. Nice head with a sweet expression. Nice smooth mover who covered the ground well. BP. Post Grad Brown & Davies Breckamore Blessings At Wystry JW, her movement won her the class. Her action was smooth with required drive. She was nicely balance with a good topline. Head as required and good pigment. RBOB. 2nd Russell’s Koczkodan Midnight Sun JW another nice girl and it was a close decision between these two. Attractive head with required expression, just preferred the movement of 1. O 1 Howard’s Brackenhaye Heartbreaker At Shadlmain, a lovely head with beautiful eyes and ear set. Good front with laid back shoulders, rear well-muscled and body in good condition. Lovely on the move, BOB. 2 Cowling’s Blamorder Opulence At Himinnsaga, masculine and in good condition with a lovely coat. Another who is balanced with a nice head. Just preferred the rear of 1.

Rough Collie:

P 1 Blake’s Corydon The Baron, 8mth old sable male showing much promise. He had a beautifully proportioned head with the sweetest of expressions from his lovely eyes. Balanced with the required topline and easy mover around the ring, BP. 2 Blake’s Corydon Prince Eric, brother of first and with very similar qualities and I’m sure once he could beat his brother on another occasion. He wasn’t quite as settled as 1 however at only 8mths old this will come, and he will have his time to win classes.

J 1 Howard’s Serenias Angel of Casatentola, just into junior and a super example of the breed. A harsh coat of perfect condition covered her balance and fit body. Nice head proportions, good bite, nice eye and ear set. Really drives out on the move which won her this class. 2 Rose’s Beldones Clementine Avec Coloratura, sable girl with much to like, she too had a sweet expression and nice head properties, good topline and fit, just preferred the rear movement of 1.

PG 1 Uffspring Ultrvox For Coloratura, beautifully presented, coat and conditioning of body was really pleasing. Lovely ears and eyes and required expression. Moved well around the ring with her handler, RBOB. 2 White’s Phreelancer Phederal Agent at Mejola, good head with required expression. Nice spring of rib and deep chest, just preferred the top line of 1st.

O 1 Blake’s Corydon The Grandmaster. Stunning boy with so much to like. His balanced body was covered in a fabulous harsh coat which was in great condition. Arched neck flowed, he had well laid back shoulders and good topline. Straight front with correct movement and his rear was muscled and clean, BOB. 2 White’s Mejola Main Event JW, beautiful girl with the most sweetest of expressions from her dark almond eyes and ear set. Her head was in proportion and had the required lines. Moved well around the ring. Close call, unfortunate to meet 1 today.

 Lucy Mottram