Many thanks to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge rough & smooth collies at this friendly and well-organised show and to the exhibitors who kindly let me judge their lovely dogs.

I had a most enjoyable afternoon and was further delighted when some of my winners were
rewarded also in the group. My thanks also to my very helpful steward who did a great job
keeping everything running smoothly.

Rough Collies
Puppy (4, 1 absent)
1. Cooper’s Kelekona Hearts of Gold
Mature 8 month old sable & white puppy dog who looked at ease in the show ring. Well balanced head, dark eyes, neat ears which he used to advantage, combining to give a sweet expression. Correct front assembly and lovely overall outline. Neat, fitted coat of good texture. Well presented . Very attentive to his handler. Moved very well as his construction suggested he would. BP, PG2
2. Noble’s Beldones Hugo Lloris For Tonova
6 month old sable & white puppy dog with a huge coat which somewhat detracted from his overall picture. However, underneath all the puppy fluff, he has a good body structure with a decent front assembly and deep chest. Pretty head and nice expression. On the move he lacks stability and balance at present but he’s very young and so this should settle as he matures.
3. Muir’s Kelekona’s Sparks At Dawn

Junior (1)
1. Noble’s Beldones Hugo Lloris For Tonova

Post Graduate ((3,1 absent)
1. Philpin’s Tudorlyn Alice In Wonderland
3 year old pretty blue merle bitch. A little unsure in these surroundings which were fairly
busy, but settled as the class progressed. Beautiful silvery blue in colour. Lovely expression and well used ears. Nice body shape although I would prefer her to have a little more substance. Well presented. Neat feet. Moved well. RBOB
2. Ludlow’s Tudorlyn Golden Dreamer for Malina
7 year old heavily coated sable dog. Nicely shaped head with dark eyes and a kind expression. Teeth could be cleaner. Plenty of substance and good overall body shape but without the refinement of the class winner. Moved ok.

Open (7, 1 absent)
This was a class of quality throughout and some of the minor places could easily move up the
order on a different day.

1. Benton’s Ch. Brooklynson Jane Russell of Oakestelle
Sable & White bitch of 8 years who belies her age. Pretty head with correct planes, neat
ears which she uses to advantage, dark eyes and slight but perceptible stop. Good deep chest, correct angulation front and rear, strong hindquarters. She moves with such drive that she is impossible to ignore and is at one with her handler. Very well presented. BOB
2. Murray & Bellamy’s Beloreen Starlight
Another veteran! This one 7 years old and a well marked blue merle bitch. Feminine head with neat ears and a pleasing expression. Deep chest, nice front assembly with good angulation. Lacked the drive on the move of (1) but did enough and was very attentive to her handler.
3. Benton’s Ch. Brooklynson El Dorado ShCEx

Smooth Collies
Puppy (1)
1. Seager’s Blamorder Magic Maker With Freejack
Sable & white puppy of just 6 months. Beautiful wedge shaped head, well set ears of moderately large size, appealing dark eyes, good strong features, combining to give a pleasing expression. Long neck leading to a strong body with good angulations, front and rear. Deep chest and good length of back. Strong hindquarters. Correct tail set. He moved very well, especially for one so young. One whose future I shall watch with interest. BP, PG3

Junior (3)
1. Jerrett’s Coldelee Eternal Sunshine
This sable bitch is only just out of puppy classes but has got none of the gawkiness associated with many juniors. Beautifully feminine and with a sweet expression, achieved by the balance of her head and features, she is neat and petite. Strong body with good angulations throughout, short pasterns and neat feet. Well presented and moved well.
2. Seager’s Blamorder Magic Maker with Freejack
3. Bemelmans Moseliqa Proudfoot

Limit (2)
1. Benton’s Oakestelle Artemis ShCEx
Stunning blue merle bitch with a pretty head of correct proportions, lovely expression and
well tipped ears which she uses to advantage. Long neck leading to good length of back and a well constructed body with good angulations throughout. Well presented. She moved very well, at one with her handler. RBOB
2. Bemelmans Oakestelle Asteria
This lovely tricolour is a sister to the winner of this class and is so like her in most
respects. On the day, she was beaten because she didn’t quite have the fluidity on the
move and isn’t quite as showy, but there is very little to choose between them. They could
swap places on another day. Well presented.

Open (1)
1. Benton’s Ch Oakestelle Venus De Milo VW ShCEx
Beautiful 9 year old blue with a lovely head and expression, although her ears were a little
light today. Stood and showed like the pro that she is. Long, muscular neck leading to a good length of back. Good angulations throughout. Has not diminished with age. Moved very well.

Di Collino (Judge)