Critique for Irish Collie Club Single Breed Championship Show for Rough Collies 23/09/2023

Thankyou to the committee of the Irish Collie club for inviting me to judge at this show and to my steward Liam Kelly for his assistance throughout .

Minor Puppy dog -no entries

Puppy Dog - no entries

Junior Dog - (1)
Lockyer's -Gataj Turn Back Time - well grown young dog of 16 months with good bone and substance .Well coated and with good turn of stifle .Correct head with well used ears, nice dark eye and pleasing expression. A little fidgety today but moved well.

Yearling Dog - (1)
Francis - Monsolana Franz Von Assisi Mit Peblu - (imp. Russia) almost 2 year old shaded sable who was very well presented. HE possesses a deep body and good bone but would prefer more length of leg . His head has a correct stop , well used ears and nice dark eye. Moved well in front but a little close behind .

Post Grad - no entries

Limit Dog (3)
Scott's - Sherlock Holmes of Moon River for Chantique - (imp France) - tri in lovely coat and condition. Good length of back and deep body .Good length of neck supporting his head with neat well used ears, correct stop and lovely dark eye and expression .Good well rounded muzzle and good underjaw . Really liked this boy and would have considered him for higher honours but, unfortunately , he was throwing a back hock out today .
2- Lockyer's - Gataj Out Of The Woods - sable/white who was very well presented. Good head with correct stop, well used ears and nice eye and expression . Good depth of body and length of back. Good bone . Moved well
3- Savage - Peblu Gold Reflection at Savataurus Jun. CH.

Open Dog (5,2)
Jopson's- Lillyway Lattimer at Nithview - tricolour who instantly appealed for his make and shape .Lovely outline with good length to neck and back. Good body, well turned stifles and nice neat hocks . Head is well balanced with correct stop, clean cheeks, sweet eye and expression and well used ears .Well presented jet black coat , moved well. Res. CC
Nealons - Ir. Ch. Ezzmare King of Hearts - sable/white who was shorter all over than 1st. Pleasing head with very nice eye and expression , good ears which he used well and pleasing body shape . He was well presented and moved well .
3 Tipper's - Tiganlea True Hero
Veteran Dog (2)

Wray-Ramsden - Ch. Takhisis Dream Weaver - 7 year old who was expertly presented and in good coat and condition. He has a good head with correct stop, good muzzle and foreface and flat skull with neat well used ears. Good body with nice bone and neat feet . Good in topline with the required slight rise over the loin . Moved with style holding his topline with light and effortless motion . stood and showed really well demanding attention . CC
Drewery - Ballahanna Bon Jovi at Elshadene - 7 year old rich golden sable boy with a clean head, neat well used ears and sweet eye and expression .He is well boned with a good length of neck and back and moved ok but not the reach and drive of the winner.
Minor Puppy Bitch - (2,1)

Timmins- Bonnettsrath Oops A Daisy - very nice 6 month baby who really enjoyed her time in the ring ! Head developing nicely with a good muzzle and underjaw and a sweet eye and expression and used her ears really well .Nice neck leading to good topline and good body .Coat was ample and well presented and she moved well for her young age.
Puppy - (1)- Lockyers - Gataj All That Sparkles- 9 month sable/white in lovely condition. Good head with enough stop and flat skull. Well shaped dark eye and soft expression. Good bone and substance , coat well presented .Moved well .

Junior - (2,1)

Nealons- Ezzmare Westside Pearl - 10 month sable/white puppy with a lovely shape. Good length of neck and topline , well boned legs and neat feet and nice body for age .Nice head with good muzzle and underjaw ,correct amount of stop and sweet ,well placed eyes . Well used ears , moved well , just needs a little more control . well presented . Best Puppy
Yearling - (2, 1)

Wray-Ramsden - Takhisis Lady of Mystery - almost 2 year old sable/white . Instantly appeals for shape and outline. Lovely front assembly, good body and rear angulation .Pleasing head with enough stop , correct eye shape and lovely expression. Uses her ears really well . moved well . just needs more coat to complete the picture .

Post Grad - no entries

Limit - (5)
Scott's - Chantique Ooh La La - very pretty gold sable/white. Good length of head with correct stop, sweet eye and expression and neat well used ears .Good bone and substance. Not a big girl but very well balanced. Good length of back, nice bend of stifle and ample bone. Coat very well presented. moved ok.
Drewery's - Ballahanna Bon Ami - very feminine tricolour with a good length of head and lovely eye and expression .Clean in skull , good length of neck, and body nicely proportioned .Good bend of stifle and nice amount of bone. Jet black coat ,well presented . Moved well
Melvin and Jopson - Lillyway Lemon Sparkle at Nithview
Open - (3)

Lockyer's - Gataj Good Time Girl- gave this lovely girl Best Puppy two years ago and was delighted to find she has fulfilled her early promise . Head is well balanced with a slight stop, good muzzle and underjaw and very lovely eye and soft expression. Skull is flat and ears well used . Good neck and length of back, good front with good layback of shoulder .Firm , well balanced body and nice bend of stifle. Good bone and neat feet . Beautifully presented and moved easily with purpose . CC and BOB
Walsh - Skabona What A Lady at Joshren - blue merle with super conformation. Good length of upperarm and layback of shoulder . Good neck and topline . Firm in body and lovely boned legs and feet. Head is of good length with nice muzzle and underjaw. Would just prefer a tighter eye and slightly more stop but was well presented and a lovely easy mover.
Nealon - Ezzmare Cradle With Love

1 -Burrows - Tiganlea Tinkerbell at Revdvicki - one of the well known ambassadors of the breed who at 10 years is still strutting her stuff!! Head is still refined with correct stop and the sweetest of eyes and expressions. Good muzzle and underjaw and well used ears. Good neck and outline, well bodied and in well presented coat. moved well showing no signs of age. Delighted to award her the Res CC
2 - Melvin and Jopson - Nithview Country Bumpkin- 7 year old sable/white in good condition. Nice type of head with correct stop and well used ears .Good neck and outline, good body and well angulated hindquarters . Well presented and moved well.

Sue Hawkins