London & Provincial Collie Championship Show

Sat 26th August 2023.

I would like to thank the committee for the invite to this well run show, I had fun with the exhibitors with all the banter and a very relaxed atmosphere, enjoyed my day .

Rough collie bitches

Veteran (3-1 ab)

1st Mrs H Lyall,
Santaloly's Sky Amidalas,
8 year old s/w pretty bitch with appealing eye correctly set, clean head with neat ears, good neck and overall outline, nice tail set. Moved with purpose.

2nd Bartram Mr C P,
Ambatar Born To Follow,
Slightly more length to head than the winner, losing the nice expression, but with flat skull and good underjaw, decent length of neck, a bit lethargic today, moved ok.

MP (4-2 ab)

1st Mrs D and Mr P Bullock,
Ladnar Heartstrings,
Raw 8 month tri, nice bitch a bit leggy at the moment, decent head which needs to fill, good eye placement ,underjaw and ear set.  Rich tan markings . Moved with reach in front, with good tail set. When drops into body could do well.

2nd Radford House Durrant,
Kiss Me Kate Di Cambiano at Fivejays,
S/w not quite developed yet, a bit early for her, needs more schooling. Decent head and eye, shown in good coat and condition, needs to tighten on the move.

Pup (1)

1st Mrs D and Mr P Bullock,
  Ladnar Heartstrings.

Junior (3)

1st Mrs G and Mr C Howard,
Serenlas Angel of Casatentola,
Quality tri, with lovely balance, clean head and correctly placed stop. Ears bang on top and correctly placed, good underjaw, nice well laid shoulders, good length of back and well angulated behind. On the move she is effortless striding out with level topline and showing power from rear, hopefully has a very bright future R.C.C. 8/10 mover

2nd Miss K Flower,
Serenlas Chloe,
Seen in catalogue this is litter sister to winner,very different in head, good length but no stop and slightly drops off in nose. Overall a little fine, good underjaw, ears well set. Well laid shoulders and depth of chest, well angulated behind, nice fitted coat. Moved very well with good length of stride, well handled and well schooled junior, 7/10 movement

Yearling (1)

1st Mrs V Cronk,
Chelborn Gamblers Wish,
Nice balanced round foreface with deeper stop, a pleasing expression and underjaw, neat ears. Too short in back for me, no upper arm to reach out on move, shortest tail I have seen on a collie, moved adequately.

Novice (2-1 ab)

1st Mr C P Bartram,
Ambartr Troubled Gold,
S/w, good length of foreface, decent eyeset, well placed ears and length of back. Moved with high tail set, but overall moved ok

2nd Mr C P Bartram,
Wicani My Molasses,
Nice quality tri with balanced head and eye, good underjaw, well set ears, nice sweet expression, good bone and feet.  However today she was overweight and it showed in her movement, hopefully on a balanced diet she will improve on the move, shown in good coat.

Graduate (3)

1st Mr C P Bartram,
Ambartr Troubled Gold ,

2nd Radford House and Durrant,
Chelborn's Betting List For Fivejays,
S/w bit weak in foreface with deep stop, but has nice eye and well placed ears ,would like more ribbing. Decent on the move, shown in good coat and condition.

3rd Perrott Mr and Mr
Gataj One Moment In Time

Post grad (5-1ab)

1st Mr D and Mrs SP Randall,
Ladnar Izadorable,
Lovely blue merle, nice bright clean colour and well broken.  Nice moulded foreface, pretty well set eyes, ears bang on, good bone and body length. Well angulated behind, moved well but would have liked more drive, a little unsettled today, well handled and shown well on the stack.

2nd Riddell Mr D,
Princess Pink Rhodonite.
Was 2nd for movement over the others in class. Decent head and eye, good shoulders and length of back, well let down behind. Just keep barking under control whilst in ring.

3rd Adams and Carlyon Mr and Mrs,
Dycoshem Emily Morgan.

Mid limit  (3-1ab)

1st Collino Miss D M,
Imaginist Perfect Pitch,
S/w, nice balanced head and eye, well set ears, flat skull and good under jaw. Good shoulder placement and angulation, good ribbing however needs to lose a little weight to achieve peak condition. Good length of back and well let down behind, moved well.

2nd Vogan Mrs D and Miss S,
Lenosann Black Cherry,
Finer in head than winner and wider earset, would like more neck, also would like more length of back but moved ok.

Limit (9-1 ab)

1st Mellish Miss M,
Demelewis Double Take,
Definitely a bitch that takes its characteristics from its owner, (honest and cheeky) oozed confidence and wanted to show, lovely petite bitch, clean head and good under jaw, neat ears (well used).  Good neck and shoulders, well sprung ribs, excellent rear angulation and rich tan markings, moved with drive and level topline  8/10 movement.

2nd Collino Miss D M,
Imaginist perfect pitch.

3rd White Mrs J,
Mejola Main Event.

Open  (10-1 ab)

1st Blake Mr J
Corydon Clarissa,
Top drawer bitch that could win group placings given a chance. Balanced head and rounded foreface, neat ears used all the time, lovely pleasing eye. Well angulated shoulders, good ribbing, lovely arched neck, showing elegance. Good fall over croup, well let down hocks, shown in immaculate fitted coat. On the move a joy to see, effortless movement with drive and showing pads. Boundless energy sadly lacking in rough collies, easy decision for CC. I wish her well, her crowning title not too far away I'm sure, 8/10 for movement.

2nd Mrs L Newman,
Phreelancer Phaith Hill,

6 year old up to size tri who is well balanced throughout and presents a good overall picture. Has a stronger head pattern of decent  length and well placed stop. Good reach of neck and good front assembly, well sprung ribs and strong loin. She is carrying an abundance of coat which was presented to perfection. Moved soundly but needs more power.

3rd Mrs S Flower
Serenlas Heaven In Blu

Steve Barrett