I’d been looking forward to judging Roughs, Smooths and BIS for L&PCC and it lived up to my expectations with some top quality dogs entered. Thank you to Secretary, Di Collino and the friendly, welcoming committee for a lovely day with a delicious lunch and for my lovely judges gift that I will treasure.
Thank you also to my two efficient stewards, Paul Richardson and Marianne Wood, a please to be with you both as always.
There was a mix of types present as is normal, particularly in Roughs, and regardless of type, I was looking for a dog of the correct balance and proportions, that conforms to the standard and exhibits the construction and movement I expect to see in a herding/droving breed. Finding all the above with the much desired beautiful head and sweet expression is the challenge but I was very pleased with my line-ups and hope that it was evident what I was looking for. One thing I always notice when judging both breeds is how much easier it is to find a flat skull in Smooths than in Roughs!

VD (1,0) 1. Collino’s Wicani Altitude at Imaginist. Masculine 8 year old tri who appealed for his correct size and proportions. Head is good to handle being a long blunt wedge with parallel planes, a flattish skull, good stop, lovely almond eye giving a sweet, enquiring expression, good fill to muzzle and clean through the cheeks. Ear set is ok but if he held them tighter it would be to his advantage. Would like a touch more length of neck but his angulation front and rear is excellent, he has a forechest, good bone, straight forelegs with slight spring to pasterns and lovely feet. He has the correct length of body, good spring of rib, the flow over the topline with slight rise to the loin and gentle curve over the croup to a well set tail. In good coat of the correct texture and condition with glossy black and retaining his tan with pearly white, he looked great. He moves out really well, sound up and down, with reach in
front and real drive from the rear. A fit for function collie still in good form and a very youthful looking veteran. BVD

MPD (1,0) 1. Perrot’s Gataj Lightning Flash. Attractive g/s youngster of 7 months. Good pattern of head, correct equal proportions skull to muzzle, lovely almond shaped eye, correctly set giving a sweet, almost laughing expression. Super ear set and ears correctly tipped and used to advantage. Good length of neck with a lovely well angulated front, straight forelegs and neat feet. I would prefer a touch more length of back but he has good depth of body, the correct topline and tailset and neat quarters with good turn of stifle. Tail just long enough. In well fitting puppy coat of good texture, bright gold sable and pristine white, sound up and down on the move and moves out well round the ring for a baby. Just needs to settle and mature on.

PD (1,0) 1. Thomas’ Kenzduo Mythical Nights. Striking, classy young tri of 10 months who instantly appeals for his lovely outline and balance. Good length of head, correctly proportioned and a good wedge shape. Skull can still flatten out a touch and stop clear but that should happen. Mischievous expression from the combination of correct eye shape and placement, clean cheeks and beautifully set, carried and used ears. Head held proudly on a good length of neck, he has a really super front with correct angulation, good bone, legs and feet, good depth of body, tight elbows, lovely flow from his arched neck down over the correct topline, gently curving over the croup to a well set and carried tail. Can still drop into himself a touch, he has good rear angulation with no exaggeration. In full puppy coat of good texture, he looked a picture of health, the glossy black and lovely tan set off by his white collar. Took a little while to settle into his stride as he has a super happy temperament, full of joie de vive, loving everyone including the judge and was enjoying his time in the ring. When he does focus
on the job in hand, he is totally sound and moves out with lovely length of stride and strong drive from the rear showing off his gorgeous outline and flowing, effortless movement. Sympathetically handled and by the end of the day he was much more focussed and I can see him becoming a real showman as he has presence and a certain style about him. A really promising pup and I was pleased to award him BPD and later BPIB where I preferred his height to length proportions to the BPB. Congratulations and I was pleased to find out later that he was sired by my RBD. I shall watch his career with interest.

YD (1,0) 1. Howard, Newton & Patterson’s Ladnar Dreamchaser. Lots to like about this quality b/m of 21 months. Had instant appeal for his good size, typical outline and sweet eye and expression. Masculine in head without being overdone with plenty of width of skull, good length, correctly placed stop, the desired clean, blunt wedge and possesses a beautiful almond eye, obliquely placed giving a lovely smiling expression, enhanced when he uses his well set ears. Good length of neck with nice arch, well angulated front and rear, good bone, legs and feet with good height on the leg. Still maturing in body but lovely flow over neck to topline and croup. Strong loin, well angulated rear whichis well muscled. In fitting coat of correct texture with harsh outer coat and dense undercoat. Well marked with lovely rich tan and white trim, the blue can still clear a touch. I was looking forward to seeing this lad move as his construction suggested he would and he was sound as a bell with good front reach and rear drive and very light on his feet which is lovely to see. It’s a shame that his raised tail spoils his outline somewhat but that apart he is a fit for function young male who I really liked.

LD (2,0) 1. Collino & Harvey’s Wicani Invoking Spirit. This is a quality, well proportioned rich sh/s of 4 years who fills the eye at first sight with his super balance. Good head pattern with length, parallel planes and equal proportions skull to muzzle with the correct slight but perceptible stop. One of the flatter skulls on show in Roughs, not at all deep through, lovely eye shape with a calm, intelligent expression, ear set is ok but he is not the most switched on showman and if only he would pull them tight and look interested he would really turn heads. Super strong neck, well arched, fabulous front with correct angulation, forechest, good bone, legs and ok feet. Maturing in body, ribs could extend a little further back and I would like a little more condition on him. He has a correct topline with the length of back the standard describes but is a little angular over the croup and I think a bit more weight would help this. Super rear angulation, totally in balance with the front. Rear pasterns nice and short and totally straight. He is a lovely rich sh/s, outer coat is harsh and straight with an impressive mane but the body coat fits his shape Sound up and down on the move but it is going round that he
really impresses, using that angulation to reach and power himself round the ring effortlessly, as
smooth as silk, balanced and rhythmic. This is a dog that could work for hours and I was pleased to award him RBD. With a bit more weight and if he can be persuaded to borrow a bit of his son’s showmanship he can easily take the next step up and do some top winning. 2. May’s Camanna Careerchangeing for Maqueeba. Upstanding s/w dog of 3 years, slightly more compact type than 1. Good head pattern, well proportioned with correct stop and parallel planes. Lovely almond eye beautifully set giving the softest expression, lovely fill of muzzle. Ears tip correctly but are a little wide set, not helped by the fact that he was reluctant to show them off. Shorter in neck than 1 but has a decent front with a well laid shoulder, good bone, legs and feet. Mature body, correct in topline and tailset. Well angulated rear with good turn of stifle. Moves out well going round, a little close behind. In good double coat of the correct texture, presented well.

OD (1,0) 1. Benton’s Ch Brooklynson El Dorado ShCEx. Beautiful sh/s dog of 5 years who I’ve judged before and seen him grow into the lovely dog he is. Now with the benefit of full maturity it was good tohave another opportunity to go over him. He possesses a beautifully balanced head with super length, good planes, perfectly placed stop, so clean through the cheeks, sweet but masculine expression with beautiful eye, obliquely set. Ears perfectly placed and used when required giving him the most intelligent, enquiring look when something catches his attention. Enough underjaw. Strong neck which he holds well and it flows into a super lay of shoulder and return of upper arm placing his front well underneath him. Good legs and feet. Well sprung in ribs with good depth of chest and a super topline. lovely over the croup with unexaggerated, balanced rear angulation and correct length of tail. In full, fitted coat of good texture and density and really rich sh/s. Moves with such ease and fluidity,
extending well in front and using his rear, sound up and down. In good form today and a super
example of a workmanlike, classy male Rough Collie. BD and RBOB just losing out to his kennelmate for the top spot. Congratulations.

VB (6,1) This was the class of the day with some cracking, top quality veteran bitches on show.
1. Benton’s Ch Brooklynson Jane Russell of Oakestelle. What a classy, shapely bitch this 8 year old is! Beautifully balanced with a lovely outline and with her dignified, almost regal air she was instantly the one to beat. Her head is so clean and correctly proportioned with length, flat skull, slight stop with parallel planes, super almond eye, perfectly set which when combined with her lovely ears, set just right with the top third tipped, all combines to give the most winsome and feminine expression. The only thing I would add for perfection is a touch more underjaw. She is so well constructed with correct angulation front and rear, her proportions are spot on height to length, good bone, legs and feet, infill of chest, tight elbows, mature in body with good depth and well sprung ribs. The flowing lines from her well arched neck down over her back and slightly arched loin finished with a gentle curve over the croup to her correctly set and carried tail is a delight to see. Her hocks are low set and straight, she was in full g/s coat, fitting her outline, harsh and dense and in top notch condition. I couldn’t wait to see her moving and she didn’t disappoint. She is simply outstanding on the move where that harmony of angulation and construction comes together and creates the most beautiful picture, she just flows effortlessly round the ring with real reach and drive, so sound and at one with her handler. I just loved
her and it was an easy decision to award her BB and then in the challenge against her kennel mate I felt she just had the edge on length of neck and rear drive. BOB & BVIB. Congratulations! 2. Philpin’s Sassari Snow Shimmer for Tudorlyn JW. This quality 7 year old b/m is another well balanced and correctly proportioned bitch. She has the sweetest expression from a beautiful eye, head is of goodlength, equal proportions muzzle to skull, clean through the cheeks with lovely fill to muzzle and good underjaw giving the well blunted wedge with correctly set ears, used when needed aiding the expression. Strong neck of moderate length, super lay of shoulder and return of upperarm, good fill of chest, moderate bone with straight forelegs and correct slightly sprung pasterns and reasonable feet. Has good depth of body and spring of rib, the correct topline with slight rise to loin and gentle curve over the croup to well angulated quarters and low set hocks. In good coat, very dense, well marked and the correct silvery blue. Another good, balanced mover as expected from her construction, no
exaggerations, everything in balance. She wasn’t quite so sure of the floor as 1 but still moved out with good reach, easy drive from the rear and totally sound. A real quality bitch and certainly not disgraced here. 3. Flower’s Serenlas Keeping Faith. Another well made veteran making a really good trio heading the class.

MP (2,0) This has to be the most bizarre class of Roughs I have ever judged with two MPs as
different as they could possibly be. After due consideration I placed them as follow: 1. Collino’s
Blamorder Any Dream Will Do. This strapping juno-esque b/m was only 2 days off 9 months but is the size of good sized fully grown adult. Hopefully she has done her growing early! Her head is clean and well proportioned with a flat skull which is a well blunted wedge with a good underjaw but for me is too strong and masculine for a bitch. I preferred the eye and expression of 2. Ears are neat, correctly set and well used. Behind the head and setting her size to one side, she is lovely to go over. Good length of neck, super angulation in front, not overdone in bone, slightly sprung pasterns and excellent feet. With the correct proportions height to length she has a lovely body shape with the correct topline, flowing from head to tail which is a good length and perfectly set and carried with the rarely seen collie swirl at the end. Her rear angulation is totally in balance with the front, in fitted coat of the correct texture, classically marked and a reasonable blue with lovely tan. Excelled on the move, really reaching out and driving from behind, holding a lovely outline. Looking at her breeding afterwards I guess it would be expected that I would appreciate her virtues as she is Smooth bred, her sire being
my BOB from Bournemouth and her dam my RBIS here today. She is certainly a Marmite puppy but dare I say it, she excels in areas that many Roughs fall down in and with her new bloodlines
potentially has a lot to offer the breed put to the right dog. 2. Tame’s Gataj Time After Time. You’d scarcely believe it but this bright g/s MP is only 3 days older than 1. Totally different in size, type and shape being on the smaller side, slightly squarer in proportions height to length and very pretty andfeminine. Head has just enough length with equal proportions skull to muzzle and parallel planes. Slightly deeper in stop and needs more underjaw but has a beautifully set almond eye giving the sweetest expression. Ears are well set and correctly tipped. Preferred the length of neck of 1. She has a good, well angulated front, with enough bone for her size and neat feet. Good body shape and topline with nice flow over the croup, a well set tail of good length and a good rear with well turned stifles. In good puppy coat beautifully presented in lovely condition she took a while to settle but moved out lightly and easily with a dainty air. Will be interested to see the finished article but she couldn’t match 1 on the move today whose height to length proportions I felt to be more to the standard.

PB (3,0) 1. Riddell’s Princess Jessie The Third. Smart looking tri bitch of 11 months. Good head pattern, the best in the class with lovely flat skull, correct proportions skull to muzzle, parallel planes and correct stop. Good eye shape and well set ears. Moderate length of neck flows into a well angulated front with sufficient bone and reasonable feet. Good height on the leg with correct depth of chest but would like to see more length of body as she is on the squarer side and a bit shorter in back than ideal. Would prefer a gentler curve over the croup but she has neat quarters with good turn of stifle. In good coat of the correct texture and colour with jet black, good tan and a big white shawl collar. Can tighten up and down on the move but goes round the ring with ease and good balance. BPB. 2. May’s Maqueeba Magical Kisses. Well proportioned 10 month old s/w and preferred her length to height ratio to 1. Preferred the length of skull of 1 but this girl has parallel planes, well placed stop, is lovely and clean through the cheeks with a beautiful almond eye, obliquely set. Ears a little ten to two but when she uses them her expression benefits accordingly. Correct moderate length of neck and a well laid shoulder with good return of upper arm, correct rounded bone, good feet with well arched toes. Good body shape but she is a little narrow all through at this stage of her development.
Correct topline with slight rise to loin and gentle curve over the croup to a well angulated rear. In good coat of the correct texture and in lovely condition. She was slightly unsure of the floor and not totally
relaxed in the hall so I’m sure she would move better outside but she has good balance in profile on
the move, just not reaching out and driving from the rear like I’m sure she can which was where 1 excelled. One I’d like to see again under different conditions. 3. Primmer’s Riverside Song Paloma Nera at Colcanis (Imp Rom) NAF TAF.

PG (4,0) 1. Philpin’s Tudorlyn Alice In Wonderland. I thought I recognised this feminine b/m bitch and discovered afterwards that I judged her a year ago when as a casualty of lockdown she was unwilling to be handled but with gentle perseverance it was possible to a certain extent and I said then that I hoped I’d made it a positive experience for her and that she improves with time. Well, congratulations to her owner as she certainly has improved and even though I could tell she wasn’t 100% relaxed, I was able to go over her normally which is a massive improvement. She has a beautiful head, eye and expression with a good flat skull, just enough underjaw and correctly set ears, although understandably she tended only to use them fleetingly. Well angulated front and rear which are in balance, on good legs and feet. Super flow of outline over topline with correct slight rise to loin and set of tail. In super weather proof, well marked, double coat with a beautiful blue and rich tan. As her construction suggests she moves out so smoothly and without effort, showing good reach in front, drive from behind and is sound up and down. She can still increase in confidence to her advantage but I was very pleased with how far she has come. Well done and she more than deserved her first place in this class. 2. Clark’s Starlenga Madam Cyn At Derbypark. Lovely temperament on this 2 year
old tri. She has the correct proportions height to length which gives her a good outline. Shorter stamp of head than 1 and would prefer a little more length and a little less stop. That said she has the sweetest eye, not easy to achieve on a tri, is clean through the cheeks with good fill to muzzle although I would like a touch more underjaw. A little more length of neck would give her a little more elegance but she has lovely balanced angulation front to rear with a good body shape and well sprung ribs. A little deeper than 1 in chest but good width, moderate round bone with good feet and well arched toes. Lovely shape over the topline and croup to a well set tail that could be a touch longer. In super harsh, dense double coat, groomed to perfection with jet black, rich tan and classic white markings which show her off nicely. Moved out really well with easy reach, drive and is sound up and down. Just lost out to the more elegant style of 1 whose head was closer to my interpretation of the standard but she is a good showgirl and has a lovely rapport with her owner. 3. Perrot’s Gataj One Moment In Time.
LB (2,0) 1. Philpin’s Tudorlyn A Kind Of Magic. Shapely tri bitch of 4 years with a lovely flowing outline. Super head pattern with correct proportions muzzle to skull with flattish skull, parallel planes, clean through the cheeks with good fill to muzzle. Well placed eye, could be a touch more almond in shape, but feminine expression. Neat ears, well set which she can use when she wants to. Enoughlength of neck with a well constructed front, good width and infill of chest, round bone with slightly sprung pasterns, feet are ok, would like to see more arch to the toes. Correct proportions height to length with depth of body to elbow, good spring of rib, slightly long in loin but she has a lovely topline from nape of neck down over the back to loin and gently curving croup. Rear angulation is good with well turned stifles and correctly set tail. In full, fitted coat which is dense with the correct harsh topcoat and she is classically marked. Moves out easily covering the ground with good length of stride, reaching in front and driving from behind and sound up and down. Not the most switched on show girl but she has many virtues and is a very typical example of a mature Rough and I was pleased to award her RBB. Well done. 2. Well’s Amalie Just Annie At Terelimon. This 3 year old s/w was blowing
her coat but I liked her outline and correct height to length ratio. I preferred the head and expression of 1 as this girl could have a flatter skull, it is shorter with more width and consequently her ears are a little wide set and one was flying on the day. She has a lovely eye and good fill to muzzle. A little more neck would be to her advantage but she is well constructed with good angulation front and rear. Correct moderate round bone with better feet than 1 with well arched toes, pasterns a little slack. Good mature body with well sprung ribs and the correct topline and set on of tail. Like 1 she could be a bit shorter in loin. Coat is the correct texture and fits her shape. She is a good mover, effortless and smooth with good reach and drive and sound up and down. Loved her calm and gentle temperament.

J D/B (2,0) 1. Bemelmans’ Moseliqa Proudfoot. Neat young tricolour dog of 13 months who appeals for his lovely balance and outline. Head is of good length with parallel planes and a well placed eye, which combined with a super ear carriage gives him a very alert, quizzical expression Skull just needs to flatten out a little and stop to clear and muzzle to fill but that should come. Good length of neck with slight arch which flows smoothly over the shoulder and correct topline with a nice curve over the croup to his long, well set tail. His angulation front and rear is spot on with correct lay of shoulder and return of upper arm and super turn of stifle with lovely low set hocks. Feet are ok but he can strengthen a touch in pasterns. Loved his correct proportions height to length, he has good depth of body, is nicely marked and in good flat coat of the correct harsh texture. Moves smoothly, without effort and sound up and down, beautifully balanced as you’d expect from his proportions and construction. I judged him as a baby puppy and said then that I would like him to grow on a bit more and now by this age I would really like and expect to see more size, bone and masculinity. This gave me a headache in the challenge where I had three young males, all adolescents. His competition scored where he fails with more bone and size but he got away with it as on the day he was the most balanced with the best matching angulation front to rear. As a consequence I awarded him BD. Well
done. 2. Warren & Lusty’s Coldelee Jupiter Rises with Blamorder. Happy 10 month old tri puppy dog with the size, better bone and masculinity that 1 lacks. Head proportions are good with parallel planes and super underjaw although drops off a touch at the nose. Wider in skull than 1 and not his excellent earset, dark eye which is a touch round and preferred 1’s expression. Reasonable length of neck with super lay of shoulder, not the length of upper arm of 1. Grand legs and feet, really good depth of body for his age, lovely smooth flow over his topline and croup and good length of tail. Really good hindquarters with well turned stifles. Correct coat in lovely condition and once settled on the move he uses that good rear end to drive out well and is totally sound up and down. His owner should have a lot of fun with him. BP

PG D/B (4,1) Not an easy class with a mix of shapes and sizes. 1. Peacock’s Saraneth Edgedancer. Very neat and tidy 3 year old tri bitch of smaller size but with nothing out of proportion. Finer head type with flat skull, ample width, parallel planes and correct stop. Almond eye and correct ears give a pleasing expression, would like a little more fill in muzzle. Enough length of neck, very good front angulation, bone in keeping with her size, feet ok. Lovely mature body with good width of chest, well sprung ribs, correct proportions height to length, flows over the topline with slight rise to loin and gentle curve over the croup to neat hindquarters with good turn of stifle, matching the front. Tail correctly set and reaches to the hock, in tight double jacket in great condition, she moved out freely, covering the ground, holding her topline and totally sound up and down. Deserved her win here. 2. Wensley’s Constella Hazy Cozmic Jive JW. Good sized, alert and active 18 month old tri boy. Good
length of head with flat skull, correct stop and parallel planes. Just drops off a touch at the nose.
Preferred the eye shape and expression of 1, good ears, well set and used. Super length of neck with slight arch flows into lovely lay of shoulder and correct topline, preferred the layback of upper arm of 1. Ok for bone, correct slight spring to pasterns, feet could be a bit tighter. Super depth of body, maturing nicely in ribbing, a little steep over the croup but really nice rear end with well turned stifles and straight hocks. Good set of tail. Tight, smooth coat, would prefer less leaching of tan into the body coat but that is cosmetic. Very keen on the move, keeping his handler on her toes but totally effortlessand sound up and down. Can lift his front a bit but I think that is partly exuberance. RBD. 3. Bemelmans’ Oakestelle Asteria.

L D/B (2,1) 1. Lusty’s Blamorder Dwell On Dreams. Quality 3 year old tri bitch, not a big girl but balanced and typy. Super head pattern with length, correct stop, clean through the cheeks, good underjaw giving a good wedge shape, lovely eye and well set and used ears all combining to give a sweet, intelligent expression. Good length of neck with slight arch, super angulation front and rear, totally in balance. Good legs and feet with well arched toes. Mature in body with well sprung ribs, good width and depth of chest, lovely flow over topline with slight rise to loin, well set tail of good length, hocks well let down. Correct double coat, a touch open on her neck. Good black with rich tan, white may extend a touch further back than ideal but what is more important is that she is totally fit for function and moved superbly, smooth, effortless, with reach and drive, swift and sound. A really good, old fashioned (compliment!) type of bitch who deserves to do some top winning, my third top bitch today.

OB (2,0) 1. Lusty’s Ch Blamorder Ice Cream Dream. This top quality 6 year old b/m bitch is so good to go over, every part fits seamlessly into the next. Nothing jars, she is beautifully proportioned with a classic outline. Super head pattern with the cleanest of blunt wedges, flat skull, parallel planes, perfect stop, lovely eye and expression, neat ears correctly set and tipped and used to advantage. Long, strong neck into a super front with excellent shoulder and upperarm, lovely infill of chest. Straight forelegs, correct bone, slightly sprung pasterns and reasonable feet. Mature in body and ribbing with correct top and underline, firm, slightly raised loin, gentle curve to the croup to a well set and carried tail. Neat, unexaggerated hindquarters with good turn of stifle. Could have a touch more length of second thigh for perfection. In smooth, flat weatherproof double jacket, nicely marked, with showy white collar and good tan although would prefer a better blue. She moves as you would expect from her construction; effortlessly with super reach in front, easy drive from behind and sound as a bell. I had no hesitation in awarding her BB and BOB, a worthy Champion – Congratulations! 2. Benton’s Oakestelle Artemis ShCEx. Finer type, alert, sound moving 5 year old b/m bitch. Good length of head with flat skull, almond eye and well set ears used constantly. Has length of neck and a
well laid shoulder, preferred the upper arm of 1. Straight front with great feet with lovely arched toes. Would like more infill but has good depth of chest and the correct underline, can still develop more in ribbing. When I last judged her I said with maturity she should drop into herself more at the rear whichwill improve her topline and pleased she has done so. Good turn of stifle, lovely long tail. Smooth, flat coat of the correct harsh texture. Good silvery blue, well broken up with black, paler tan and big white collar. The excess white is obvious but wouldn’t affect her doing the job she was bred to do. Moves out lightly and freely, sound up and down and shows well for her experienced handler.

V D/B (3,2) 1. Benton’s Ch Oakestelle Venus De Milo VW ShCEx. I’ve judged this quality 9 year old b/m before, she is totally in tune with her handler and still as much a showgirl as she ever was. Very feminine and more of a refined type with a lovely outline in profile. No mistaking her sex in head, she has good planes, just enough stop, a sweet eye and expression although I would like a little more fill to muzzle. Her earset and carriage is spot on and as always a picture of alertness and concentration. Super length of neck with slight arch and copybook well laid shoulders and a good return of upper arm. Good depth of chest, she has a lovely flow from nape of neck down over the topline and croup to her well angulated and muscled quarters. Good feet and coat, well marked and retains a lovely blue colour. Another who excels on the move where she is so light on her feet, she glides around the ring, holding her outline effortlessly and another worthy Champion. RBB & RBOB just losing out to OB for
the top spot on head details although she scored in coat colour.

Best In Show
It was lovely having two top quality exhibits for BIS that were of my own choosing and putting them through their paces for one final time it gave me real pleasure to see two fit for function Champion bitches, one Rough, one Smooth, both showing so well and making the final decision a close one. I preferred the underjaw of the Smooth, and the better colour of the Rough, both were great movers but for me the Rough just had the edge on hind angulation and rear drive and that swung it her way so it was my pleasure to award BIS and automatically BVIS to Benton’s Ch Brooklynson Jane Russell of Oakestelle. The Smooth bitch then challenged the super Rough male for RBIS and both gave it everything but I just preferred the lovely length of neck of the Smooth and awarded Lusty’s Ch Blamorder Ice Cream Dream a well deserved RBIS with Benton’s Ch Brooklynson El Dorado ShCEx taking a worthy BOSIS.

Best Puppy In Show
For BPIS I had two tri boys and both showed and moved well at the end of the day. My preference was for the head qualities and better return of upper arm of the Rough which gave him a little more reach on the move so BPIS went to Thomas’ Kenzduo Mythical Nights and RBPIS to the Smooth,Warren & Lusty’s Coldelee Jupiter Rises With Blamorder. Congratulations all and thank you for a super day.